Frances McDormand and Bill Murray Win for Least Impressed People at the Golden Globes http://t.co/D4DSsWJJFI http://t.co/NkPDiSP5iD
01-12 23:56

Amal Clooney Didn't Pick Her Golden Globes Dress Until Saturday Night (as George Clooney… http://t.co/Bu4m1uEKQ0 http://t.co/CBIHdBWC43
01-12 23:56

Kelly Clarkson Debuts "Heartbeat Song," Her First Post-Baby Single—Listen Now! http://t.co/6W1oEHc7Pc http://t.co/zYFbBrakcK
01-12 23:04

Golden Globes: 5 Things You Didn't See on TV http://t.co/Ug3WumwQkM http://t.co/hw1CG2VscW
01-12 23:04

Nicole Kidman in Paddington: Her Kids Were "Very Upset" She Plays the Villian http://t.co/c4Luqplw8y http://t.co/bvVFFTNV3B
01-12 23:04

Boxer Adrian Broner -- Apologizes to Jay Z & Rihanna ... 'I Can Admit When I'm Wrong' http://t.co/pwR26tCxpW http://t.co/1Ds8StKwoK
01-12 22:56

Inside the Golden Globes After-Parties With Taylor Swift, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Aniston and… http://t.co/43a2UBfMJa http://t.co/LlCaq6hcDH
01-12 22:49

Eddie Redmayne, Gina Rodriguez and More Talk Golden Globe Wins--Watch Now! http://t.co/hSnNJvJPDH http://t.co/HHStW2znxS
01-12 22:40

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01-12 22:37

Is Amy Adams Expecting Twins Via Surrogate? Find Out Now! http://t.co/O5l8xPRMA1 http://t.co/x6GzNDZmc9
01-12 22:20

5 Biggest Jaw-Droppers at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards http://t.co/NVA8l53KZM http://t.co/JOtfs9dxFs
01-12 22:07

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『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/nKJeod4GWfモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
01-12 19:13

Let's play Pet Rescue Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/ThwC2m9BAM#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-12 18:36

'The Doctors' Star -- To Leave Show ... Suspect in Criminal Threats Probe http://t.co/PmURXMKT0K http://t.co/RqNt9tMmsU
01-12 18:16

Let's Play Farm Heros Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/TiWpn9IVHn#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-12 16:37

Playing FarmVille2 w/ FriendsAdd Friendshttps://t.co/xZ2zKaEH5s#zynga #facebook #farmville # ##jamjamtv
01-12 14:37

Aww Geez, Fargo and Matt Bomer Take Home Big Golden Globes http://t.co/sWhMqsMRgN http://t.co/n4aFMScI7b
01-12 12:52

Aww! George Clooney Gushes Over Wife Amal While Accepting Cecil B. DeMille Award: ''I… http://t.co/KJEvTiIt6B http://t.co/RDyoJqBTE2
01-12 12:52

Kevin Spacey Drops Golden Globes F-Bomb: "I Can't F--king Believe I Won!" http://t.co/yxNpgG7WMi http://t.co/PpX07untBz
01-12 12:36

Robin Wright and Ben Foster Reunite for Golden Globe Awards After Reported Split--See The… http://t.co/piNHh35SSb http://t.co/LuPv07Bgr8
01-12 12:30

WWE Diva Rosa Mendes Flashes Butt During In-Ring Wardrobe Malfunction—See the Total Divas… http://t.co/es2zVJhFFt http://t.co/4yeUtmdcVT
01-12 12:06

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho at the 2015 Golden Globes http://t.co/66uWZJaB2s http://t.co/Dzn439HxW6
01-12 12:06

Jeffrey Tambor Wins Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Dedicates Award to… http://t.co/FABDRuWyt5 http://t.co/K5YifxHHGD
01-12 12:06

Patricia Arquette Wins Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, Boyhood Star Pays Tribute… http://t.co/XhJtPZ49HR http://t.co/WYKbH9oIem
01-12 11:52

2015 Golden Globes Best & Worst Moments: Ricky Gervais' Mini Roast, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's… http://t.co/0QMNjmB9ag http://t.co/rNlyTjomc7
01-12 11:52

