Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 20:36

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/6kGLQmuJLcモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
03-21 19:11

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 18:36

TV Producer Jill Blackstone -- Cops Think Sister's Death was Suicide Pact http://t.co/UrOWiHxuWl http://t.co/Q4A8Ktu16i
03-21 17:09

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Joseline Hernandez -- Fight With Althea? What Fight With… http://t.co/dfG4HzCQfo http://t.co/PRtYO63tR1
03-21 16:38

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 16:36

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille2 #farmville2 #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 12:36

John Stamos Reveals Women Have Asked Him for After-Sex Selfies—Plus, Find Out His ''Only… http://t.co/Jpb4Ays3cf http://t.co/npS7Dsbi1q
03-21 12:32

Glee Says Goodbye With the Most Perfect Finale Possible http://t.co/wnwvhccePp http://t.co/T9UzpTUBmN
03-21 11:39

Miley Cyrus Bares Her Booty Before Heading to Las Vegas—and Is She Ignoring Patrick… http://t.co/b55kK0FrVs http://t.co/nY0kFHZkf9
03-21 11:39

The Glee Cast Has a Final Message for You Fans—Watch Now and Weep http://t.co/MePuoD8vr0 http://t.co/85vM5PjsYx
03-21 11:06

Tyra Banks Chops Off Her Hair, Debuts New Pixie Cut: Check Out Her Fierce Look! http://t.co/h7X8UvXLoS http://t.co/cIEPyVDDxl
03-21 11:06

Dr. Dre's Ex-Fiancée Michel'le -- He Gave Me 5 Black Eyes! http://t.co/aHPzTbrJ1M http://t.co/3Pp5yiEm6d
03-21 10:42

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCity Ville #cityville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 10:36

Too Cute! Kate Middleton Takes Prince George to London's Science Museum for Bonding Time… http://t.co/xzDcNQVyYy http://t.co/un4eKOJ9br
03-21 10:32

Captain America: Civil War Plot Revealed! Find Out Who Chris Evans' Avenger Faces Off With… http://t.co/A4QatPXuFL http://t.co/aDqpPV5dLL
03-21 10:18

Get Naked: Fresh, Makeup-Free Looks That (Shh!) Still Let You Wear Your Warpaint http://t.co/RwW3yhtimb http://t.co/5laDhFAcW5
03-21 10:06

Jamie Foxx Responds to Katie Holmes Dating Rumors—Watch Now! http://t.co/0NJaMQhxpq http://t.co/wzVabAt0lB
03-21 10:06

Céline Dion Returning to Las Vegas Residency in August! Get the Scoop http://t.co/ES6d8RiuHY http://t.co/ZKlR67JgfW
03-21 10:06

Kerry Washington Rocks Blunt Bob, Bangs and Blue Eyeliner for Ebony Cover: Take a Look! http://t.co/sAcr0k44VH http://t.co/pmdu9xKI4m
03-21 08:53

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaTexas HoldEm Poker #poker#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 08:36

Police: Man Arrested in Murder of Food Network Star's Christie Schoen Codd and Husband… http://t.co/9B7MKnctgE http://t.co/1BnBCkOKmv
03-21 08:36

Alessandra Ambrosio Flashes Boobs During Topless Photo Shoot—See the Sexy Pic! http://t.co/yZkNfsYa9w http://t.co/BSrzdEAjUP
03-21 08:36

Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved From Georgia Hospital to Rehabilitation Center http://t.co/F5XcNPMUtE http://t.co/ekSCYvNyF7
03-21 08:21

Why I'll Never Forget Glee http://t.co/WPSb4OQZAw http://t.co/HronVXcviu
03-21 08:06

Vanessa Hudgens Makes Broadway Debut in Gigi--See Photos and Video of Her in Character! http://t.co/R7iTCMEiMw http://t.co/XTd4Fu4Rmz
03-21 08:06

Victoria's Secret Angels Joan Smalls, Behati Prinsloo & Jourdan Dunn Land Major Gigs—Get the… http://t.co/DMVWgtOjQ0 http://t.co/Py1hcjmg1I
03-21 07:55

Build Better Brows: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Precise and Painless Tweezing http://t.co/Q0V2IdxgyF http://t.co/E2vAp31Oh4
03-21 07:55

Whoa, Is Downton Abbey Really Ending For Good?! http://t.co/SUoGN9Y5Lb http://t.co/FPjNNKk1gm
03-21 07:55

Say It's Not So! Your Favorite Wine Might Actually Be Toxic http://t.co/r4g6MVVnKx http://t.co/5kqIJcjaIH
03-21 07:55

[03月20日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶RTされたつぶやきは「Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Addresses Pregnancy R...」 http://t.co/bfGWnUQUsI #gbrt
03-21 07:46

Rihanna Gives Subtle Dig at Chris Brown Relationship: ''I Fell in Love With the Beast'' http://t.co/3sv4BWNzZy http://t.co/8chtjtEddq
03-21 07:36

