Watch Jessica Lange's Final (?) American Horror Story Performance—David Bowie's "Heroes"! http://t.co/csxNuRpF6M http://t.co/xlWs9neUql
01-23 23:41

Pete Wentz Talks Divorce From Ashlee Simpson Ross and Reveals Why He Hasn't Proposed to… http://t.co/3kUvXLjCps http://t.co/wbXCQCVpys
01-23 23:41

Jennifer Lopez Disses Exes' Looks, Reveals Craziest Place She's Had Sex and Talks Craziest… http://t.co/KA15PtYQcw http://t.co/p8bYU5Vww8
01-23 23:28

Emily VanCamp Admits the TV Death of Her Real-Life Boyfriend Was "Brutal and Awful" http://t.co/sGP6B2gRmJ http://t.co/5Tc1eS2yr6
01-23 23:12

Kanye West: "Not Smiling Makes Me Smile," Plus Why He Believes Fashion is God's Work http://t.co/zCXC5XHEyF http://t.co/j1fgOZKPyr
01-23 23:12

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 23:11

Diplo Says Taylor Swift's "Crazy" Fans Threatened to Murder Him, Claims He Knows "Secrets"… http://t.co/WY647L2MuG http://t.co/xFsg5pid21
01-23 22:07

James Franco Compliments Emma Roberts' Improved Kissing Skills in Heroine Magazine Interview http://t.co/NF3uur273z http://t.co/yQ0aWkEO0t
01-23 21:37

Rose McGowan Turns Heads in "1930s Vulcan" Hat! http://t.co/j5MgvVVGhu http://t.co/MEk4eHwxmA
01-23 21:37

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 21:11

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/pLaFtNVPUTモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
01-23 19:11

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 19:10

Lindsay Lohan Fails Community Service AGAIN ... Jail on the Table http://t.co/BLdP3SesH4 http://t.co/ND6YYBL0IR
01-23 18:27

MMA Star Dave Herman On Taser Arrest -- 'If I Was Black I'd Be Dead' http://t.co/Cxtue7rmcY http://t.co/D8f7Q69SY9
01-23 18:27

Beyonce Scares the Crap Out of Etsy ... Don't Screw with My Name! http://t.co/CSPXwQRNY6 http://t.co/bbpQI3fei0
01-23 17:55

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille2 #farmville2 #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 15:11

Whitney Port Dishes Wedding Details: Has the Former Hills Star Found the Perfect Dress?… http://t.co/CYxKuVLCDI http://t.co/8HKcCswdTL
01-23 13:40

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Life at 45, Playing the "Older Woman" in The Boy Next Door http://t.co/lrx2YT0lcJ http://t.co/MsQROosu8H
01-23 13:11

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCity Ville #cityville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 13:11

Carrie Underwood's Baby Bump Is Finally Big Enough to Use as a Table: See the Photo! http://t.co/zLFoEcpyQ5 http://t.co/BIjYXE9ciS
01-23 12:22

Which Sexy Club Are Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow Both Members of? Watch and Find Out! http://t.co/IQDbf3LtTN http://t.co/eG9zYwEuSe
01-23 12:06

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows http://t.co/Qu5nxJblfj http://t.co/4pkhOb7aDq
01-23 11:50

Ryan Gosling Loves Singing to Baby Esmeralda! Plus, More Scoop on Parenting Life With Eva… http://t.co/3wshBVZIpH http://t.co/GStgKedQSS
01-23 11:50

Everything to Know About the American Sniper Controversy http://t.co/TKDYdBb9cW http://t.co/FNFNft7hhZ
01-23 11:20

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaTexas HoldEm Poker #poker#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 11:11

Yep, This Mom Character Just Died While Having Sex http://t.co/2x08Sl4NU1 http://t.co/1bMq58Aqqy
01-23 11:07

Rosie Perez's Return to The View Is Set! Find Out When the Co-Host Is Coming Back http://t.co/MAifNQtFpR http://t.co/E6CMSEJhhd
01-23 10:54

Did Tom Brady Really Say That About Balls? Play Our Game! http://t.co/tWrGUMHsUB http://t.co/51cC3XQmjP
01-23 10:34

2015年01月22日 http://t.co/hKfgpvKnm2 http://t.co/j9l7rLiDXo
01-23 10:02

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaDojo Mojo #dojomojo#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
01-23 09:12

Dan Bilzerian -- He's a Porn-Tossing God Who Hustled Hustler http://t.co/zJdFQ6fbRm http://t.co/FxuFCS1lNH
01-23 09:04

[01月22日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶RTされたつぶやきは「Ariana Grande to Perform at Halftime Durin...」 http://t.co/HZsiSN4poW #gbrt
01-23 07:46

Playing SyntasiaBaseball Heros#Syntasia #game #ゲーム #facebook #baseball #mlb #baseballgame #baseballapp ##jamjamtv
01-23 07:12

