Parks and Recreation Series Finale Photos Will Make You Cry http://t.co/sQFd42lgJ5 http://t.co/81GUgEOBpu
02-18 23:38

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald "Hope to Adopt a Lot of Kids"—Have They Ruled Out Having… http://t.co/T3Jr8W82Kg http://t.co/f1PuuS5lBA
02-18 23:38

Dakota Johnson Jokes About Charlie Hunnam's Fifty Shades of Grey Exit, Asks David Letterman,… http://t.co/olwS7HWEOw http://t.co/Sj328k6x9J
02-18 23:23

Blink-182's Tom DeLonge Says He Had an Alien Encounter at Area 51: "My Whole Body Felt Like… http://t.co/uhjTAYVTY8 http://t.co/2IutlwDXq8
02-18 23:23

Shayne Lamas' Stepmother Shawna Craig Is Her Surrogate: "She's an Angel That Blessed My… http://t.co/90c1JQztqO http://t.co/eAJ9A4fKS1
02-18 23:04

Empire (Sadface!) Spoiler: Look Who's Breaking Up Tonight http://t.co/XythoZvORC http://t.co/UXanZeiFgL
02-18 23:04

Which Former Bachelor Star Is Trying His Luck on Millionaire Matchmaker?! http://t.co/akBhVVCP9B http://t.co/ziPbGzog4s
02-18 23:04

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Begins Production as New Cast Members and… http://t.co/JzgunLXdOE http://t.co/JIXG3Fz8hz
02-18 22:47

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02-18 22:00

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Caught Dancing on the Jumbotron, Draw Each Other Without… http://t.co/J3GF89Y9PR http://t.co/kN470lJdAC
02-18 21:36

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/cU0yv5gcmDモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
02-18 19:11

Terrence Howard -- My Ex-Wife is Hurling Death Threats ... LAPD Investigates http://t.co/l2M8wQ2sS6 http://t.co/ljplWOZHGx
02-18 18:39

Believe it or not!! (信じるか、信じないかはあなた次第!!)都市伝説、陰謀論、UFO、宇宙人などなど不思議な情報http://t.co/vl7PwEzMG2 ##jamjamtv
02-18 18:36

Drake Honcho -- Birdman Screwed Me Too ... Now Open the Books! http://t.co/fLPNr4DjVG http://t.co/Rmi6ziXzZ2
02-18 18:08

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5maOwu ##jamjamtv
02-18 16:36

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
02-18 14:36

Guess What Dakota Johnson Took From the Fifty Shades of Grey Set?! (Hint: It's Naughty) http://t.co/ElYat2DUCc http://t.co/mb6WVTmZQ6
02-18 13:32

Donnie Wahlberg Hasn't Been Away From Jenny McCarthy for More Than 7 Hours: "It's Bizarre… http://t.co/VmQR6j3tuO http://t.co/uvwX1oSh8v
02-18 13:32

Afroman Arrested After Hitting a Female Fan in the Face Onstage in Mississippi--See His Mug… http://t.co/UTFBkbqpFE http://t.co/HPlrofd6N5
02-18 13:06

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Sing-Alongs, Bette Davis' Wig and a Surprise Party http://t.co/Q92v48FYGL http://t.co/cEok10AbXA
02-18 12:50

お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/0ZRW0XnIID#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
02-18 12:36

Kendall Jenner Walks 3 Shows at NYFW, Gets Front Row Support From Gal-Pals Taylor Swift and… http://t.co/2SWyueOuvF http://t.co/OfH0AzH37N
02-18 12:26

Chace Crawford Can't Keep His Hands (or Lips) Off Brazilian Singer Manu Gavassi—See the PDA… http://t.co/KvbsvSGOjG http://t.co/xFmVe17Uf3
02-18 12:26

Kate Gosselin Explains Why She Looks Younger Now Than She Did 8 Years Ago: Watch! http://t.co/9sQMiTtfin http://t.co/pci1cQZKze
02-18 12:05

Buffy's Nicholas Brendon Arrested for Trashing Hotel Room and Skipping Out on the Bill, Reps Says He's ''Battling a… http://t.co/YgFYQsvTPD
02-18 11:29

