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03-13 23:59

Marvin Gaye's Son -- Robin Thick and Pharrell Disrespected Our Family http://t.co/hRYOPhtbXu http://t.co/ohFRt76gRU
03-13 23:40

Kardashian Hair Swap! See Kim's Blond Bob on Khloé, Kylie, Kanye & More Kardashian-Jenner… http://t.co/2rcKu6yUMR http://t.co/lmjIF7I75k
03-13 23:39

The Royal Family Reunites to Welcome Back Troops From Afghanistan--See the Pics! http://t.co/J7iyTA07pp http://t.co/u2E09exp7x
03-13 23:10

Pamela Anderson's Son Brandon Lee Is All Grown Up (and Super Handsome)—See Pics From Their… http://t.co/3NsoLbu7UK http://t.co/UQAJFW2yQ0
03-13 23:09

"Fantastic" Keira Knightley: "Like Having a Sister on Set" http://t.co/YY8zxTImIf http://t.co/9tnCKjCQ1G
03-13 23:09

Ex-Survivor Producer Bruce Beresford-Redman Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Wife's… http://t.co/uc1wiAIaAp http://t.co/EQMsSZjxIR
03-13 23:09

Sean Penn Is Team Kaitlyn for The Bachelorette, Plus He and Charlize Theron Are Fans of The… http://t.co/8SQnDKpLfE http://t.co/QnaocEDfRF
03-13 23:06

AKB48ニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #geinou #芸能 #akb48 ##jamjamtv
03-13 22:36

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Break It Down to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown… http://t.co/0JqWgBOhZn http://t.co/E2UUWTqeJR
03-13 21:34

President Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Disses Kanye West, Jokes About… http://t.co/r68oOsWhvI http://t.co/XnsNXWOc0b
03-13 20:54

芸能ニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #geinou #芸能 ##jamjamtv
03-13 20:36

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/R06jmGb2E7モバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
03-13 19:11

http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース ##jamjamtv
03-13 18:36

Lil Wayne -- I Didn't Order that Hooker!!! http://t.co/rVFoZ4BqQ4 http://t.co/h7zGHcKdF4
03-13 17:10

Tiny -- Me At The Mayweather Fight? Not A Chance In Hell http://t.co/UQLffPgOtW http://t.co/bm99HwmO6q
03-13 16:49

地震情報/予報(Earthquake Info/Prediction)世界の最新地震情報はここ。(震源地、震度、日時)http://t.co/yzylvudOBs#jishin #earthquake #saigai #地震 #news ##jamjamtv
03-13 16:36

Skinny Dipping and the Darkness Ahead: Secrets of Outlander at Paley Fest http://t.co/RRVFSuRdte http://t.co/cNgJbncrDt
03-13 15:36

相互フォロー歓迎#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互 ##jamjamtv
03-13 14:36

Will Ferrell Plays for 10 Different Major League Baseball Teams in 1 Day to Fight Cancer:… http://t.co/UKAirOkpa7 http://t.co/9dp583VyPa
03-13 13:09

F.O.L.L.O.W M.E.#100% #follow #followme #followmejp #sougofollow #followback #teamautofollow #teamfollowback #mustfollow #autof ##jamjamtv
03-13 12:36

Kerry Washington Admits ''I Didn't Grow Up Thinking I Was Pretty'' http://t.co/itRggOXAPm http://t.co/tXYNQUI79Z
03-13 12:14

Kelly Clarkson Is Returning to American Idol! Plus, Who Said Goodbye to the Top 11? http://t.co/SPoZomh6Sn http://t.co/f1VunC3Q3V
03-13 12:14

26 Keeping Up With the Kardashian GIFS That You Need in Your Life Right Now http://t.co/ozEIMOXhoH http://t.co/fbXGsN1CR9
03-13 12:13

Lena Dunham Shows Cleavage, Strikes a "Sultry Pose" in Sexy Ellen DeGeneres Nightie: See the… http://t.co/WTpb2CBeuv http://t.co/I16EPnMKI2
03-13 12:06

Kathy Griffin Leaving E!'s Fashion Police After 7 Episodes http://t.co/pratfzI26h http://t.co/DJ6j6WpOsL
03-13 12:06

Eva Mendes Joins Instagram: See Her Adorable First Post! http://t.co/yIUaDbwRtN http://t.co/s0RUfsqcIx
03-13 12:06

Let's play Pet Rescue Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/ThwC2lAp48#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-13 10:36

Kanye West Wore Heeled Velvet Boots in Paris and Twitter Is Really Trying to Figure Out Why http://t.co/5omi5wunAN http://t.co/vwnTJHGlgb
03-13 09:10

Did Harper Lee Really Want to Release New Book? Alabama Investigating Claim of Elder Abuse… http://t.co/ZV6muewEOv http://t.co/ZBGrhBPBnA
03-13 09:10

Ashanti Opens Up About Facing Her Stalker and Breakup With Rapper Nelly—Watch Now! http://t.co/oD1M173U8L http://t.co/cX3GaOSv6j
03-13 08:51

Battle Hat Head With These Genius Hair Styling Tricks http://t.co/dGqkxycAuG http://t.co/6GqH7ICbFR
03-13 08:51

