Dustin Diamond Wasn't Invited to the Saved By the Bell Reunion After All http://t.co/JMnKGQ5FVE http://t.co/YPk3Q6WYir
02-19 23:50

Goldie Hawn Explains Why a First Wives Club Sequel Was Scrapped and Hints She Might Return… http://t.co/58J4l2iVFQ http://t.co/ATYh5mId3Y
02-19 23:50

Ashton Kutcher Talks About His Huge Prosthetic Penis: "You Don't Throw Something Like That… http://t.co/O9Dr9Ov2EL http://t.co/VSqDb0K3Hf
02-19 23:22

Tara Reid Joins Vine, Immediately Rips Out Her Hair and Fights Off a Fake Shark—Watch Now! http://t.co/iaS3Yq7yab http://t.co/ZQOU1U46Yy
02-19 23:22

Allison Williams Delays Wedding Plans After Brian Williams' Suspension, Promises "You Can… http://t.co/hhNEqWKJVb http://t.co/N79Ne4tPcD
02-19 23:22

Watch This Empire Sneak Peek and Just Try To Keep Your Cookie Love Under Control http://t.co/ofyoVC4lAW http://t.co/1oFTN7oVmi
02-19 23:10

政治・経済ニュースhttp://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #government #政治 #economy #経済 ##jamjamtv
02-19 22:36

Iggy Azalea Is Taking a Break From Social Media, Says "the Internet Is the Ugliest… http://t.co/x64ZNL205j http://t.co/tg1S0CF8bh
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02-19 22:05

Maggie Grace Engaged to Matthew Cooke—See Pictures of the Taken Actress' Antique Ring From… http://t.co/gNh1UjPSOe http://t.co/vfS4GDOJSK
02-19 21:41

ジャニーズ芸能ニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #geinou #芸能 #ジャニーズ ##jamjamtv
02-19 20:36

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/jZW2yRKpGFモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
02-19 19:11

AKB48ニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #geinou #芸能 #akb48 ##jamjamtv
02-19 18:37

Wiz Khalifa -- Amber Rose Has Our Son Living in Filth ... Here's Proof (PHOTOS) http://t.co/jSCPU8kTK2 http://t.co/gKQYYxCWXD
02-19 18:19

Wiz Khalifa -- Amber Rose Has Our Son Living in Filth ... Here's Proof (PHOTOS) http://t.co/UC1P6I4hIT http://t.co/2lcnEPfFtP
02-19 18:01

Aunt Jemima 'Heirs' -- Cutoff From Pancake Billions ... You Need Batter Proof http://t.co/UDzyZkZqEc http://t.co/Wz3tpvICMI
02-19 18:01

芸能ニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #geinou #芸能 ##jamjamtv
02-19 16:36

http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース ##jamjamtv
02-19 14:36

Norm Macdonald: Eddie Murphy Refused to Play Bill Cosby for SNL40 Because He Won't Kick a… http://t.co/DAM7bQpWfe http://t.co/DR0li6Ojk8
02-19 13:41

E! Style Collective's Red Carpet Beauty Prep Secrets, Revealed! http://t.co/6lXZve7LvS http://t.co/jojE5aDXG3
02-19 13:06

New Late Late Show Host James Corden Loves Bondage, Boyhood and One Direction http://t.co/G4BF9Aw0nb http://t.co/X8vJCALt75
02-19 13:05

Kelly Rowland Can't Stop Gushing About "Wonderful" Baby Titan: "That's All I Think About… http://t.co/QYXNlgfYkE http://t.co/woHPWuxzuH
02-19 12:50

地震情報/予報(Earthquake Info/Prediction)世界の最新地震情報はここ。(震源地、震度、日時)http://t.co/yzylvudOBs#jishin #earthquake #saigai #地震 #news ##jamjamtv
02-19 12:36

Lady Gaga Reveals the Most Romantic Part of Her Gorgeous Engagement Ring From Taylor… http://t.co/9dr004eNd2 http://t.co/qdTUhkcDil
02-19 12:35

