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03-12 23:55

Official Paper Towns Poster Is Here--See Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff as Margo and Quentin! http://t.co/aCPoAZYrjs http://t.co/5b5t6Xyoh7
03-12 23:36

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck's Dramatic Trailer Premieres--Watch Now! http://t.co/mJiOIEajT7 http://t.co/IiZyPMvXJa
03-12 23:10

NFL's Chris Johnson -- Gun Charge Dropped ... From January Arrest http://t.co/8NGkolWdEP http://t.co/v4xehvrXYQ
03-12 23:04

Mona Lives! Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish Will Cause Trouble on The Mysteries of Laura http://t.co/smCZQW1EYz http://t.co/SXkPHClmqZ
03-12 22:52

Penn Badgley Explains Why Blake Lively Was His Best and Worst Onscreen Kiss—Watch Now! http://t.co/bzo23hphaJ http://t.co/wo5aXZsOvb
03-12 22:37

Chris Zylka and Hanna Beth End Their Engagement and Their Breakup Gets Insanely Messy on… http://t.co/Pt6tBbDPhm http://t.co/mOCQ8Klwct
03-12 22:34

Kate Middleton Visits the Set of Downton Abbey--See the Pics and Get the Details! http://t.co/mW7NTEUJax http://t.co/AUVgv0Xyoj
03-12 22:34

Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Toned Body in Elle, Says She Falls in Love With People "Based… http://t.co/yADKs9enHu http://t.co/U3QoNJ9EXf
03-12 21:14

Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Toned Body in Elle, Says She Falls in Love With People "Based… http://t.co/WhoTfzPYsx http://t.co/5pP33YvVhU
03-12 21:14

Believe it or not!! (信じるか、信じないかはあなた次第!!)都市伝説、陰謀論、UFO、宇宙人などなど不思議な情報http://t.co/vl7PwEzMG2 ##jamjamtv
03-12 21:11

Madonna Secretly Dated Tupac Shakur: 5 More Revelations From the Material Girl's Howard… http://t.co/wdncel1HOR http://t.co/lZROy0uM3o
03-12 20:52

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03-12 19:11

Suge Knight -- What, Me a Flight Risk? Let Me Out Now! http://t.co/djKSchhQli http://t.co/BwJ51EDz3b
03-12 17:15

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
03-12 17:11

Kyle & Kim Richards -- Relationship May Be Beyond Repair http://t.co/Ap5k2WbbN9 http://t.co/Db1ZVpHumi
03-12 17:00

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03-12 15:15

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
03-12 13:13

Amber Rose ''Never Thinks'' About Her Tweets and Doesn't Come Up With Those Scandalous… http://t.co/4F0rWyMnv7 http://t.co/PxWEO4XNaF
03-12 12:21

Jaime King Wonders If Social Media Is Our ''Downfall'' After Huge Instagram… http://t.co/g8itM7EXjU http://t.co/quB3pOtlKl
03-12 12:21

Calling Uber This Weekend? You May Just Get Picked Up in a Rolls-Royce Thanks to The… http://t.co/x2zVQ0uoMR http://t.co/W1xILr9ISp
03-12 12:05

Rush Limbaugh: If Kanye West Rapped the Racist Frat Chant, It'd Be a Hit http://t.co/eEGMdKRTdb http://t.co/FAEviSeFGR
03-12 11:36

What Emails? Hillary Clinton Is Now the Center of an Epic Forrest Gump Family Parody You… http://t.co/hOqkZJL0rb http://t.co/N659EVb3zG
03-12 11:21

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
03-12 11:12

Who Lived? Who Died? The 100 Boss Breaks Down All Those Shocking Season 2 Finale Moments http://t.co/GLCX4Jx8V8 http://t.co/USGxJ37qSp
03-12 11:10

American Idol's Top 12 Revealed! Which of Your Faves Made It To The Finals? http://t.co/gzP9iIkdvq http://t.co/RvCI3qDNUq
03-12 11:10

