Law and Order: SVU Takes On Casey Kasem With Marcia Cross and Big Twists and Turns http://t.co/N934lkwATU http://t.co/ovbSxcFOc0
02-25 23:51

Parks and Rec Cast Reunites on Late Night for Wonderful Farewell of Songs, Kissing and Laughs http://t.co/SW7Lc1SmLP http://t.co/8jD6fUwhJV
02-25 23:39

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans -- Another Day, Another Arrest http://t.co/w3TT3OELqE http://t.co/861XjqHJYs
02-25 23:31

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose Share Their First Magazine Cover! Plus, How Has Motherhood… http://t.co/xfKla8PxEA http://t.co/giKZRlG1S0
02-25 23:19

http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース ##jamjamtv
02-25 23:12

American Sniper Trial: Chad Littlefield's Family Says "Justice Was Served" With Guilty… http://t.co/HFDXmCYDGl http://t.co/Ev0nMncX7r
02-25 23:09

Dakota Fanning Celebrates Her 21st Birthday on Watch What Happens Live, Dishes on the Olsen… http://t.co/dCvX6aO646 http://t.co/ucmu7fkNjq
02-25 23:09

Hilary Duff's Son Luca and Jack Osbourne's Daughter Pearl Have an Adorable Ice Cream… http://t.co/GpkL9EvU4o http://t.co/c5BDV9oHI4
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02-25 22:34

DuckTales Is Coming Back—Yes, DuckTales! http://t.co/t0a4EU1SlT http://t.co/8kqcTcFso7
02-25 22:33

Ben Affleck Whispers Something Into Jennifer Lopez's Ear at the Oscars, Then Gets Playfully… http://t.co/nAr1IV81Sj http://t.co/UPR9Fl1BDy
02-25 22:00

地震情報/予報(Earthquake Info/Prediction)世界の最新地震情報はここ。(震源地、震度、日時)http://t.co/yzylvudOBs#jishin #earthquake #saigai #地震 #news ##jamjamtv
02-25 21:11

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/pALM2ShQ1Mモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
02-25 19:11

相互フォロー歓迎#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互 ##jamjamtv
02-25 19:10

Lindsay Lohan -- She Got Community Service Credit for Performing Onstage! http://t.co/WYBSkz7rQB http://t.co/ydYQF6cESn
02-25 18:22

Bruce Jenner Likely To Avoid Charges ... His Offense is HUA (Head Up Ass) http://t.co/FfxUlXmAjx http://t.co/4M7sLeqXSK
02-25 18:22

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02-25 17:10

Agent Carter Bosses Dish On That Surprise Captain America Finale Cameo and Peggy's Future http://t.co/mTTe0EueXZ http://t.co/ioc4EvcUNz
02-25 15:45

Leslie Knope and 14 Other TV Women Who Make Us Want to Rule the World http://t.co/F9u7tq3Kjt http://t.co/ACutDpFjpm
02-25 15:13

Let's play Pet Rescue Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/ThwC2lS0sI#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-25 15:11

Will Smith Takes It Back by Rapping Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Theme Song and… http://t.co/WLphl0yb5r http://t.co/jv9LAWr1qV
02-25 13:54

Not Another Tattoo! Justin Bieber Gets Inked Once Again in Hilarious Comedy Central Roast… http://t.co/YtKpkbM2gP http://t.co/6mp6iJ2zRA
02-25 13:34

Parks and Recreation Finale Brought the Tears--Here's Why http://t.co/xZhU6qHUrT http://t.co/gHarQYin0Y
02-25 13:13

Parks and Recreation Boss Dissects That "End of The Sopranos Moment" You Just Saw http://t.co/xGCaQWeUPY http://t.co/JYZ0heUube
02-25 13:13

Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty of Murder in Killing of American Sniper's Chris Kyle http://t.co/JW1lFcRPEn http://t.co/tHjciWdwRP
02-25 13:13

Let's Play Farm Heros Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/1hiTkfbgVQ#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
02-25 13:11

Dang, Beyoncé! Braless Singer Flashes Boobs in Racy Lunch Outfit--See the Sexy Pic! http://t.co/mk9YO3i2MD http://t.co/QrDo4ewOu2
02-25 12:54

Trai Byers Shares the Best Advice He Received from Oprah Winfrey Before His Sister Crashes… http://t.co/Werx6pVPNi http://t.co/2WcChJkEug
02-25 12:54

Justin Bartha Makes His Interview With Jill Martin All About Bradley Cooper and Things Get… http://t.co/alElv53k91 http://t.co/ay1nCwVx84
02-25 12:21

Naya Rivera Is Pregnant! Baby on the Way for Glee Star and Husband Ryan Dorsey http://t.co/oB5w7nXV9Z http://t.co/ccZjQgCobd
02-25 12:08