The Mentalist Finale: Did Jane and Lisbon Get Their Happily Ever After? http://t.co/3vZnW6eq9U http://t.co/6hoPQPKUVx
02-19 12:35

Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Investigated After Actor Accused Her of Sending Death Threats;… http://t.co/fmnsvEdaWE http://t.co/lD3hFQOfEw
02-19 12:08

Ashton Kutcher Shares His Big Plans After Two and a Half Men: More Time With Mila Kunis and… http://t.co/hMCwzhZkJ5 http://t.co/0VAoYgD957
02-19 11:53

Lena Dunham's Boyfriend Jack Antonoff Gushes About His Lady: ''I Still Want to Know… http://t.co/2R93ygGiki http://t.co/RwGkq5z8u6
02-19 11:37

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: The Best Shows From Days Five & Six http://t.co/xIM5iDJMYL http://t.co/6U3ytV3XLW
02-19 11:08

Nick Gordon Trying ''Everything He Can'' to See Bobbi Kristina Brown in the Hospital--but… http://t.co/agZH407MTP http://t.co/gwWMwCkbaX
02-19 11:07

Michelle Branch Files for Divorce From Husband Teddy Landau After 11 Years of Marriage http://t.co/UoQhOFKNeb http://t.co/jQzXgxDMfy
02-19 11:07

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Gets Its Leading Lady: Homeland's Morena Baccarin Scores the Big… http://t.co/FFO7J9AdXi http://t.co/AxByvwBDH3
02-19 10:48

New Mom Eva Mendes Goes Retro Glam for New Commercial Shoot—Take a Look! http://t.co/MNuXkDJ4v1 http://t.co/KjOIatSnXq
02-19 10:37

相互フォロー歓迎#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互 ##jamjamtv
02-19 10:36

You Have to Watch This New, Epic, Movie-Trailer Style Gotham Promo! http://t.co/CnirVHYzxa http://t.co/7M429GsvWC
02-19 10:32

Vanessa Lachey Reveals the Secret to Getting That Incredible Post-Baby Bod http://t.co/AaJMo8lP45 http://t.co/2Etwy9P1yv
02-19 10:18

Bethenny Frankel Has ''Aggressive'' Confrontation With Ramona Singer While Filming Real… http://t.co/8DqYAvsXcn http://t.co/fdoKfedtqp
02-19 09:54

Blake Lively Steals the Show at Fashion Week By Looking Absolutely Flawless (As… http://t.co/T9TfVu451u http://t.co/4F8g2DS5bm
02-19 09:34

17 Oscars Moments That Would Make Us Smile—If They Actually Happened! http://t.co/auG2JhmhKy http://t.co/4YTlbX2IGW
02-19 09:18

'Taking Back Sunday' Frontman -- Arrested For DWI http://t.co/tiRHACfvoU http://t.co/6fPnXb1UBi
02-19 09:12

Lance Armstrong Pleads Guilty to Careless Driving After First Letting Girlfriend Take the… http://t.co/rJi7GRaxSi http://t.co/yfWwKJ5Fwh
02-19 09:03

Selena Gomez Just Shared the Cutest Throwback Pic—And She's Pulling a Beyoncé! http://t.co/oY4GqkIoND http://t.co/ICcXCvtcey
02-19 09:03

Crystal the Monkey, "Angelina Jolie of Animal Stars," Wins Big Award at Pawscars--See all… http://t.co/C6AYm70LdR http://t.co/Q401LytfYg
02-19 09:03

34 Beyhive Members Who Are Out for Blood Over the Alleged Leaked, Untouched Beyoncé Photos http://t.co/mtKDW8wWBn http://t.co/134is8Qyyb
02-19 09:03

This Woman's Reaction to Her Sneaky Selfie Proposal Is Priceless—Watch the Hilarious Video! http://t.co/yJ5czcozSS http://t.co/yHFVYO2wqi
02-19 08:48

