Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Outlander and… http://t.co/OvzWOYJk7O http://t.co/2zCSXw3KT1
02-24 23:56

Surprise! Derek Hough Is Returning to Dancing With the Stars http://t.co/PBbGDWk4ed http://t.co/z9JYX5txoi
02-24 23:56

Will Smith Doesn't Think He's Sexy (Especially Not Compared to Denzel Washington)--Watch Now! http://t.co/S7eaVbgESn http://t.co/JfBYaddJyD
02-24 23:25

Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed: Michael Sam, Rumer Willis and a Hunger Games Star--See… http://t.co/NckuzW3vTo http://t.co/B8tW0Ek3Ik
02-24 23:19

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5maOwu ##jamjamtv
02-24 23:12

Magic Mike XXL Delays Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara's Summer Wedding Plans! http://t.co/MxnKrw0BGo http://t.co/7YmmO0mLbI
02-24 23:07

Scott Wolf Reveals Whether He Ever Hooked Up With Neve Campbell and Considers Filming a… http://t.co/PCWovPBvXW http://t.co/tnptfaIPq9
02-24 22:45

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02-24 22:30

Vote for the Best Dressed Actress of the 2015 Award Season! http://t.co/oNCDA7UdWF http://t.co/UyjHVbAHvG
02-24 22:14

Christina Aguilera Does Musical Impressions of Cher, Britney Spears and Shakira on The… http://t.co/kDqrNyRw82 http://t.co/BpqGdjagRh
02-24 22:04

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
02-24 21:11

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/zhZZK2wEipモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
02-24 19:11

お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/0ZRW0XnIID#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
02-24 19:10

Bravo's Greg Plitt -- Had $800K in the Bank ... But No Will http://t.co/4MJAbHPxbX http://t.co/wZpdgY8wOr
02-24 17:50

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
02-24 17:11

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
02-24 15:10

Adorable Alert! Nick Lachey and Camden Smooch in Sweet Father-Son Snapshot http://t.co/trQbslK4MN http://t.co/yzFX5UL69H
02-24 13:32

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
02-24 13:11

Jon Voight Is Still Fired Up About Angelina Jolie's Oscars Snub: The Academy "Don't Get… http://t.co/SS7Yz1i4Jc http://t.co/PX4aVrc3pt
02-24 13:03

Tyga on Kylie Jenner Romance Rumors: ''It Doesn't Matter What the World Thinks'' http://t.co/Xlp7yt6PFS http://t.co/TLdkqUoGdi
02-24 13:03

The Bachelor Recap: Who Got Sent Home to the Tune of a Rooster & Could A Monkey Be The Next… http://t.co/G4mFpwk7dz http://t.co/kTVN3fQvjp
02-24 13:03

Charlie Weber Is Engaged! How to Get Away With Murder Star Dishes Proposal Details http://t.co/qrWt3XktFR http://t.co/bD3rRMfZBT
02-24 12:36

Surprise! Ben Harper Married Fiancée Jaclyn Matfus on New Year's Day http://t.co/JkRUhCTkFj http://t.co/5RJreqOvGy
02-24 12:36

Rita Ora Gushes Over Jake Gyllenhaal's Body—Watch Now! http://t.co/CnuxwWm50C http://t.co/pNVOFwuQJP
02-24 12:07

''Appalled'' Stacey Dash Thinks Patricia Arquette's Oscars Speech Was Out of Touch:… http://t.co/gJaxzuVlMa http://t.co/wTMUqdxvR4
02-24 11:51

Chris Pine and Zoë Kravitz Attend Pre-Oscars Party Together--Could the Pair Be Dating? http://t.co/Q3ZeGZplr9 http://t.co/5YZJHDBvDz
02-24 11:37

RIP Ben Woolf: American Horror Story's Ryan Murphy, Evan Peters and More Stars Mourn on… http://t.co/wLsDM5KNIh http://t.co/8yd78YndNN
02-24 11:37

2015 Oscars Red Carpet by the Numbers: $7.5 Million in Diamonds, 6,000 Pearls, 9 Versace… http://t.co/Zok0dWligk http://t.co/g0pNkUtbQ2
02-24 11:37

Mama June and Honey Boo Boo Face a "Health Intervention" After The Doctors Go Inside Their… http://t.co/0H69LwkI4Q http://t.co/iMDvlPZ9DL
02-24 10:53

Chris Brown Thinks Rihanna Upgraded With Leonardo DiCaprio: ''I Just Tip My Hat''--Watch! http://t.co/ecLlc5DuvM http://t.co/MGS0S5WR64
02-24 10:53