Britney Spears Says a New Album Is ''Not My Full Priority Right Now''—Get the Music Scoop! http://t.co/WZjYCgHVwN http://t.co/M57q8HjHDF
03-13 08:51

NBC's Nancy Snyderman Quits After Ebola Scandal http://t.co/D5xWKuJpL0 http://t.co/OFDX4KJgJK
03-13 08:44

Univision Host -- Michelle Obama Got Me Fired http://t.co/lwjKn1mono http://t.co/UJyQVWP6tL
03-13 08:44

Let's Play Farm Heros Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/1hiTkfbgVQ#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-13 08:36

"Anonymous" Shades Kanye West, Mentions Kim Kardashian's Nude Photos and Daughter North West… http://t.co/wRIW2Es39D http://t.co/GyrkdefIZu
03-13 08:28

Yikes! Selena Gomez Nearly Trampled After Paris Fashion Show—Watch the Scary Video http://t.co/1RIqliivZq http://t.co/1RaHLAgvov
03-13 08:27

What's Going On With Rihanna's Style Lately? And We're Not Just Talking About Those Furry… http://t.co/0hMU6rWrGw http://t.co/kK1D3lYVIq
03-13 08:27

Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope Disick Have an Adorable Mother-Daughter Outing—Check It Out! http://t.co/3LbySLZc7i http://t.co/CdinuyNVUv
03-13 08:09

This Video of Shakira Teaching Her Son Milan How to Read Will Melt Your Heart: Watch Now! http://t.co/iScswNXnyN http://t.co/rMZtqchCVK
03-13 08:08

What It's Like to See Your Childhood Celebrity Crush All Grown Up http://t.co/8zFCjeV9lf http://t.co/C1R6eX925K
03-13 08:08

[03月12日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶1番RTされたつぶやきは「Kim Kardashian's Most Outrageous Paris Fas...」 http://t.co/dg4NRNMw7Q #gbrt
03-13 07:46

Floyd Mayweather -- No Charges Filed in Alleged Choking Case http://t.co/EBpiIaBVTZ http://t.co/MxpUQSPL9J
03-13 07:37

SXSW 2015: Eight Movies We're Really Excited About Seeing http://t.co/3pGLHqUp43 http://t.co/gIMavhDs0K
03-13 06:48

Andy Samberg Picked to Host the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards! http://t.co/tkZviwLzms http://t.co/tiRrUXTlMa
03-13 06:33

Ethan Hawke Hilariously Scolds Kelly Ripa After a Naughty Misunderstanding: ''I Said… http://t.co/CxIaKkIAS8 http://t.co/Cl8iA2iUjp
03-13 06:33

This Dog Can't Stop Jumping Into His Soldier Dad's Arms—Watch the Adorable Reunion Video! http://t.co/xHTHPPsdiF http://t.co/LgtNfy9zUV
03-13 06:33

Chuck Bass Is Back! Ed Westwick Is Returning to TV in a Killer Role http://t.co/nyY9j6dbf3 http://t.co/Krlk1S7gR6
03-13 06:24

Playing FarmVille2 w/ FriendsAdd Friendshttps://t.co/xZ2zKan5Xo#zynga #facebook #farmville # ##jamjamtv
03-13 06:19

Nick Lachey Says Son Camden Is "Very Protective" of Baby Brooklyn! Plus, Do He and Vanessa… http://t.co/IHPMtHOVoa http://t.co/OoNWP8qCCl
03-13 05:55

Editors' Obsessions—Nautical Dresses, Dark Lipstick & More Spring Must-Haves! http://t.co/yNhygNp63k http://t.co/jJOXFvivP3
03-13 05:55

Awaken Tired Eyes With Easy, Brightening Makeup Tricks http://t.co/0nBFIxMTP7 http://t.co/e9bzBsYWwn
03-13 05:55

Stars' Powerful Quotes About Feminism and Gender Equality http://t.co/MsvLhA5wvT http://t.co/aIPA6sUfIg
03-13 05:44

Scott Foley Thinks Fitz Deserves Olivia on Scandal and We're Having a Moment http://t.co/Svi9tJoD2f http://t.co/sTZ4ylCVLK
03-13 05:44

Robert Carradine and Wife Injured in Grisly Head-On Car Crash in Colorado http://t.co/UGiPfLh20Y http://t.co/wJkizC8sp1
03-13 05:10

Chrissy Teigen Flashes Boobs, Nipples During Naked Beach Photo Shoot: See the Sexy NSFW Pics! http://t.co/VD3Ek3dLlg http://t.co/jF3eNAPGwi
03-13 05:10

Katy Perry Reveals Why "Weed Doesn't Agree With Me," Talks Delicious Post-Super Bowl Diet! http://t.co/8SqtX8C5GV http://t.co/O7sMrzvg7v
03-13 05:03

Get Perfect Hair With Suave Professionals Luxe Style Products—See the Style Guide! http://t.co/99pZ4krg0Z http://t.co/SwIp1CTJH5
03-13 05:03