The Budweiser Puppy Is Back, But Little "Lost Dog" Is So Sad in These Super Bowl XLIX Ad… http://t.co/92bZTRzo5n http://t.co/KWZ6k5ppbN
01-23 06:38

Chrissy Teigen Wears Full Makeup and a Cocktail Dress in Hospital Bed After Injury--See the… http://t.co/kSzS9XD38l http://t.co/udwzLRhgjH
01-23 06:38

Johnny Depp Doesn't Know What ''Bae'' Means and That's a Relief: Watch and Enjoy! http://t.co/O3xgA4vclh http://t.co/5NS7MXsPrg
01-23 06:18

5 Yoga Poses to Help Energize Your Body & Mind—Watch Now! http://t.co/hbY1U8ppQP
01-23 06:01

Kylie Jenner Channels Rumored Boyfriend Tyga With Her Latest Fashion: See the Pics! http://t.co/CkHiGXXtHp http://t.co/rJFrj9YLOS
01-23 06:01

Kim Kardashian Debuts a Furry Bikini, Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Sleepwear and More—See… http://t.co/OUM1Wqqmo6 http://t.co/5YQqpzgN6f
01-23 06:01

Jennifer Lopez: How I Shed My ("Unfair!") Diva Image http://t.co/LXk8cHjsvB http://t.co/TzANEZoOth
01-23 06:01

Willow Smith's "Topless" Picture Is the Latest Instagram Naked Photo Controversy http://t.co/nxSGgsCYa6 http://t.co/oiNzId5FtZ
01-23 05:35

Marisa Miller Flaunts Bare Baby Bump, Reveals the Sex of Her Second Child! http://t.co/feMUsTmTIl http://t.co/m4szhOaBJ1
01-23 05:19

魂の限界を感じている人はリツイート#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互#100% #follow #followme #followmejp #sougofollow #followb ##jamjamtv
01-23 05:10

Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies Are Expecting Their Second Child! http://t.co/4TLQgrrCKf http://t.co/LCtks9tiLN
01-23 05:10

Hope Solo -- Husband Driving U.S. Soccer Team Van ... During DUI Arrest http://t.co/yNdqX8KZfz http://t.co/9Hv4NQt2IX
01-23 04:55

See James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Charlie Carver Have a Threesome in Sexy I Am Michael… http://t.co/GfaqhrZC9j http://t.co/0iC3d4CeQ5
01-23 04:55

The Biggest Loser Creator Fires Back at Former Contestant Who Called the Show "a Fat-Shaming… http://t.co/bJ6QI78ouJ http://t.co/HVhdiczEp7
01-23 04:55

The New Judges on So You Think You Can Dance Are Paula Abdul and... http://t.co/3jCUOdqSzA http://t.co/Tn87W6eNDt
01-23 04:35

Maria Menounos, Ross Mathews and Kelly Osbourne Set to Host Live From the Red Carpet at the… http://t.co/7zEAFKBjhc http://t.co/AShn6dqUCn
01-23 04:35

Kristin Cavallari Announces New Book Balancing on Heels: Watch and Get the Scoop! http://t.co/gTqDaaUo4O http://t.co/RZBctJRI5U
01-23 04:24

Birdman to Lil Wayne ... I'm Pissed ... You Disrespected the Family http://t.co/ue8bi9iGw2 http://t.co/hByfCdZd3f
01-23 04:21

Lea Michele Admits She Threw Up While Singing "Let It Go" on Jimmy Kimmel Live--Watch Now! http://t.co/ek0uaqebN9 http://t.co/EUh705Snyz
01-23 04:16

Why Rainn Wilson Almost Fired His Agents Over Backstrom http://t.co/021LkYi5hD http://t.co/A8VBfICXEf
01-23 04:05

Olivia Munn Opens Up About Her Hottie NFL Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers: So Sexy Watching Him… http://t.co/aohJXWOkIo http://t.co/cPDcM1JRjU
01-23 04:05

Sam Smith & Boyfriend Split? Watch Singer Drop Hint and See the Selfie That's Basically All… http://t.co/OuFkoKv6IL http://t.co/3xATUkgcVf
01-23 04:02

Melissa Benoist Cast as Supergirl http://t.co/hgSoLIvnJI http://t.co/6BIKqCHXs8
01-23 03:34

Michelle Williams and Mike Huckabee Debate Beyoncé's Merits: Singer Calls Politician's… http://t.co/fM7g5xyj66 http://t.co/ZU9ZsJrT7n
01-23 03:24

See Kendall Jenner's Latest Vogue Spread! Plus, Get a Sneak Peek at Her Newest Campaign with… http://t.co/V9EBCxlvBD http://t.co/ZLCgOWXPdR
01-23 03:24

最新スポーツニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuBdN9m#news #ニュース #sports #スポーツ ##jamjamtv
01-23 03:09