The Limp Bizkit-Seinfeld Theme Mash-Up You Didn't Even Know You Were Missing: Listen Here! http://t.co/G0jgdLAKrl http://t.co/s6NzemQqcc
02-25 11:37

Warren and Kenny G Deliver Funked-Out Performance of "Regulate" on Jimmy Kimmel Live--Watch… http://t.co/EhBh5Fg00C http://t.co/FeZx1oOfEJ
02-25 11:37

Scott Disick Parties in Vegas, Kylie Jenner Gets Cozy in Montana and More--See the Latest… http://t.co/qVhcFTKudf http://t.co/xt4T7mH3K8
02-25 11:37

Richard Pryor's Widow Calls Bill Cosby a ''F--king Hypocrite'': He ''F--ked Everything That… http://t.co/pXwnqYk045 http://t.co/0tutwv5eVW
02-25 11:15

Chris Brown Cancels Canada Concert After Being Denied Entry--and the Internet Swears Drake… http://t.co/2um3jpbehK http://t.co/mrwDtFYSCt
02-25 11:15

Matthew Morrison's Post Glee Life: Finding Neverland on Broadway--Watch Now! http://t.co/O3O3kpRI29 http://t.co/5PR9lq42N9
02-25 11:15

E! Special: Who Wore It Better http://t.co/hs9ORDnTbT http://t.co/rZ5ihiM1Dw
02-25 11:15

Playing FarmVille2 w/ FriendsAdd Friendshttps://t.co/xZ2zKan5Xo#zynga #facebook #farmville # ##jamjamtv
02-25 11:11

Tori Spelling Throws the Ultimate Oscars Party for Her Four Kids, but Where's Dean McDermott? http://t.co/oPvzP89vfo http://t.co/WcaQRdt2ze
02-25 10:45

Bruce Jenner -- Speed at Impact in Fatal Crash ... 38 MPH http://t.co/1QEfgAmce5 http://t.co/xir2LEoGvs
02-25 10:28

Jessa Duggar Reveals Her $49 Bridesmaid Dresses and Her Sisters Aren't Very Impressed--Watch… http://t.co/CNiApJ8FHW http://t.co/I6mDDZKYbJ
02-25 10:18

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 3rd Rock From the Sun and More: Here's What's Coming to Netflix… http://t.co/sftPef1nHm http://t.co/1iO3IMmZ3Z
02-25 10:04

Best Mug Shot Ever! See the Hilarious Photo That Totally Made Our Day http://t.co/3UIVPfvvk4 http://t.co/MCvez7StiL
02-25 10:04

Jason Jones Is Leaving The Daily Show After Nearly 10 Years--and Is He Taking Samantha Bee… http://t.co/LqT2OEMJGo http://t.co/SMLMVmbEz8
02-25 09:57

Kim Kardashian Pays an Assistant $100,000 a Year to Photoshop Her Pictures?! http://t.co/xTbnS3TQQ1 http://t.co/jgx48Svy8f
02-25 09:57

Danish Magazine Slammed for Featuring Emaciated-Looking Model: ''Anorexia Is a Problem'' http://t.co/IgsDujixhV http://t.co/ARK8DMWbQG
02-25 09:47

Charles Barkley -- I'm Not Crazy ... I Know Kobe Bryant Is Better Than Me! http://t.co/0ZQu2u4vB1 http://t.co/mAXoLoBuBL
02-25 09:40

'Power Rangers' Creator -- Knock It Off ... With Your Van Der Beek Knock Off http://t.co/p2ZP0p2GS1 http://t.co/CUD8RfJcs3
02-25 09:27

Ryan Gosling Ditches the Oscars for Disneyland Date With Guillermo Del Toro, New Dad Buys… http://t.co/Ncg83z7QtA http://t.co/8KXF49wYDr
02-25 09:25

From Mickey Rourke to Michael Keaton: Ranking Our Favorite Oscars Comebacks http://t.co/XFnO7Kd3h0 http://t.co/XT4B0749Zj
02-25 09:25

Calvin Harris' Sexy Shirtless Body Is on Full Display at the Beach: Stop What You're Doing… http://t.co/zulZzpHbza http://t.co/z4BGXOEcIT
02-25 09:25

Giuliana Rancic Apologizes to Zendaya on E! News http://t.co/QJc0XI0fAR http://t.co/E562u93XOx
02-25 09:16

Jennifer Lopez Drops "Feel the Light" Lyric Video After Rihanna's Single "Towards the Sun"… http://t.co/19E2Zez6w1 http://t.co/ZIyMFYEqfc
02-25 09:04

Fake Jim Carrey Crashes Czech Republic Lions Ceremony, Actor Jokes About the Mix-Up on… http://t.co/7n7EssYf4u http://t.co/2sCkE1DdY7
02-25 09:04