Arian Foster -- Settles Baby Mama Drama http://t.co/PrVi3bE6uZ http://t.co/OoRmXQFH97
02-19 08:41

F.O.L.L.O.W M.E.#100% #follow #followme #followmejp #sougofollow #followback #teamautofollow #teamfollowback #mustfollow #autof ##jamjamtv
02-19 08:36

Mo'Nique Says Roles in Empire and The Butler ''Just Went Away'': Lee Daniels Told Me I've… http://t.co/0jQpwdMBUH http://t.co/JeanoHxPRS
02-19 08:23

Taylor Swift and Kanye West Enjoy Dinner Together After Rapper Confirms They're… http://t.co/nxKHoeDfZ9 http://t.co/M7g1unwSCQ
02-19 08:23

Kim Kardashian's New Blue Eyes, Kylie Jenner's Blonde Hair and More—See the Latest… http://t.co/PuULy0dTwV http://t.co/Ix6HipRJtP
02-19 08:23

Chris Soules and Roseanne Barr to Join Dancing With the Stars? Get the Latest! http://t.co/SbAhJiWPvK http://t.co/lGoF9roIgW
02-19 08:23

Stars' Pre-Oscar Facials: Where Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow & More Are Going for Glowing… http://t.co/mzHL3BZYSH http://t.co/CckCKNmD7d
02-19 08:23

This Tinder Text Message is the Most Ridiculous Rant You'll Ever Read http://t.co/9bCnHrHovT http://t.co/hQvdTNR3av
02-19 08:04

Brooklyn Decker's "Boring" Valentine's Day With Andy Roddick: We Did Nothing http://t.co/ZS3OGq4Z1o http://t.co/roXkAYw52b
02-19 08:04

Pregnant Kate Middleton Flashes Her Gray Hair--and We Love Her for It! http://t.co/AXFue1KC6Y http://t.co/4JxDZnKuC7
02-19 07:47

Angie Harmon Comes So Close to a Wardrobe Malfunction While Revealing Lots of Leg During TV… http://t.co/8oCJPOtZqZ http://t.co/85IA8XjI2H
02-19 07:38

Adrienne Bailon Flaunts Two Nipple Piercings, Major Cleavage in Curve-Hugging Dress—See the… http://t.co/NaQrMnx0s1 http://t.co/e9plKWyWzs
02-19 07:17

Kelly Clarkson Says No Singers Want to Work With Her: ''I Feel Like I Have the Plague'' http://t.co/0t7LGkbuT3 http://t.co/Sozt2gW6x1
02-19 07:17

Anna Kendrick Says Her Heroines Are "a Little Ugly," Wants Roles That Don't Require Her to… http://t.co/Zeh1mE36c4 http://t.co/IF4AJiTKm9
02-19 07:11

Let's play Pet Rescue Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/ThwC2lAp48#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-19 06:44

Little Caesars Has Created a Bacon Wrapped Pizza and Yes, Your Arteries Just Clogged http://t.co/JKv7uji2Bp http://t.co/yiDh6faOyp
02-19 06:38

Pierce Brosnan Weighs in on Idea of Idris Elba Playing James Bond and Names 1 Other… http://t.co/nTNGCr3HG4 http://t.co/R9CgsHtEal
02-19 06:38

Lance Armstrong -- Pleads Guilty In Aspen Car Wreck http://t.co/ye54hpGhCH http://t.co/S4mPGjl5Ie
02-19 06:38

Nicki Minaj Crew Member Killed in Philly Bar Stabbing, Another Team Member Remains in… http://t.co/PyanfqyUgp http://t.co/odNUjNOzD5
02-19 06:17

Wall of Fashion--Vote for Your Favorite Fashion Moment! http://t.co/vRDNPlgc5K http://t.co/De28SjWEJ1
02-19 06:17

J.K. Rowling Didn't Want a Fan to Feel Like an "Orphaned Boy Wizard," Writes Him a… http://t.co/9LeTTOOpJ9 http://t.co/lvxiNzyY3W
02-19 06:11