Leonard Nimoy Seems to Be OK After Reported Hospitalization for Chest Pains, Reminds Fans… http://t.co/b3k1jNiUm5 http://t.co/LlSHwWybDt
02-24 10:53

Oscars Bling: Real Housewives of Miami's Lea Black Rates the Best and Worst Jewelry Looks! http://t.co/U6eBEdDDGP http://t.co/NKRljgC3P6
02-24 10:53

Kylie Jenner Pokes Her Butt Out in Sexy Selfie, Kendall Jenner Shares Photo With Cara… http://t.co/BgwOYI1EFv http://t.co/Q1ugLZchnZ
02-24 09:54

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Calls Out Diva Nikki Bella--See the Total Divas Deleted Scene! http://t.co/W6IZtjepk7 http://t.co/iBknuOwvPd
02-24 09:54

Yes, Your Bartender Is Watching (and Judging) Your Tinder Date http://t.co/y8MwwXoaDd http://t.co/96kmZTbPbq
02-24 09:39

Marc Anthony Remains So "Proud" of Ex-Wife Jennifer Lopez, Recalls Being Told He Was "Ugly"… http://t.co/ojRANzWwdr http://t.co/ltWJek2D1x
02-24 09:38

American Horror Story's Ben Woolf Dead at 34 After Suffering Head Injury http://t.co/ibUDRgFfit http://t.co/uh6SFLtGLg
02-24 09:20

Trendsetters at Work: Jay Godfrey http://t.co/3LH1ikHWCx http://t.co/efqkM6OF2L
02-24 09:02

Chris Evans' Oscars Date Was His ''Best Friend,'' Not His Girlfriend! Watch the Funny Video… http://t.co/zHAnSLGept http://t.co/4bWlzZoxJi
02-24 08:47

Get the Beauty Look: Hair & Makeup from the 2015 Oscars http://t.co/ScGvKYFHJq http://t.co/cjZPuVQRHx
02-24 08:47

No One Saw Fifty Shades of Grey This Weekend, Which Means America Might Already Be Over It http://t.co/zG0ECWNHOK http://t.co/VmhM6qfMmD
02-24 08:47

Makeup-Free Jennifer Lawrence Steps Out in Snowy Boston With Her Adorable Puppy—See the Pics! http://t.co/VlehYyAHlM http://t.co/ww4rmrwYMc
02-24 08:47

Hot Mama! Christina Aguilera Looks Skinnier Than Ever at Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 6 Months… http://t.co/n7k40Afbjx http://t.co/XkWaTMcS0s
02-24 08:47

Brandi Glanville Shows Off Her Foul-Mouthed Rapping Skills, Calls Out Real Housewives… http://t.co/C7iq8s7Ei3 http://t.co/xa3Nc2A8VM
02-24 08:36

Oops! Behati Prinsloo Has a Nip Slip During Oscars After-Party—See Hubby Adam Levine's Cute… http://t.co/y8fowAqFMv http://t.co/ErztcHdRR3
02-24 08:11

Eagles Safety Nate Allen -- Cleared in Public Masturbation Case ... Saved by Red Lobster http://t.co/LB2BytCv79 http://t.co/Tv0QekXJIH
02-24 07:55

Every 2015 Oscars After-Party Look From Last Night—See Over 80 Photos! http://t.co/hLV91Jc7FN http://t.co/WPn8VIQuY6
02-24 07:50

Move Over, Lady Gaga! Lena Dunham's Crazy Half-Naked Yoga Pose Is a Sight to Behold http://t.co/vSlwuvXO4x http://t.co/KpOYD7ldU6
02-24 07:50

Jeremy Renner Fires Back at Ex Sonni Pacheco's Divorce Demands: We Had a Prenup, So... http://t.co/SMijad7Oxs http://t.co/mTG65ZgXlJ
02-24 07:50

Apple Has Reportedly Developed More Racially Diverse Emojis, But We're Still Missing… http://t.co/eeCFg12hPF http://t.co/IzMOiX71oo
02-24 07:34

Julie Andrews Hasn't Seen Fifty Shades of Grey but Likes the Idea of a Spanking—Watch! http://t.co/RpBGfzpC9z http://t.co/63ht0Ew5r3
02-24 07:34

Kathy Griffin and Fashion Police Dish on Lady Gaga's Gloves & More—Get the Exclusive Scoop… http://t.co/NpuT6BBakh http://t.co/dXzIHwJuS1
02-24 07:20

Benedict Cumberbatch Was So Excited to Dance After the Oscars That He Temporarily Forgot He… http://t.co/FD71X8Su58 http://t.co/NSyCwJj9rV
02-24 07:17