Parks and Rec Can Never Leave Us After Those Two Incredible Episodes - Plus, Who Played… http://t.co/Boymo07uKU http://t.co/GXYL6YpsID
02-18 11:29

Tallulah Willis Feels ''Secure and Safer'' With Buzzed Cut, Says Demi Moore and Bruce Willis… http://t.co/oMTyvMIVC5 http://t.co/teGKe5jvUb
02-18 11:13

Jill Duggar and Hubby Derick Dillard's Valentine's Celebration: Sparkling Cider, Candy and… http://t.co/9FDv1c0x8y http://t.co/b1jrIHplSZ
02-18 10:49

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
02-18 10:36

Watch Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Trash a Theater Because Winning Is Everything at the 2015… http://t.co/MKmWwVXf54 http://t.co/JBXlODkrJF
02-18 10:19

Ed Sheeran's Girlfriend Posts the Cutest Picture of the Birthday Boy as Fans Await His… http://t.co/DbI5KlWR0r http://t.co/D8z1RciGvY
02-18 10:19

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Spend Valentine's Day Together at the Beach With the Kids http://t.co/xjhjJy4X5O http://t.co/yviCSlYlQ3
02-18 09:50

Afroman -- Arrested for Punching Female Fan http://t.co/EHe9zI3Ln5 http://t.co/G0I7FgAG5O
02-18 09:49

Starbucks and Taylor Swift Know You Got That "Blank Space" Lyric Wrong http://t.co/JlLyHCwpj9 http://t.co/OZ96CfZx51
02-18 09:33

New Parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Enjoy Belated Valentine's Day Date With a Romantic… http://t.co/i6RaECayms http://t.co/i3Oy4hdrvN
02-18 09:19

Kelly Clarkson Gets Help From Adorable Daughter River Rose During ''Heartbeat Song''… http://t.co/n33bC6qo45 http://t.co/cmOVQNeCt9
02-18 09:19

Rihanna Gets Nearly Naked for Super-Sexy AnOther Magazine Spread: See the Hot Pics! http://t.co/VPnqRTqWzL http://t.co/40SrT2OFXm
02-18 09:19

Jessa Duggar Swears She's Not Jealous of Jill Duggar's House While Moving in With Husband… http://t.co/47jH0pIJJq http://t.co/n210LVLe3R
02-18 09:09

Lucky Ladies Got a Special Message From a Prince on Tinder--Watch It Now! http://t.co/5NyZROzYXQ http://t.co/xLg0rR2Dwk
02-18 09:02

The New York Times Publishes Real Chipotle Calorie Counts, Ruins Lunch for Eternity http://t.co/8iZjSU62g5 http://t.co/1fOzTOLVwK
02-18 08:50

Amber Rose Goes Back to ''Killin the Gram'' With Her Nearly Naked Body After Heated Khloé… http://t.co/txwohVpYrL http://t.co/8eipPMlBTF
02-18 08:50

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
02-18 08:37

This Woman Has Lived to Be 115, and Her Secrets to a Long Life Are Shockingly Simple http://t.co/PHJl4FFEFv http://t.co/DZzyuu2ovg
02-18 08:24

Vogue's Coverage of the Westminster Dog Show May Just Prove Pooches Are Bigger Divas Than… http://t.co/cgTDmu1Eaf http://t.co/qTfKkpS8f9
02-18 08:24

Chelsea Handler Flashes Bare Breasts on Twitter During Mardi Gras Celebration With Sandra… http://t.co/eKTUKpIr6P http://t.co/8vPLs1EVZC
02-18 08:24

Who Will Take Home an Oscar at the 2015 Academy Awards? Vote For Your Favorite Actors and… http://t.co/VN4pmLtQne http://t.co/irDeBkRgiM
02-18 08:24

Bruce Jenner -- Video Captures Entire Crash ... Bruce Plowed into Both Cars http://t.co/K7dqsXHwx4 http://t.co/A08ljTi8ut
02-18 08:17

I Went Speed Dating Using All the Weird Advice I Got From Dating Magazines: This Is My Story http://t.co/RSP4Om4VVq http://t.co/4vu2xEA9ds
02-18 07:47

Al Roker in Nipple Tassels and Fifty Shades of Grey Bondage Gear Can't Be Unseen! Watch the… http://t.co/im1ZiXakQt http://t.co/G7LdMTGe3p
02-18 07:36