Did Lindsay Lohan Get a Little Heavy-Handed With the Photoshop? What's Going On With Her… http://t.co/pr8hNPtjcX http://t.co/SSlYQmyoaL
03-12 10:34

Guy Ritchie Reveals First Look at Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur in Knights of the Round… http://t.co/a8Iet351NO http://t.co/dLzoJHpbYx
03-12 10:30

Beyoncé Sends Heartfelt Message to Her Backup Singer Tiffany Monique as She Battles Cancer http://t.co/odQj46oSsq http://t.co/O4yR0c7uMB
03-12 10:30

Lindsay Lohan -- New Rules for Community Service http://t.co/rJNY5WDArn http://t.co/xDIHn417CY
03-12 10:16

First Look: Behind the Scenes of Nathan Sykes' "MTYEK" Video, Plus Is the Song About Ariana… http://t.co/UFPrhDyEF1 http://t.co/zFEemUOHqP
03-12 10:06

Teen Wolf Loses a Fan-Favorite Series Regular for Season 5—But Is the Character Gone for… http://t.co/rdOKUvLesb http://t.co/11XX0tEtPh
03-12 09:54

Miranda Lambert Is Super Sexy in Swimsuit and Daisy Dukes for "Little Red Wagon" Music Video: Watch Now! http://t.co/6ip4IxJol4
03-12 09:54

Rough Cut Makes Powerful Hair Inspiration in Insurgent http://t.co/A4zS7yWaMA http://t.co/NRuqsKCsH0
03-12 09:39

Um, Is This What Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger's Kid Would Look Like? (You'll Never… http://t.co/voRXI7IxoO http://t.co/zpStx4VK2h
03-12 09:24

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
03-12 09:12

Madonna Opens Up About Getting Raped, Explains Why She Never Pressed Charges: "It's Just Not… http://t.co/wj5mQs7K5S http://t.co/574bk4uSJO
03-12 09:03

Demi Lovato Is All Hot and Bothered by Wilmer Valderrama's Sweaty, Buff Body: See the Hot… http://t.co/Oi499ZxzPI http://t.co/MPVFpADvDn
03-12 08:52

Still Alice Co-Director Richard Glatzer Dies at 63 After Battle With ALS http://t.co/Qi0FWIYc9K http://t.co/xNYKoGb4cB
03-12 08:52

Trend Alert! Stars Step Out in Pinstripes for Paris Fashion Week http://t.co/BricQBtWwB http://t.co/tVTnwhGsFu
03-12 08:36

Shailene Woodley Heats Up Insurgent Red Carpet With Backless Dress at London Premiere http://t.co/Etfr2Hyx1R http://t.co/kYhmP0gea2
03-12 08:36

Lil Wayne Victim of Swatting After Gunshots Reported at Miami Home, Rapper Tweets About… http://t.co/cuzfbYjiWR http://t.co/qhxklyAahx
03-12 08:18

Brie Bella Thinks Paige Is Moving Too Fast With Her New Boyfriend—See the Total Divas… http://t.co/31FvoTVoF6 http://t.co/GS8AtL2y8H
03-12 08:04

25 Questions We Need Answered by the Rihanna Documentary http://t.co/GbgouDdDUu http://t.co/LQQcq5SFtT
03-12 08:04

Nikki Reed Loves Celebrating "Wonderful Human Being" Ian Somerhalder, Admits They Make a… http://t.co/mlLjfzRwvI http://t.co/gXxRTymEGZ
03-12 07:54

Houston Family Rep Says Nick Gordon Did Not Perform CPR on Whitney as He Admits to Drinking… http://t.co/52XNFJLEle http://t.co/ZaSjRyNsBc
03-12 07:54

[03月11日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶RTされたつぶやきは「We Are Floored By What Elizabeth Hurley Sl...」 http://t.co/9jD8KmqnZD #gbrt
03-12 07:46