Nick Jonas Grabs His Crotch for the 1,000th Time, Talks About Smoking Weed as a Teenager http://t.co/kgiU1wLdz1 http://t.co/ShGKZ9cZHq
01-23 03:04

Minnie Driver Just Debuted the Coolest Tribute Manicure Ever--See Why Her Nails Are "King" http://t.co/g3vuy4qLUU http://t.co/VrmB2fD5jd
01-23 03:04

Jeopardy! Contestant Confuses Iggy Azalea With Azealia Banks, Apologizes Directly to One of… http://t.co/rMdJzodT72 http://t.co/jZ3CEQG1Dl
01-23 02:53

Molly Sims Covers Fit Pregnancy, Talks "Necessary" C-Section With Son Brooks and Birth Plan… http://t.co/iLT8KaRqaQ http://t.co/zWk0rNjLHP
01-23 02:53

Danielle Milian Dishes on Her Obsession With Kylie Jenner and Her Fashion "Hand-Me-Downs"… http://t.co/kZkcPe2keI http://t.co/EoJSm4FyT2
01-23 02:53

Joanna Krupa Sues -- Hey, Brandi Glanville ... Keep My Vagina Out Of Your Mouth http://t.co/mZuEjlPR10 http://t.co/t6C3iv8xFR
01-23 02:47

Dustin Diamond Pleads Not Guilty in Stabbing Case http://t.co/VzAkLWrR3l http://t.co/RI9wkZ3WQQ
01-23 02:29

Victoria Justice ''Really Glad'' to Clear Up Ariana Grande Feud Rumors--But Would They Ever… http://t.co/BFPUCNK99u http://t.co/jHooFllqq4
01-23 02:22

Jennifer Lopez -- Casper Smart's Dog Escapes ... Attacks Neighbor http://t.co/gc7F8u7trB http://t.co/Shg3vDBs31
01-23 02:20

Hope Solo -- SUSPENDED BY U.S. SOCCER ... After 'Belligerent' Behavior During Hubby's DUI http://t.co/yfrdmOCpHD http://t.co/Ltr3F2rGfc
01-23 02:20

Reign's New Love Triangle Is Heating up (and Becoming Dangerous) in This Hot Promo http://t.co/PPrDRUn2ZN http://t.co/qceNn2ektq
01-23 02:04

Could This Will and Grace Reunion Picture Be Any Sweeter? http://t.co/BAvCKog4wr http://t.co/YCAwghSYH8
01-23 02:04

Ellie Goulding Debuts Music Video for "Love Me Like You Do" From the Fifty Shades of Grey… http://t.co/akMGBZFKzN http://t.co/KttaZcEdqe
01-23 02:04

Amanda Bynes -- Wins DUI Battle, But She Could Lose the War http://t.co/dFKvs09FNC http://t.co/0D2ev4RoNY
01-23 01:49

Jeff Gordon Is Stepping Away From Full-Time NASCAR Racing After the 2015 Season—Find Out… http://t.co/oU1LU0wXEv http://t.co/5mpPPWtZNL
01-23 01:45

Mortdecai Review Roundup: What Did Critics Say About the Johnny Depp Spy Comedy Film? http://t.co/j94ppt0LxA http://t.co/tNZds33x9f
01-23 01:26

最新オリンピックニュースhttp://t.co/6zEBuBdN9m#news #ニュース #オリンピック #Olympic ##jamjamtv
01-23 01:09

Tiffani Thiessen's Second Child Will Be a... http://t.co/Naa33QO3oR http://t.co/c7zuqmyOKo
01-23 01:07

SAG Awards Best Dressed Ladies of All Time—Diane Kruger, Kate Hudson & More Stars Who Made… http://t.co/6hlzh36UFK http://t.co/nVOYvy0ALi
01-23 01:07

Is Jessica Lange Done With American Horror Story? http://t.co/VvRJ5pWge5 http://t.co/e8guLYEUU7
01-23 00:51

Jon Stewart and Anne Hathaway Totally Lose It After She Describes the Plot of Her Latest… http://t.co/FjnenJe67p http://t.co/lrrCvUs0uZ
01-23 00:51

Jay Leno on Bill Cosby Allegations: "I Don't Know Why It's So Hard to Believe Women" http://t.co/PJW3mcKcVp http://t.co/2WkZPrhTk3
01-23 00:36

Jennifer Garner Quits Her "Extreme" Diet, Accepts Weight Gain: "I've Found Out That I Cannot… http://t.co/hPkt14zQKO http://t.co/oX2ro3kn2I
01-23 00:36

2015年01月22日情報一覧 http://t.co/2dulV3Kqs2
01-23 00:10

Blake Shelton -- I Don't Have to See 'American Sniper' to Blast Celebs Attacking It http://t.co/6IabIISP4H http://t.co/yYLTPEmM6J
01-23 00:10

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