Vanilla Ice Charged With Grand Theft and Burglary: Police Say He Stole a Pool Heater,… http://t.co/qz1r1WVRsD http://t.co/a8UUzfeXmC
02-19 06:06

Lindsay Lohan -- My Attorney Got Baba Booeyed! (VIDEO) http://t.co/5LQlrnmx34 http://t.co/R0hFy4HvOo
02-19 06:06

Get to Know: Catt Sadler, E! News Host and Game of Thrones Fanatic http://t.co/5IJXhJsrOr http://t.co/LQRV2RfTTU
02-19 05:50

Which Presenter or Performer Are You Most Excited to See at the Oscars? http://t.co/YFszrtFuvz http://t.co/ZFjfSxntnh
02-19 05:41

Here's What We Think Celebrities Should Give up for Lent http://t.co/aCzUt8iH5j http://t.co/xZQHxykTuX
02-19 05:41

Victoria Justice Reviews Fifty Shades of Grey: Expected Movie to be "Raunchier" http://t.co/RY3e7qDl5L http://t.co/tt3Qdqn9fw
02-19 05:41

Vanilla Ice -- Arrested for Home Burglary http://t.co/LOl9WmkaFn http://t.co/2eROHrGWyN
02-19 05:35

Neil Patrick Harris Stars in New London Fog Ads--and Gets a Wax Figure--Before the Oscars! http://t.co/ArOTGqdURv http://t.co/GMr3Kr6l1q
02-19 05:21

Satisfy Your Craving For New Game of Thrones With These Epic Season 4 Deleted Scenes http://t.co/kLy8pI4gKs http://t.co/VFw8BqjXEW
02-19 05:05

What Does Jonathan Groff Think of His Best Friend Lea Michele Dating Matthew Paetz? Watch… http://t.co/W8CNMhDnsv http://t.co/uvDnuqCYdh
02-19 04:52

Watch Elena Find Out About Caroline and Stefan's Kiss on The Vampire Diaries! http://t.co/i1ilE1rXuh http://t.co/NWlpfuZEOV
02-19 04:52

One Direction Fans Threaten and Insult Niall Horan's Rumored Girlfriend: "Niall Is Mine,"… http://t.co/4XJ9CiI2oI http://t.co/fWwE4m3OcU
02-19 04:50

7 Ways To Keep Your Love Life Private http://t.co/uZQWnxmdPH http://t.co/zHjVCvvPz0
02-19 04:50

Let's Play Farm Heros Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/1hiTkfbgVQ#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-19 04:36

Watch the 2015 Oscar Nominees in Their Earliest (and Sometimes Most Embarrassing) Roles http://t.co/tsuY2VaXus http://t.co/qipLOeR0UV
02-19 04:35

So Nice She Wore It Twice! Pregnant Keira Knightley Recycles Red Carpet Dress for a Casual… http://t.co/pvbCbXv3bQ http://t.co/5J3r4KmUL0
02-19 04:17

Candice Swanepoel Gets Tanned and Topless for Maxim, Also Compares Modeling to a Chess Match… http://t.co/0CNIrP2EnU http://t.co/amarMsrfvK
02-19 04:07

Will More Kardashians Appear on The Mindy Project? Mindy Kaling Says... http://t.co/93qG9wsfE2 http://t.co/1ORewpx1bn
02-19 04:06

Theo James Explains Why He Doesn't Use Social Media http://t.co/Fmc9Ivrd3x http://t.co/dCkVYc0tMG
02-19 04:06

Check Out How Groovay Everyone Looks in These New Mad Men Final Season Photos http://t.co/PHmuyIPblp http://t.co/9qyNdnJ9Ut
02-19 03:51

Nicki Minaj -- Tour Manager Dead in Philly Stabbing http://t.co/yzHpRMqWXi http://t.co/R996JMoSGO
02-19 03:30