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez All Show Up at Vanity Fair's Oscars Party--Get… http://t.co/ucSwR9TMM9 http://t.co/M5Rcy4NLgP
02-25 08:37

Eva Marie Plans a Las Vegas Surprise for Her Father--See the Touching Total Divas Deleted… http://t.co/Dhf4LnNvbE http://t.co/QFgecvLi6q
02-25 08:28

Chris Brown -- DENIED Entrance into Canada Hours Before Show http://t.co/zdN1koed0p http://t.co/KPG7hzXZ3W
02-25 08:25

Miley Cyrus Wishes Brother Trace a Happy Birthday: See the Pics! http://t.co/QdAhIDWlpx http://t.co/UGnHuTlxGK
02-25 08:21

Kelly Osbourne -- Giuliana Rancic Better Make It Right with Zendaya ... Or I'll Quit!! http://t.co/DcWlqLsv4S http://t.co/CFP67kFVsF
02-25 08:08

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Enjoy Girls' Night Out in London: All the Details and… http://t.co/S5tY99Cru2 http://t.co/ecb77PnFPb
02-25 07:51

Shakira Opens Up About Pregnancy and Motherhood, Shares Mission to Help Moms in Poverty http://t.co/fGCol4Ssen http://t.co/9nQYPJTaO9
02-25 07:51

Take a Peek Inside London's Buckingham Palace—See Where the Royals Party and Dine! http://t.co/Gm3CE8yUT3 http://t.co/JguHx7Ty0c
02-25 07:49

Barely There Is Everywhere: How to Ace the No-Makeup Makeup Look http://t.co/ZYhazB6rJM http://t.co/ckozj8Y9WZ
02-25 07:49

From the Red Carpet to Reality: How to Do the Braided Updo http://t.co/NQOActiBqG http://t.co/i9zHR7RhKt
02-25 07:49

BET Honors Explains Bobby Brown's Appearance After Social Media Backlash, Tina Brown… http://t.co/xS8cdIBVH3 http://t.co/Pz8A1kZvIl
02-25 06:58

Which New Dancing With the Stars Celeb Is Derek and Julianne Hough's Cousin?! http://t.co/3UO6Nkg3Tm http://t.co/0iZgm9qjcT
02-25 06:58

Iggy Azalea Explains What Really Happened With Papa John's Pizza, Jokes She's Now a Pizza… http://t.co/imifab7WKb http://t.co/QFqksdy93k
02-25 06:58

Melissa Rivers and Kathy Griffin Speak Out About Joan Rivers In Memoriam Oscars Snub http://t.co/SHeZHguXJM http://t.co/H8PBxzcZl7
02-25 06:52

Lydia McLaughlin Reveals Why She Really Left Real Housewives of Orange County: ''It Was Not… http://t.co/HKvZMjurBX http://t.co/cQRAOywGs8
02-25 06:52

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02-25 06:52

Marvel Releases Official Poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Continues to Tease New… http://t.co/0ZR1BGRmkv http://t.co/2CdnnKfciB
02-25 06:20

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Get Dark and Moody for New PacSun Campaign--Watch Now! http://t.co/CXr2NV2fWK http://t.co/n3uN29rTS9
02-25 05:40

Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon -- 'Missing' Dog Has Been Found, But ... http://t.co/dIpf4rm0MV http://t.co/AUA5oDmBIQ
02-25 05:32

Jamie Dornan Is Not Leaving Fifty Shades of Grey, Rumors Are "Pure Conjecture" http://t.co/u5MdmHZ5LG http://t.co/90aKwcHEHe
02-25 05:21

Power Rangers Goes Gritty With James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff http://t.co/F6SwEONAFS http://t.co/CqYAMlGFjn
02-25 05:21

All Grown Up! Kylie Jenner Is Leaving the Nest, Buys $2.7 Million Mansion--See Her Insane… http://t.co/o7RJnnJvPn http://t.co/phoxgySAjU
02-25 05:21

Benedict Cumberbatch and Pregnant Sophie Hunter Pack on PDA During Romantic Road Trip… http://t.co/6NXCW0B3zL http://t.co/UhMFg9v71S
02-25 05:21

Karl Lagerfeld Praises "Extremely Cheerful, Lovable" Julianne Moore, Talks Her Custom Oscar… http://t.co/O4bKOoOp18 http://t.co/ppR8HHHDeK
02-25 05:05

Kelly Clarkson Releases "Invincible" and "Piece by Piece" From Upcoming Album--Listen Now! http://t.co/3AUTJBpLG6 http://t.co/rucUT7V4c9
02-25 04:47

Watch Kim Kardashian's Embarrassed Reaction to Kanye West's ''Broke Black Dudes'' Joke From… http://t.co/8EQ5fqj7vX http://t.co/wTMMT24g4x
02-25 04:35