Prince Presented for One Minute at the Golden Globes and Stopped the Show With His… http://t.co/q81HwEYT7R http://t.co/hu2P5kjzB5
01-12 11:31

Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum Are Sitting Together at the Golden Globes and Everyone on… http://t.co/F8ocyGxCMd http://t.co/8nRQOFc1EY
01-12 11:31

Ranking Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Best Opening Monologue Jokes at the 2015 Golden Globes http://t.co/0tMFQj4CG1 http://t.co/wePVWWoJ7A
01-12 11:31

Kate Hudson, Lupita Nyong'o and More Stars in Stunning Styles at the 2015 Golden Globes—See… http://t.co/7HLahVsPSh http://t.co/xPOnskNk3s
01-12 11:17

Transparent Makes History, Takes Home Best TV Comedy Golden Globe http://t.co/GE6Tadr4vI http://t.co/eox7DP51qV
01-12 11:17

2015 Golden Globes Winners: The Complete List http://t.co/yo0QL7CcsP http://t.co/nBnCvGP8Qm
01-12 10:51

Joanne Froggatt's "Most Shocking Moment": Winning Best Supporting TV Actress Award at 2015… http://t.co/EcEf6u5ALB http://t.co/ZgOhNPm3DA
01-12 10:51

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Play ''Would You Rather'' at the Golden Globes: Who Wants to Do… http://t.co/R2pSGI6SAb http://t.co/dS7WkeZibo
01-12 10:51

Jessica Chastain's Reaction to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Bill Cosby Joke at the Golden… http://t.co/sP68YK7AQS http://t.co/qlRCkEZ8oD
01-12 10:37

Kate Hudson Wears Shockingly Sexy Versace Gown to the 2015 Golden Globes--See the "Snug"… http://t.co/Y9GrPZnHQR http://t.co/ZgN2w4au4f
01-12 10:37

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2015年01月11日 http://t.co/aLat7tRHpn http://t.co/1DRovED41L
01-12 10:13

Couples at the 2015 Golden Globes: See Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, Channing Tatum and… http://t.co/OaE5eNuQAq http://t.co/7nnlvDuEik
01-12 10:03

Naomi Watts Brings the Bling with Blinding Bulgari Serpent Necklace at 2015 Golden Globes,… http://t.co/iz1UEncIDr http://t.co/0CZQAwubGP
01-12 10:03

Amal Clooney Makes Her Golden Globes Debut With George Clooney—See the Stunning Red Carpet… http://t.co/POGItNUnUz http://t.co/oTVDu4M1iU
01-12 09:51

Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Lots of Cleavage, Leg and Everything Else in Super Sexy Golden Globes… http://t.co/aIsnspnxDw http://t.co/Fbizi385H8
01-12 09:51

Amal Clooney Wears Ladylike White Gloves For First Golden Globes Appearance With Husband… http://t.co/P8qqcELPRc http://t.co/Vp9KbgNQMK
01-12 09:51

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Promise ''50 Costume Changes and 10 Emotional Changes'' During 2015… http://t.co/IwylxWlbtr http://t.co/Aj6l5kQSe1
01-12 09:21

Seth Meyers Thinks Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Too ''Dangerous'' to Host Golden Globe… http://t.co/oFSIZqIAly http://t.co/TEwjbb4nea
01-12 09:21

Lena Dunham Made Sure Her Nipples Don't Show on the Golden Globes Red Carpet—See the Pic! http://t.co/pDkLBxhtkJ http://t.co/O3rz6DW9dB
01-12 09:21

2015 Golden Globes: See Instagrams & Twitpics From Heidi Klum, Lena Dunham, Mark Ruffalo and… http://t.co/46DMcxGmm0 http://t.co/7DtWC6Xuju
01-12 09:04

Yes, Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Actually Gets Asked if She's a Virgin—and Her… http://t.co/oNaFYGrYjL http://t.co/RZXo7eSik2
01-12 09:04

Find Out Which Series Regular Is Leaving The Vampire Diaries: Will the Character Be Killed… http://t.co/0jydnCSiM0 http://t.co/myfkqNJ4Y5
01-12 08:48