Chris Brown's Probation Ends, Singer Tweets ''Thank the Lord!'' After His Rihanna Assault… http://t.co/uIY7e5yh8K http://t.co/fGKmGsa6Fr
03-21 07:16

Game of Thrones - Saved by the Bell Mashup Recaps Season 4, Includes Sex and Deaths--Watch! http://t.co/3c8Bm41fZU http://t.co/zOqRBGiBdI
03-21 07:07

Good Luck Trying to Get the Stars of House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black to Talk… http://t.co/jZXo9dVnkH http://t.co/PsBGX91VQV
03-21 07:07

You Voted! Now See Who Was Crowned the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Countdown Show Host! http://t.co/Omb1rxWy2I http://t.co/qn6ksMi1HF
03-21 07:07

Ryan Phillippe Opens Up About Divorce From Reese Witherspoon—Watch http://t.co/WnM3Rq6m5j http://t.co/UkjD0z7FpH
03-21 07:07

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaDojo Mojo #dojomojo#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
03-21 06:57

Eagles Safety Nate Allen -- Suing Police Over Mistaken Masturbation Arrest http://t.co/P5UnX5j2VJ http://t.co/KyK3pWPSH3
03-21 06:52

Watch What Happens When You Display a Cheap Ikea Print in a Museum to Test Some Art Experts http://t.co/G1G5j4eWQR http://t.co/T7D9AyTSoU
03-21 06:37

Top Model Death: Second Man Charged With Triple Murder in Death of Mirjana Puhar and 2 Others http://t.co/TMCEym1SRA http://t.co/ZTFXN0Qakn
03-21 06:37

2015's TV's Top Couple Tournament: We Have a Winner...and an Instant Reaction! http://t.co/j0myyihUDu http://t.co/Hat2ufuwel
03-21 06:22

Darren Sharper -- Pleading Guilty in Rape Cases in All Four States http://t.co/ZXwLPzWbLz http://t.co/gg3kmMC6hz
03-21 06:21

One Direction's Stylist Talks About the Boy Band's Fashion Evolution http://t.co/KCuA5zLNYM http://t.co/UvIGR6JmAL
03-21 06:09

Find Out Why Kanye West Was Missing From Jimmy Kimmel Live! http://t.co/ygjNgE3kOW http://t.co/3rWW1SueIt
03-21 06:00

Jim Parsons Wants to Play the Riddler in a Batman Movie--Do You Think He Would Do a "Dope"… http://t.co/eoZqBK0zxf http://t.co/wjVEANNWfX
03-21 05:54

Chris Brown Court Hearing -- He WON'T Be Thrown in Jail (LIVESTREAM) http://t.co/uzDr1swai0 http://t.co/FAqjGa7APD
03-21 05:49

North West Is Kim Kardashian's Twin! Plus, How Cute Are She And Kanye West Leaving Ballet… http://t.co/bbco79bQlK http://t.co/WuC1mVNVyR
03-21 05:43

Married Couple Discovers They Crossed Paths in a Home Movie, 16 Years Before They Even Met http://t.co/cv5Fr5WYaD http://t.co/397QBZecTQ
03-21 05:43

Best Looks of the Week: Lily James' Buttoned Balenciaga Gown, Diane Kruger's Floral Midi &… http://t.co/uGaWHSDEV4 http://t.co/ijdiuUVTzr
03-21 05:18

Tracy Morgan Accident -- Walmart Pays $10 Million Settlement to Kids of Deceased Comedian… http://t.co/cpFRaUTdrs http://t.co/svHCuPs2Ru
03-21 05:18

Suge Knight Collapses in Court After Bail Is Set at $25 Million for Murder Case http://t.co/7dgPZu23fr http://t.co/I7iFQN7aFP
03-21 04:52

Interstellar's Original Ending Almost Made the Movie Really, Really Depressing http://t.co/hQb6FH2DJT http://t.co/7nrl1HUd3u
03-21 04:52

Bradley Cooper Steps Out After Breakup as Ex Suki Waterhouse Parties With Jaime King: See… http://t.co/cwQkePBrHd http://t.co/GmlQmb7nc0
03-21 04:41

Orange Is the New Black Is Already Having Emmys Drama http://t.co/fgsZPm3Dke http://t.co/XwEP67KSat
03-21 04:41

Design Customized Shoes With Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant http://t.co/foj5Lfb19J http://t.co/1SXlR2EnHU
03-21 04:41

Does Blake Lively Ever Act Like a ''Crazy Ass Bitch''? See What She Has to Say! http://t.co/jdMaGC9XMy http://t.co/JYRHEJokpE
03-21 04:21

Kylie Jenner "Never Encouraged People to Line Their Lips," But Since They Do, She Thinks… http://t.co/xuKkhNn9BZ http://t.co/gEz5ICkdUi
03-21 04:20

Playing SyntasiaBaseball Heros#Syntasia #game #ゲーム #facebook #baseball #mlb #baseballgame #baseballapp ##jamjamtv
03-21 04:11

Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen's Esthetician Shani Darden Busts 5 Skincare Myths—Get the… http://t.co/BucRVjXKqK http://t.co/4XDjyfHS19
03-21 04:03