Solange Knowles and Beyoncé are Fashion Week Twinsies, Apparently—See the Evidence! http://t.co/Iti76K82iT http://t.co/bRkQqQldYy
03-12 07:39

Smash Cast Is Officially Reuniting—on Broadway!—and We Are Having SO Many Feelings Because… http://t.co/nZJYvKb4Pd http://t.co/KwPyXCwZMK
03-12 07:39

Ali Larter Sports Skinny Jeans Less Than 3 Months After Giving Birth, Reveals Diet and… http://t.co/OVRfaoAleU http://t.co/qRnJTkzMMV
03-12 07:39

MGM President's Wild Hair Steals the Show at Mayweather-Pacquiao Press Conference: See the… http://t.co/iDuZrmhicQ http://t.co/NiiXwJFbrp
03-12 07:39

Oops! Anne Hathaway Suffers Makeup Mishap While Stepping Out in New York City—Take a Look! http://t.co/musyjI0vvi http://t.co/NYHXOINRXS
03-12 07:39

CBS Renews 2 Beloved Comedies: Find Out If Your Favorite Made the Cut! http://t.co/kKIgm1AdLF http://t.co/l9JpIBpxVl
03-12 07:31

Firefly Reunion! Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk Reteam for Con Man--Watch Their Hilarious… http://t.co/p46sqE8VoR http://t.co/71FngXVF8D
03-12 07:14

Goodbye Bangs, Hello Blunt Bob! Vanessa Hudgens Crops Her Locks Again—Check Out Her New Look! http://t.co/FhUHkugdHI http://t.co/XomjdcQJR0
03-12 07:10

Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thomson Stabbed in the Head During Fight With His Brother?! http://t.co/jvNbTI6Mh7 http://t.co/2kBiICLgwy
03-12 07:10

Transform Dry, Brittle Locks Into Healthy Hair With These Pro Tips http://t.co/KFQa0VMlwT http://t.co/EpmsJn4gyu
03-12 07:00

Too Cute! Jessica Simpson's Mini-Me Daughter Maxwell Poses on a Private Jet: See the… http://t.co/16J5FHNdMn http://t.co/TQESMvayb3
03-12 07:00

13 British Slang Phrases That You Need in Your Life Right Now http://t.co/rxu9Dmh4Si http://t.co/k4HjbE5Cy8
03-12 07:00

Mellie and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Are Basically Now Sisters Thanks to Scandal http://t.co/Ng2kJaVemC http://t.co/tF56VLOce7
03-12 07:00

Courtney Love's TV Takeover Continues on Revenge and You Won't Believe Who She's Playing http://t.co/IEQ448FBSy http://t.co/14lfZLBpMQ
03-12 06:40

Miley Cyrus Has Laser Boobs and a Pizza Skirt, Skipped Paris Fashion Week to Play With Pet… http://t.co/16w1hnTpVn http://t.co/UEUhPRjO9P
03-12 06:22

Sarah Michelle Gellar Becomes Cinderella and Takes on Whitney Avalon in a "Princess Rap… http://t.co/d17qsl0luT http://t.co/Yt2ykD8GxO
03-12 06:22

Khloé Kardashian Explains Periods to Young Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner--See the… http://t.co/deMfvOzwSR http://t.co/MlVPH3g7pk
03-12 06:19

Khloé Kardashian and French Montana Are Together Again to Celebrate BFF Malika Haqq's… http://t.co/ifztqvTFnC http://t.co/WjVchU56ZE
03-12 06:09

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao -- Face Off in L.A ... LIVE http://t.co/JzgFY3Zg1g http://t.co/9xNalZc4e2
03-12 05:39

Kendall Jenner Explains Her Signature Red Carpet Pose, Admits She Has the "Longest Toes In… http://t.co/afaHzMJvBz http://t.co/EciQysYgFz
03-12 05:37

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Reportedly Want 7-Figure Raises for Fifty Shades of Grey… http://t.co/3TIXVhz1bE http://t.co/xtYf7SkpCi
03-12 05:37