Goodbye Delia's! An Ode to the Catalog Items We Loved so Dearly http://t.co/tNJSz1xydQ http://t.co/pSTv1PyYDj
03-13 04:57

Get to Know Derek and Julianne's New Dancing With the Stars Cousin Riker Lynch: "He's Got… http://t.co/N5RY4l4ZbT http://t.co/5aVCN3pUK7
03-13 04:37

Shania Twain to Ex-Husband Robert "Mutt" Lange's New Wife, Former BFF: "I Wish I'd Never Met… http://t.co/i8oXgNVU3V http://t.co/0y8FBE7g5l
03-13 04:34

Why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards Will Never Make Up With Brandi Glanville http://t.co/KljopBfD7G http://t.co/c8qhU8nMNp
03-13 04:10

27 Alternate Titles for Frozen 2 http://t.co/ZvNwHRjyRE http://t.co/NLdPShPucn
03-13 04:10

Audrina Patridge Still Looks Amazing in a Swimsuit, 4 Years After The Hills--See Her Sexy, Silver Fringed Look! http://t.co/YLHStEFO6e
03-13 04:00

Seinfeld Co-Stars Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reunite for His Web Series! See the… http://t.co/fP8CpX4c5V http://t.co/Bwta6yoP3P
03-13 04:00

Fandom Madness Tournament: Vote in Round 2! http://t.co/GOTsuhlwar http://t.co/Ab7fFPyNrh
03-13 03:49

It's Official! Disney Announces Frozen 2 Is in the Works! http://t.co/v6n383JZMp http://t.co/Iq6RduJaoj
03-13 03:21

Pamela Anderson, 47, Steps Out Without Makeup--See the Pic! http://t.co/F1Urd6Jj8W http://t.co/1rKFHSanKJ
03-13 03:21

Star Wars Stand-Alone Film Gets a Title, Plus Felicity Jones Confirmed as Spin-Off's First… http://t.co/sdkDuinyQz http://t.co/RKlhEjR9NY
03-13 02:57

This Formerly Obese Dachshund Lost an Insane Amount of Weight—Check Out the Before and After… http://t.co/cfKxinGoQc http://t.co/B16v75K4Ov
03-13 02:57

The Royals' William Moseley Reveals How a Personal Tragedy Prepared Him for His Most… http://t.co/ig9KBfEZiI http://t.co/U5EWO8kiuo
03-13 02:57

Everlane Debuts Slim and Slouchy Pants With 12,000-Person Waitlist http://t.co/YVkAFJ5KvX http://t.co/lAJx5qva49
03-13 02:39

Bones' David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Hilariously React to Your Hiatus Tweets http://t.co/qq5QG3T4C1 http://t.co/75qkK5j0uP
03-13 02:39

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Cast -- Joseline Hernandez Is Cracked Out ... The Show's Real http://t.co/55RGEmHYuQ http://t.co/9JgsZ2VrWc
03-13 02:18

Kim Kardashian's Platinum Blond Hair Cost How Much?! Plus, Why She Says "Being Brunette Is… http://t.co/e1LuCw5bH2 http://t.co/3NtJvCTByV
03-13 02:09

Matthew Lewis, Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, Makes His Instagram Public: 13 Things… http://t.co/5ypH0YF23u http://t.co/mch79nQXFT
03-13 02:09

James Corden Flashes Bare Butt for GQ Magazine, Reveals He Once Stole 50 Bottles of Beer… http://t.co/WyPKvxSBmP http://t.co/Am8eomGW3D
03-13 02:08

2015 TV's Top Couple Tournament: Vote in the Final 4 Now! http://t.co/WjFHjIHcaL http://t.co/Gwxaw5vMD8
03-13 02:07

Taylor Swift's Legs Are Worth How Much?! Get the Skinny on Her Stems! http://t.co/bI302BSWdG http://t.co/vuIQs1o1Zv
03-13 02:06

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03-13 01:09

Lil Wayne Emergency Call -- 'I Just Shot Four People' http://t.co/LHcNQUZERm http://t.co/OLKUkICmXP
03-13 00:42

Why The 100's "Bellarke" Fans Shouldn't Be Worried About Season 3 http://t.co/lJQxra4MIj http://t.co/0wgXMKocbi
03-13 00:36

Pregnant Ashlee Simpson Ross Wears Bikini, Gets Baby Bump Rub From Evan Ross--See the Photo! http://t.co/BAx3rhQSBe http://t.co/ON1YZQahD3
03-13 00:12

Dr. Phil Defends Nick Gordon Intervention, Says Bobbi Kristina Brown's Boyfriend Was "Out of… http://t.co/OfW54JSowa http://t.co/knTAM5YujI
03-13 00:12

2015年03月12日情報一覧 http://t.co/Jx8Oa6tZun
03-13 00:09

Cinderella Review Roundup: Is 2015's Live-Action Version as Magical as Walt Disney's 1950… http://t.co/pQiNdBptAn http://t.co/KFsar0mI3I
03-13 00:06

Grab a Drink and Reminisce With Mad Men's John Slattery and Christina Hendricks Before the… http://t.co/BIoL4pBXJ9 http://t.co/bmGR04gzn1
03-13 00:06

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