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-24 07:13

Lea Michele Wraps Glee, Takes Cory Monteith's Jersey Home as a Memento: See the Pics http://t.co/RsoOmrglmq http://t.co/AguqeDpuY3
02-24 07:05

Are Dianna Agron and Josh Hutcherson More Than Friends?--Get the Scoop! http://t.co/JRyR6bJwIH http://t.co/22Vpl4Zd5n
02-24 07:05

Jennifer Lopez Wins Instagram With Her Oscars Selfies (Including an Epic Photobomb from… http://t.co/bhtN33jlMa http://t.co/DrL4HJuFCb
02-24 06:55

Oscars Hair Trend: How to Rock the Red Carpet Ponytail, Courtesy of E! Style Collective http://t.co/GREtmQ7CsP http://t.co/7j9xyaUCTe
02-24 06:35

Parks and Recreation Will Pay Tribute to Harris Wittels With Series Finale http://t.co/ueWHJZzkbe http://t.co/X8joIYGybK
02-24 06:35

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford Show Off PDA for the Lakers Kiss Cam—See the Cute Pic! http://t.co/GrbdPuw5HD http://t.co/23tij2XmxM
02-24 06:35

Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Redmayne, Oprah and More Stars Stun in Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party… http://t.co/qfjO3G6wOq http://t.co/3eSxufVwqs
02-24 06:20

Calista Flockhart Is Returning to TV in a Super New Role http://t.co/WWmcHuzg8Z http://t.co/awRlXhbOWv
02-24 06:05

Patricia Arquette Defends Gender Equality Oscars Speech in Lengthy Twitter Spree—Read It… http://t.co/Mesjtsux79 http://t.co/0XckDMlMuu
02-24 05:52

The Best Celebrity Tweets From the Oscars: Cheers, Jeers, and "Brown Liquor" http://t.co/SLfYcoeoMo http://t.co/frdhnqw7HX
02-24 05:52

Jennifer Lawrence Is Stunning Per Usual in New Dior Handbag Campaign—Take a Look! http://t.co/1dSW53OIsY http://t.co/H616TsCE9Q
02-24 05:52

Maria Menounos' Day at the 2015 Oscars: Go Behind the Scenes! http://t.co/9fMxp3jHOY http://t.co/izlUUd379K
02-24 05:36

Noah Wyle's Wife Sara Wells Is Pregnant: See Her Baby Bump Debut at the Vanity Fair Oscar… http://t.co/PU9atu3TQp http://t.co/VDVhOxMXKR
02-24 05:22

Food Network's Guy Fieri Officiated a Massive Gay Wedding While Wearing an Awesome Purple… http://t.co/Xwjq1IkbIp http://t.co/nv08XQLcym
02-24 05:08

Move Over, A-List Celebs: Parents Were The Real Winners of Last Night's Oscars http://t.co/6k884LyXw9 http://t.co/EPszlUSUTJ
02-24 04:51

Niecy Nash Joins Scream Queens and She's Going to Kick Butt http://t.co/bhmaSnREvU http://t.co/gZ6mvdO7HA
02-24 04:51

How to Master the Nude Eyes and Mauve Lip Look http://t.co/1bdoDDH3Do http://t.co/LOuDEfiYVb
02-24 04:35

Jack Osbourne's Wife Lisa Stelly Debuts Baby Bump at Oscars Party: See the Pregnancy Pic! http://t.co/jI7HyUhPQa http://t.co/nvZZNGRKuQ
02-24 04:33

Dev Patel Reveals Shocking Mario Testino Insult, Says He and Ex Freida Pinto Are Still… http://t.co/O7zy4TF7FS http://t.co/EUBFwSZhyj
02-24 04:33

Todd Chrisley Talks John Travolta, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez & More--Get His Take on… http://t.co/aG8mZAIuTi http://t.co/XdtvmMlfyu
02-24 04:17

Hot Mamas! The Best Pregnancy Styles at the 2015 Oscars Parties http://t.co/3EZs6f0B7t http://t.co/6areCJ7Pje
02-24 04:17

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-24 04:11

Red Carpet Dates & Adorable Animals Win Big in the #ERedCarpetAwards! http://t.co/MTODRRW7px http://t.co/4QGyds07pj
02-24 04:01

The Internet Was Really Creeped Out By John Travolta at the Oscars http://t.co/9YCtV1mnNQ http://t.co/cD7kFJVYHE
02-24 04:01

Local News Anchor Apologizes for Using Racial Slur to Describe Lady Gaga's Julie Andrews… http://t.co/WCTWa7MSdQ http://t.co/MSuKfQqQwW
02-24 04:01