Stars Reveal Their Favorite Emojis: Guess Who Loves the Eggplant as "Code for Stuff?" http://t.co/uheffb9QMG http://t.co/rQlaC4F5Wp
02-25 04:23

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss Tease Klaine's Future on Glee and It's Amazing...and Involves… http://t.co/uCwUBG1275 http://t.co/Bbl9R8whx7
02-25 04:19

Starbucks Actually Made a Drink Called the "Ariana Grande," Here's What's in It http://t.co/9aYtsJYZuZ http://t.co/EwkwiKdpCs
02-25 04:19

Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to NYC Public Schools--and That's Just the Beginning! http://t.co/GgcOevpkWk http://t.co/OQ48pv1q7z
02-25 04:05

Patricia Arquette Continues Twitter Spree Demanding Equal Pay for Women: "I Don't Care If… http://t.co/EBY7Bjqj8C http://t.co/U8GzZKRvJX
02-25 03:56

Gossip Girl Reunion! See Chace Crawford, Jessica Szohr and More Cast Members Together Again… http://t.co/liaV9CcWcV http://t.co/cFQEOFtZs2
02-25 03:49

Parks and Recreation's Best Recurring Characters, Ranked http://t.co/C2xUpjxNe8 http://t.co/FT4ZZFLKfc
02-25 03:10

Agent Carter Bosses Tease Big Action and Surprising Moments in Epic Finale http://t.co/n3K6CYnI5J
02-25 03:10

Another Angel Gone! Doutzen Kroes Left Victoria's Secret Before Karlie Kloss http://t.co/QvNDXS08AR http://t.co/jsCZIvWy72
02-25 02:49

Nicki Minaj Flaunts Cleavage, Tiny Waist and Sexy Thighs in Risqué Mirror Selfie--See the… http://t.co/e0ALS6wpaF http://t.co/erfGz1PKi6
02-25 02:49

Riley Keough Opens Up About Her Intimate Wedding to Ben Smith-Petersen: "I Didn't Want It to End" http://t.co/CN7kZPy9ym
02-25 02:49

Jessica Biel Is Ready to Pop! Pregnant Star Returns to Work--and Her Baby Bump Is Bigger… http://t.co/iUbvfN131U http://t.co/Q8ZaHGmaSe
02-25 02:34

Chris Soules Knows Who Should Be the Next Bachelorette...but Does She Want to Do It? http://t.co/ouRNtAjFUl http://t.co/H4sLSp3v8E
02-25 02:23

Téa Leoni Covers More, Talks Divorce and Ex-Husband David Duchovny: "On Occasion, I Want to… http://t.co/1MjjrqKonI http://t.co/2p9DWOtWYZ
02-25 02:10

Nick Jonas Covers Kanye West's "Only One" (and It Might Be Better Than the Original)--Listen… http://t.co/hSUohsIJ0l http://t.co/D3u45vhnaL
02-25 01:49

Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Was M.I.A. at the 2015 Oscars After-Parties! http://t.co/NysmL1ehi3 http://t.co/97gvHcRAPQ
02-25 01:49

Christina Milian Delivers Big Speech Off the Cuff--See the Tense Turned Up Deleted Scene! http://t.co/yplHrvuRrI http://t.co/eCEH8bqrUo
02-25 01:49

Ed Sheeran Performs Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" and Makes Up an Adorably Inaccurate BBC… http://t.co/NOzxtgMVcW http://t.co/fqDnl7eQTa
02-25 01:41

Chrissy Teigen's Magic Tricks Don't Go Over as Planned on Jimmy Kimmel Live!--Watch Now! http://t.co/oeqTiDO49T http://t.co/iZcC7lXrcc
02-25 01:17

Believe it or not!! (信じるか、信じないかはあなた次第!!)都市伝説、陰謀論、UFO、宇宙人などなど不思議な情報http://t.co/vl7PwEzMG2 ##jamjamtv
02-25 01:09

16 Parks and Recreation Moments That Will Stand the Test of Time http://t.co/bNDzhGHb5q http://t.co/xo11eQvfr1
02-25 00:49

Neil Patrick Harris Insists He Didn't Stuff His Underwear to Make His Penis Look Bigger at… http://t.co/zfKjPLNSVW http://t.co/km4k5qD098
02-25 00:35

2015年02月24日情報一覧 http://t.co/7dgE40fXw5
02-25 00:11

Justin Bieber -- Fan Says 'I Got Coldcocked' for Taking a Pic http://t.co/X8OO6ued1h http://t.co/1fc59jOfqu
02-25 00:04

24 Parks and Recreation Items You Need to Adequately Mourn the End of the Show http://t.co/RESFVmM4PW http://t.co/W2PSputqbi
02-25 00:04

Taylor Swift Confesses She Loves Beyoncé "More Than the Normal Amount" http://t.co/ODqlOQigoA http://t.co/F750U6KFsz
02-25 00:04

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