First Photo of the New Ghostbusters Cast Together: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie… http://t.co/ZG61Q1yVZD http://t.co/ld5pp6LP7J
02-18 07:36

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Lady Gaga's Massive, Heart-Shaped Diamond… http://t.co/yIOT28VJXS http://t.co/sO22GH2l7s
02-18 07:17

Christina Aguilera Treats Customers to a Free Round of Starbucks Coffee in New York--Get the… http://t.co/gHsbNZCvuX http://t.co/JQPAgJyM5M
02-18 07:17

Alex Rodriguez Apologizes (Again) for Suspension in Hand-Written Note, but the Internet Isn't Having It http://t.co/EuNIF7qFRd
02-18 06:49

Inside George and Amal Clooney's First Valentine's Day as a Married Couple, Plus Details on… http://t.co/Yf9PSM8lQs http://t.co/aWJaLCu7QH
02-18 06:49

2015 Oscar Gown Predictions—See What Stars Should Wear on Sunday's Red Carpet! http://t.co/qjp0q8CJlP http://t.co/hFe9Ze8xS0
02-18 06:49

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Star Nicholas Brendon ... Arrested Again at Comedy Convention http://t.co/Mvzny1vO80 http://t.co/IfjNtIhcpj
02-18 06:44

'Real Housewives' Star Sued -- She's a Cheapskate with Dirty Laundry http://t.co/AFU90OWyXN http://t.co/MbzIOS8gqM
02-18 06:44

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
02-18 06:40

This Is What It Would Look Like If Disney Princesses Saved Themselves http://t.co/lxxuzDXv5x http://t.co/cL6Ecrw6Oz
02-18 06:35

Watch: Jimmy Fallon Geeks Out as the Biggest SNL40 Fangirl Around http://t.co/6zzHitXL0y http://t.co/zxlV33pOS9
02-18 06:35

3 Whole Minutes of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay--Part 1 That You Haven't Watched Yet: Check… http://t.co/x8rNvMmh48 http://t.co/AgpdsHFXoI
02-18 06:16

Kim Kardashian Shows Off North West's Bulletproof Vest, Tries to Prove She's "Twins" With… http://t.co/m4FefKN1N8 http://t.co/cQfVuTQJek
02-18 06:06

Leeza Gibbons' Reaction to Winning Celebrity Apprentice Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever http://t.co/QoMI5j9MYz http://t.co/v0gX31Pvns
02-18 06:06

2015 NYFW Hair Trend: How to Get Sleek, Shiny Locks With a Toothbrush http://t.co/4zSjGVm8jH http://t.co/dbnHLa1BeQ
02-18 05:52

What a Time to Be Alive! There's a Petition to Have Nicolas Cage Host Saturday Night Live http://t.co/Fw0rHnC69q http://t.co/5PEtqN5O8D
02-18 05:52

The Best Twitter Reactions to Fifty Shades of Grey: Jokes, Digs, and Lots of Booze http://t.co/lf2DjxM77M http://t.co/MRl4Imn1XW
02-18 05:37

Lorena Rojas, Mexican Soap Opera Star, Dies at Age 44 After Lengthy Battle With Cancer http://t.co/JvXwk8kM0y http://t.co/u4aNR8AcWP
02-18 05:23

BBC Radio Claims It Didn't Ban Madonna's Music Because She Is "Irrelevant and Old" http://t.co/WnVTDxgfP7 http://t.co/UfFLJTdU2C
02-18 05:23

Jane Fonda Smokes Pot "Every Now and Then," Says Her Confidence Started to Falter "Six or… http://t.co/z5q3JUVUgW http://t.co/1e8RUIp2v1
02-18 04:48

A Movie About Designated Ugly Fat Friends, Pretty Woman's 25th Anniversary and Much More in… http://t.co/T0XDS9nbEn http://t.co/8UCrnVn2ze
02-18 04:48

Cressida Bonas Moves On With Another Harry as Prince Harry Spends Valentine's Day Solo http://t.co/QR3gAJ4foK http://t.co/6bPFYYkg2T
02-18 04:38

Trendsetters at Work: Wildfox http://t.co/Nb3FKEjjNa http://t.co/e36OBhGpgy
02-18 04:38

Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Booty and Hot Bikini Body on Vacation With Nick Young in Hawaii http://t.co/FJWkuTKYHa http://t.co/O6ziCEHGbr
02-18 04:38

T.I. -- Iggy Azalea's Alleged Husband Is Frontin' ... She Shouldn't Give Him Squat http://t.co/vYTz9k8aOh http://t.co/wgqsVXw1uG
02-18 03:53

What Does Victor Garber Really Think of Robbie Amell's Impression of Him on The Flash? http://t.co/VUM2Vl5qBd http://t.co/dLUGphMUpy
02-18 03:53

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: The Best Shows From Presidents Day Weekend http://t.co/qSC8cXXHDM
02-18 03:45

Gigi Hadid Gushes About Her "Babies" Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne on Fashion… http://t.co/WkwyAmhV1B http://t.co/zRiP1NQOn4
02-18 03:33

8 Best Quotes From Kanye West's http://t.co/YmT9tortzs Interview: Rapper Talks Kim… http://t.co/f42EtYpgjT http://t.co/aZthJg7nUc
02-18 03:33

Mandy Moore Goes on a Retreat With BFF Minka Kelly, Is "Ready to Take on the World" After… http://t.co/ofC9GwNgSm http://t.co/MwQwyoZIQe
02-18 03:33

Lady Gaga Steps Out After Getting Engaged, Plus Get the Details on Her Celebratory Dinner! http://t.co/71rpQhojAJ http://t.co/lWxtcGX7Hx
02-18 03:18

Amber Rose Attacks Khloé Kardashian on Twitter, Insinuates O.J. Simpson Is Her Real Father:… http://t.co/rOGCtQB1Iw http://t.co/CSC7sgTOFp
02-18 03:03

Wiz Khalifa -- Amber Rose is a Slacker as a Mom ... Wants More Custody http://t.co/yEUytrRHca http://t.co/sPBhpr4ZF9
02-18 02:51

Better Call Saul and 19 Other Spinoffs: Are They Better Than the Mother Show? http://t.co/uKBIXxEskk http://t.co/lLH8iYKH6u
02-18 02:37

DeMarco Murray's Ex-Teammate -- Arrested for Assault ... Allegedly Brutalizes Wife http://t.co/xFWlmFioPG http://t.co/sr7Pk61yty
02-18 02:35

Tyga Says He's Not Dating Kylie Jenner: ''People Just Want to Make a Story'' http://t.co/M1rsCc9tLK http://t.co/BGeXsYnnNk
02-18 02:33

Jimmy Fallon Shares an Adorable Picture of Daughter Franny--See the Photo! http://t.co/zXP1QxsV1f http://t.co/oM3N6FnPfa
02-18 02:33

Jennifer Garner Didn't Always Feel Beautiful: "It Was a Shock When I Got to College to Hear… http://t.co/WMvd8cpp03 http://t.co/xXJrig90q5
02-18 01:50

Spice Girls' Mel B Says, "I Wouldn't Call Myself a Feminist" but Lived for Girl Power http://t.co/1fDIIeyMPG http://t.co/8v3KMD6rp9
02-18 01:42

A Queen Never Wears the Same Dress Twice—Go Behind the Palace Gates and Get a Sneak Peek at… http://t.co/3LyzMfyx8C http://t.co/Se0UZ7byQZ
02-18 01:04

Beyoncé Pays Tribute to Stevie Wonder With Ed Sheeran and Takes Fans Behind the Scenes… http://t.co/zYwSCWt9A0 http://t.co/hEQ9k0nknj
02-18 00:59

Supernatural's Mark Sheppard Warns Crowley's Mommy Issues "Won't End Well" http://t.co/rG9krrLuSc http://t.co/TJRlZgbFK0
02-18 00:49

Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood Spend Their Fist Valentine's Day Together at… http://t.co/EHenZDNSgc http://t.co/4qj1unltDE
02-18 00:40

Selena Gomez Poses Topless, Talks About "First Love," Admits She Felt Depressed and Drove… http://t.co/mbrAzvoNS8 http://t.co/woaqgppwhS
02-18 00:40

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
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2015年02月17日情報一覧 http://t.co/IXGurET8ZS
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