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Reveals 9-Month-Old Daughter Aliyah Is Crawling! http://t.co/Ycrn6iWUAS http://t.co/BtP2pued5J
03-12 05:37

The Wildest Royal Fashions—See the Crazy Hats, Samurai Outfits and More! http://t.co/WFPRYmNDhv http://t.co/Roi4wSqHKO
03-12 05:20

Kanye West's Song "Awesome" About Kim Kardashian Leaks (But Not Because His Laptop Was… http://t.co/L1g1JmQDBL http://t.co/ktCGP0CGYi
03-12 05:20

Viola Davis Recalls Growing Up With "No Food": "I Was Always So Hungry" http://t.co/73bkH2wiKI http://t.co/Gm8L2cWrkh
03-12 05:07

Derek Theler and Christina Ochoa Stage Their Own Version of Naked and Afraid--See the Pics! http://t.co/1V9SiXq4Cc http://t.co/iq9sGXVsfs
03-12 05:06

Spectre Casts Stephanie Sigman as 1st Mexican-Born Bond Girl on the Big Screen: 5 Things to… http://t.co/umB6KMPFbR http://t.co/rMUetiDCtg
03-12 05:06

NFL Star JJ Watt Hilariously Reported on the Trades of Your Favorite '90s Characters http://t.co/oARqIdVLhj http://t.co/VXlXt1GHb6
03-12 04:38

The Most Dramatic Real Housewives Trips Ever—Ranked! http://t.co/rw7TgDvdnu http://t.co/c5AHInchQM
03-12 04:38

9 Disney Characters Johnny Depp Needs to Play! http://t.co/JgC5Op9sDc http://t.co/SbU3YvsnvT
03-12 04:24

Why Does WWE Diva Nattie Have Rosa Mendes in a Sharpshooter at the Bar? Find Out in This… http://t.co/SsWHez1GGP http://t.co/dYvHr1zFK6
03-12 04:12

Julianne Moore Stuns on Harper's Bazaar Cover, Jokes About Her ''Back Fat'' and Gushes Over… http://t.co/kHKnWmM7vr http://t.co/rLhZrRTg86
03-12 03:43

Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss Is Using Kickstarter to Deliver Curated Beauty Products http://t.co/qJkuXcPfmY http://t.co/Z2ud3kct0D
03-12 03:43

Growing Up Kardashian: Khloé Kardashian—See How She's Transformed Since Her Early Days! http://t.co/ApSJ1jtGZY http://t.co/2xik00meX0
03-12 03:42

Empire's Cookie Lyon Is Here to Inspire You With 6 Epic Motivational Posters http://t.co/PwMn7bazJi http://t.co/2gXmIyZXT8
03-12 03:42

Kate Middleton Sometimes Forgets She's Pregnant, Says Prince George Is Busy ''Running… http://t.co/P6O8xvAB7y http://t.co/TtqqsKNwuH
03-12 03:20

Kanye West Performs Early Version of "Gold Digger" While John Legend Provides the Beat (on… http://t.co/A9DcZ3ee3I http://t.co/zYLVES6Chw
03-12 03:02

Why Jenny McCarthy Is Done Having Kids: Watch Now! http://t.co/gSE5Dckexn http://t.co/vDzx9xroou
03-12 02:50

There's a New Version of Fifty Shades of Grey, But It Doesn't Have Any Sex http://t.co/SRsVYy1tvE http://t.co/08mvcPAiMd
03-12 02:50

Renée Zellweger All Smiles at First Official Event 4 Months After Appearance Controversy:… http://t.co/IdfGpMdibv http://t.co/FIU9Ziftf8
03-12 02:50

Lil Wayne -- Shots Reportedly Fired at Miami Beach Mansion http://t.co/xeeL0zVZ7h http://t.co/YJH8rdgO8X
03-12 02:45

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch -- No Charges, No Problem ... Cleared to Race After Domestic Violence Case http://t.co/76fYrvsSea
03-12 02:45