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge http://t.co/CZPWjMgkeK http://t.co/DJ2plzuulr
02-24 03:45

Wiz Khalifa -- Amber Rose is So Cold She Denied Our Kid His Birthday Party! http://t.co/iHpM6LrsnN http://t.co/yzAM0uLkZL
02-24 03:40

Bobby Brown -- Nick Gordon Can See Bobbi Kristina, BUT ONLY IF .... http://t.co/WlhxEOogmU http://t.co/3j9rsSMS2C
02-24 03:40

Nick Gordon -- I Can Save Bobbi Kristina ... But I Need to See Her http://t.co/9DYOdNnbWA http://t.co/IcsdKHx4uh
02-24 03:40

Lily Collins & Nicole Richie Debuts Pixie Haircuts Over the Weekend—Check Them Out! http://t.co/S4vo9oUp6O http://t.co/uZfsTXsnSN
02-24 03:34

Bobby Brown -- Nick Gordon Won't Tell Me What Happened to My Daughter Bobbi Kristina http://t.co/iw3LOafgLO http://t.co/2qAADbUeMz
02-24 03:09

Nick Gordon ''Not Desperate'' to Visit Bobbi Kristina Brown in the Hospital, Says Bobby… http://t.co/YUOwGrpvc2 http://t.co/bkXNxTlZ0L
02-24 03:05

TV's Top Couple 2015: Nominate Your Favorite Pairings Now! http://t.co/qKPlrihuio http://t.co/TnYjYuU2gW
02-24 03:05

Benji Madden Gets Wife Cameron Diaz's Name Tattooed on His Chest--See the Pic! http://t.co/yDLd8d4Bnf http://t.co/FfDqjl5WCb
02-24 02:34

Khloé Kardashian's Oscars Beauty Look: All the Details on Her '''90s Supermodel Makeup'' http://t.co/l9Bk7grl1C http://t.co/VqiE5IVRXl
02-24 02:26

Patricia Arquette Demands Equality for Women, NPH Tackles Lack of Diversity and More 2015… http://t.co/E2JHsME6JY http://t.co/UnWwLCXYiV
02-24 02:26

Anna Wintour Proves She's the Baddest Bitch Ever, Wears Sunglasses During Entire Oscars… http://t.co/IkAYQXySn3 http://t.co/QhFkCb7tJP
02-24 02:26

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-24 02:10

Emma Stone Has an Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction, Accidentally Flashes Her Crotch on the Red… http://t.co/pTZ9sIPmBL http://t.co/XtJcSTlJBF
02-24 01:55

Christina Milian Gets Into Blow Out Fight With Her Family And It Gets Nasty--Get the Full… http://t.co/Yt3QMHRus7 http://t.co/ZnbjitQWfK
02-24 01:21

The World "Can't Let Go" of Smash...Thanks to the Oscars http://t.co/zjFF31ggNm http://t.co/fqTXDXJyQQ
02-24 01:21

The Royals Merritt Patterson Dishes on Love Triangles, Her Favorite Shopping Spots and… http://t.co/wIHFXs83Xv http://t.co/W30FMl4knt
02-24 01:21

Christina Milian "Isn't the Only Milian Who Had a Dream"--See the Emotional Turned Up… http://t.co/NSbAaDOK4G http://t.co/sr5NlbgTBx
02-24 01:21

Inside the 2015 Oscar After-Parties With Beyoncé, Robert Pattinson, Emma Stone, Ashton… http://t.co/rKBBU979nJ http://t.co/CInb25ik6H
02-24 01:21

Sia Shows Her Face for the First Time in What Seems Like Forever at Elton John's Party--See… http://t.co/obXRPcJFK7 http://t.co/8tugFX03Xv
02-24 00:51

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille2 #farmville2 #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-24 00:15

2015年02月23日情報一覧 http://t.co/CQxYDkSads
02-24 00:10

House of Cards Gets the Seasme Street Treatment and It's Delightful http://t.co/MsegtKjYu4 http://t.co/3NEgcZ0pYR
02-24 00:07

Patricia Arquette Elaborates on Her Oscars Acceptance Speech Backstage, Says "Equal Means… http://t.co/ZJBejorKsV http://t.co/LPmmd55mux
02-24 00:07

Imitation Game Writer Graham Moore's Emotional Oscar Speech: I Didn't Plan It http://t.co/TxnU5yyTxA http://t.co/niIuYy96fj
02-24 00:07

Bobby Brown -- Nick Gordon Won't Tell Me What Happened to My Daughter Bobbi Kristina http://t.co/GqoYlUr2YI http://t.co/EQTDkoWPxG
02-24 00:06

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