2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet Quotes: Gina Rodriguez, Bill Hader, Liev Schreiber and More! http://t.co/rhfaf4sy7n http://t.co/50GFSXZdKL
01-12 08:33

Rosamund Pike Skips Bra, Shows A Lot of Skin at the 2015 Golden Globes—See the Pic! http://t.co/THxhtiiHo4 http://t.co/9T1waohS4Y
01-12 08:18

Bar Fights, Tabloid Scandals, Illicit Affairs and More in Exciting New Trailer for The… http://t.co/21TplOB3LB http://t.co/En7yVrbw0u
01-12 08:05

2015 Golden Globes Arrivals: See Rosamund Pike, Giuliana Rancic and More Stars on the Red Carpet http://t.co/wH5f8GEk6M
01-12 08:05

The Entourage Movie Is Still Shooting—at the Golden Globes! http://t.co/dgvy4UrRkN http://t.co/RVG1H22JxV
01-12 08:05

Giuliana Rancic Gets Ready for the 2015 Golden Globes--See the Behind-the-Scenes Pics! http://t.co/LUsYjUhV4i http://t.co/SqvKHslzkp
01-12 07:50

[01月11日]のつぶやきをまとめました http://t.co/IT5d0cmx6l
01-12 07:46

Chris Brown Performs at Nightclub as Gunshots Are Heard, Police Say 5 People Wounded http://t.co/GMkPp0KssH http://t.co/UWkvbQCbvq
01-12 07:42

Hannah Storm Shoves Her Makeup Artist After Realizing They Are Both on Live TV—Watch Now! http://t.co/RzJ9OwLCQG http://t.co/Mo77YPWvM9
01-12 06:51

Believe it or not!! (信じるか、信じないかはあなた次第!!)都市伝説、陰謀論、UFO、宇宙人などなど不思議な情報http://t.co/DrzYa69vPU ##jamjamtv
01-12 06:41

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Pack on the PDA at Gala Amid Breakup Rumors--See the Photo! http://t.co/jZII8GxinD http://t.co/MRKsxyFD0F
01-12 05:43

The CW Is Looking at Another Arrow-The Flash Spinoff: Find Out Which Character it Could Be! http://t.co/FGM4uGXu36 http://t.co/RVzPvdRECU
01-12 05:03

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5n1BUG ##jamjamtv
01-12 04:37

Beyoncé Pregnant With Baby No. 2?! See Her Cryptic Beach "Bump" Photo http://t.co/QevH9dIC57 http://t.co/zDxtNjLmqz
01-12 04:36

The CW Renews 8 Shows: Find Out If Your Favorites Made the Cut! http://t.co/PduNGNtxez http://t.co/uJ8s2dQt1x
01-12 04:06

Golden Globes: Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Tried on "7,000" Dresses http://t.co/3aSwbNDG9b http://t.co/bmKYAKBYFU
01-12 03:49

Golden Globes: Why Reese Witherspoon Hasn't Written an Acceptance Speech http://t.co/G18qyrEb7t http://t.co/FNyjEhCEFZ
01-12 03:09

Anita Ekberg Dies: La Dolce Vita Actress and Legendary Sex Symbol Was 83 http://t.co/ITBGfNKVTC http://t.co/V1lDcTaEMg
01-12 03:09

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/cilR9ygZVm#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
01-12 02:36

Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriend Cressida Bonas Parties in Hollywood, Stars in New Film For… http://t.co/5SoVn0609r http://t.co/AyqFVc4Xe0
01-12 02:21

Um, Why Is Supernatural on the Move Again?! http://t.co/ogf52372qF http://t.co/5MOdBugN6k
01-12 02:03

WWE Diva Eva Marie Shocks Husband With Baby Secret--See the Intense Total Divas Clip! http://t.co/dWPCnuFxXP http://t.co/VBvZY0DXTN
01-12 01:33

お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/wgSc1XkdQO#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
01-12 00:37

2015年01月11日情報一覧 http://t.co/lOpXRudwdK
01-12 00:20

10 Things You Have to Know Before Watching the Golden Globes Tonight! http://t.co/Ay4RJDUYa8 http://t.co/EjQb4Y9L19
01-12 00:09

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