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-12 02:37

Watch Dinosaurs' Earl Sinclair Rap to Notorious B.I.G. Because This Is Why the Internet… http://t.co/XyM3Ks2HH6 http://t.co/p1hVP6Sm3K
03-12 02:35

Bill Rancic Shares a New Picture of Duke Covered in Chocolate--See the Adorable Photo! http://t.co/11U3BhXdRg http://t.co/Vc3BDbWDKH
03-12 02:31

Meet The Big Bang Theory's Secret Brother! http://t.co/Zp1ZOk7vcV http://t.co/1x135X0zuA
03-12 02:09

Florence Henderson Is a Trained Hypnotherapist, Talks About Her "Wonderful" Friend with… http://t.co/p2XLVqQ2Np http://t.co/lbaNp2QcaQ
03-12 02:09

Kim Kardashian's Most Outrageous Paris Fashion Week Looks, Plus the Boots She Can't Stop… http://t.co/ll2fvZoOD7 http://t.co/qygKCo9HIh
03-12 01:50

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Apparently Just Spent $10,000 on Strippers—See Inside Their Wild… http://t.co/Bu8U6agL95 http://t.co/OVjtWwEIHY
03-12 01:50

Madonna Says She ''Felt Incarcerated'' During Guy Ritchie Marriage, Reveals She's Never Made… http://t.co/CrxnwsE1zx http://t.co/jAaajfQ19P
03-12 01:50

Angie Stone -- Daughter's Teeth Were Rotting Out Before the Fight Broke Out http://t.co/njYiVDs0Qd http://t.co/cGIHHm49tn
03-12 01:41

'Pirates of the Caribbean' -- Knife-Wielding Intruder ... CAPTURED http://t.co/IDqRSIkfJD http://t.co/QtP61DiCjR
03-12 01:41

Lindsay Lohan Tweets N-Word After Kanye West Concert, Immediately Deletes After Facing… http://t.co/IAhOqX2xmB http://t.co/6RU4hesiAF
03-12 01:36

Matt Lauer May Have a Foot Fetish...as Seen in Ellen DeGeneres' Latest Prank--Watch the… http://t.co/JiCoM7GId0 http://t.co/YrNgT1QfIQ
03-12 01:24

Kim Kardashian Feels "Insecure" Surrounded by Supermodels at Paris Fashion Week—See the Pics! http://t.co/BiGtI3BrD3 http://t.co/QqHxyrPO0a
03-12 01:09

Nick Jonas Confirms He Won't Be Part of Iggy Azalea's Tour but Reassures Fans They Can See… http://t.co/JJWm1Srfs3 http://t.co/q0N41iPi3H
03-12 00:59

Amal Clooney Wows in Sexy Cutout Dress as She Supports Hubby George—See the Pic! http://t.co/waxqezpXce http://t.co/PQKiCAF3AI
03-12 00:48

03-12 00:38

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Pregnant Jill Duggar Helps Deliver Woman's Baby, Cradles Newborn on Her Bump Weeks Before… http://t.co/ojPmzZr5p8 http://t.co/laBVdVIqz6
03-12 00:17

"片思いったー" 相互フォローになっていないユーザーを教えてくれるサービス。他にもいろんな機能があってフォロワーを増やしたい方にもおすすめ   http://t.co/3Sbsdjll6t
03-12 00:14

2015年03月11日情報一覧 http://t.co/aEUugqXTeM
03-12 00:08

Susan Sarandon, Ex-Boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin and Other New Yorkers Get Real, Fall Apart in… http://t.co/eXfYDn1gAZ http://t.co/eRf3rnHX8E
03-12 00:05

The Kardashian Kingdom—Get the Breakdown on How the Kardashians Rule the World! http://t.co/fTne8uLOZ2
03-12 00:05

Who Is Most Likely Going to Die During The 100 Season 2 Finale? http://t.co/R9Wz2QJfAY http://t.co/RElkBX98zl
03-12 00:05

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