Rihanna Steps Out In Sky-High Alexander Wang Platform Boots—See Her Wacky,… http://t.co/zVywhbP6hz http://t.co/hqYOSitWoh
02-19 03:26

Krispy Kreme Apologizes for Ill-Conceived "KKK Wednesday" Promotion http://t.co/COBQIwteOn http://t.co/JglLnmZYku
02-19 03:26

Rihanna Flashes Her Nipple Ring in Sexy Topless Photo: See the Hot Pic! http://t.co/uzj0lJhfPo http://t.co/UJA2Ycd8q8
02-19 03:26

New Dr. Seuss Book What Pet Should I Get?, 1st in 25 Years, Is Coming Soon--Check Out… http://t.co/qcKiDydHpk http://t.co/SHaUIVOZNb
02-19 03:21

Columbus Short Lands First Major TV Role After Scandal Exit http://t.co/GYlAHnsvXb http://t.co/EXQov22m6h
02-19 03:11

Playing FarmVille2 w/ FriendsAdd Friendshttps://t.co/xZ2zKan5Xo#zynga #facebook #farmville # ##jamjamtv
02-19 02:36

Ansel Elgort Reveals He Lost His Virginity at Age 14 and Opens Up About "Amazing Sex" With… http://t.co/15MkyHujgs http://t.co/36aG6BgJ3T
02-19 02:33

This Boy Meets World Fan Favorite Alum Is Your New Marvel Superhero! http://t.co/iQvCJkNW68 http://t.co/IHwipR0guG
02-19 02:33

Ouch! Jessica Simpson's Sexy Fifty Shades of Grey-Inspired Photo Shoot With Eric Johnson… http://t.co/XQgJf25KjZ http://t.co/0HPBfGTP53
02-19 02:33

Wiz Khalifa WASTED with Chicks ... I'm Not Talkin' Amber Rose Tonight! (VIDEO) http://t.co/3er9kZRfom http://t.co/lMqgEYTxNs
02-19 02:29

Drake Honcho -- Birdman Screwed Me Too ... Now Open the Books! http://t.co/H9xd9ZGBlB http://t.co/LdSwPlgabn
02-19 02:29

Louise Roe's New York Fashion Week Looks http://t.co/OU5iLK0cnQ http://t.co/hm04tTe8zq
02-19 02:18

Oscars 2015 Host Neil Patrick Harris Reveals His Biggest Concern About Show, Caused by Ellen… http://t.co/43ajqbMDFa http://t.co/wdfjrPWKNk
02-19 02:08

U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones Slams Fifty Shades of Grey: "God Didn't Create Sex for That Purpose" http://t.co/sRco0ZDCjn http://t.co/MXi1jVsjLp
02-19 01:39

Kate Middleton Stuns in Floral Seraphine Dress Again (We'll Forgive the Outfit… http://t.co/6b3Zg0MRUN http://t.co/way9psTcTJ
02-19 00:52

Kim Richards Finally Opens Up About Her Sobriety and Calls Out The Real Housewives of… http://t.co/rfwqMn9xIO http://t.co/oiR9zgBf2F
02-19 00:52

Kristen Bell Asks Her Friends to Get Vaccinated, Talks About Raising Delta and Fêting Dax… http://t.co/Lh9rYYIl8U http://t.co/OwoAfYdKa3
02-19 00:52

Miss P, a Beagle, Celebrates Winning Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show—Watch Now! http://t.co/XnTNjp15S9 http://t.co/YNkz5U76O3
02-19 00:36

クラウド型Twitter多機能管理サービス「#ツイ助」http://t.co/QPEz26y1mi via @twisuke_com
02-19 00:31

2015年02月18日情報一覧 http://t.co/8f4qzS5t17
02-19 00:10

Matthew Perry Almost Had to Turn Down Friends to Star on an Alien Baggage Claim Show--Watch… http://t.co/QZdeUenphf http://t.co/g5aE5bgHRl
02-19 00:02

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