Holy Crap, Is "A" Accidentally Revealed in This Pretty Little Liars Teaser?! http://t.co/PPj7vG2HoY http://t.co/07oVo5mOj4
03-21 03:42

You Have to See Jennifer Lopez's Looks from Last Night's American Idol—Prepare to Be Amazed! http://t.co/gVrAf4X3rl http://t.co/MkFNPyJ28S
03-21 03:42

Why Miles Teller Doesn't Like to Take Vacations http://t.co/sLl2NjiSrp http://t.co/DX3Z68PcTM
03-21 03:42

Bachelor Fan Will Forte Weighs in on Britt Vs. Kaitlyn—And You'll Never Guess Which Show He… http://t.co/KwNSz5soln http://t.co/2Bvd9Mvrqq
03-21 03:42

The Entire World Is Having a Giant Dance Party for International Day of Happiness, And You… http://t.co/glOG6JLCFY http://t.co/xWu5fRzpgQ
03-21 03:20

Suge Knight -- Collapses in Court Nailed with $25 MILLION Bail http://t.co/iBuAsb5zqC http://t.co/ICtoxofJhy
03-21 03:13

Jessie J Laughs Off Reports She'll Never Sing Live Again, Says She's ''Feeling Better''… http://t.co/QQkbx183Zy http://t.co/I6nFPJTvBD
03-21 02:56

Lena Dunham Spoiled the End of Her Scandal Episode, and People Are Pissed http://t.co/l8KiSXpSeG http://t.co/Dg5vHIJmxM
03-21 02:56

27 Photos of the First Day of Spring That Prove Mother Nature Is a Real Jerk http://t.co/AHetTMM23x http://t.co/USG8LrXel5
03-21 02:56

Julianne Hough From DWTS Covers Allure, Talks Blackface Scandal, Love Life--See the Photos http://t.co/Dl4lonScbM http://t.co/aFvgbrYRuY
03-21 02:56

Her Outfit Costs What?! Jessica Alba's $15,738 All-White Street Style http://t.co/9484tp4mcK http://t.co/6JJaJ6M5kg
03-21 02:40

Shakira Steps Out After Giving Birth to Sasha, Flaunts Amazing Post-Baby Body--See the Pics! http://t.co/vPWGTLNz6U http://t.co/AKryuhnZ8t
03-21 02:21

魂の限界を感じている人はリツイート#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互#100% #follow #followme #followmejp #sougofollow #followb ##jamjamtv
03-21 02:09

Save One Show 2015: See Which Shows Are Most in Danger and Nominate One Now! http://t.co/rzEm6IU6aS http://t.co/1ZOdT7DMAl
03-21 02:06

Mallrats Mini Reunion! Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and 2 Others Reunite Before Sequel--See the… http://t.co/4V9qvaNc0R http://t.co/ucZQIcBJVk
03-21 01:52

The Reason Behind Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse's Breakup http://t.co/bA1euYEWK7 http://t.co/5ks53kl27f
03-21 01:52

Suge Knight - I'm Being Tortured in Jail ... Let Me Out NOW! http://t.co/pzvSPrbOR4 http://t.co/OexlxnW5Ij
03-21 01:40

Katy Perry Clarifies "Mom" Necklace Meaning, Says She's a "Mother to All of the Katy… http://t.co/JEfEbkL1u2 http://t.co/7iWwKYQelI
03-21 01:21

Jamie Dornan Reveals "Plan" for Future Fifty Shades Movies, Worries He Keeps Playing… http://t.co/gzbXxrBTmW http://t.co/H9PZcLz3Pg
03-21 01:21

Joe Millionaire Evan Marriott's Appearance Will Shock You: See the Unrecognizable Pic! http://t.co/om8KZtsYxR http://t.co/t6YWiR0KC9
03-21 01:21

Shia LaBeouf's Disorderly Conduct Case to Be Dismissed in Six Months If He Avoids Arrest—All… http://t.co/yIRLqTMXRy http://t.co/Vccx0OcmJI
03-21 01:06

Kris Jenner Has Sex With 32-Year-Old Boyfriend, Khloé Kardashian Says "It's Creepy"—See the… http://t.co/gSZ1emrm48 http://t.co/0nr0CU63FJ
03-21 01:06

Suge Knight -- Dogfight Over Bail (LIVE IN COURT) http://t.co/aUIfACWNqa http://t.co/Q3AP9UHivu
03-21 00:39

Shia LaBeouf -- Hey, Judge ... I Completed Alcohol Treatment! http://t.co/4RTwFH30O2 http://t.co/rRt6QaBYgI
03-21 00:39

Fifty Shades of Grey Producer Has No Sympathy for Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Wanting… http://t.co/m0NYNJlrFX http://t.co/uNyyRUdQz4
03-21 00:25

Harrison Ford Narrates Living in the Age of Airplanes Film, Set for Release 1 Month After… http://t.co/n6DDTpqwuF http://t.co/06hXiVKihF
03-21 00:25

Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres Sing "Dress You Up" in Matching Bathrobes--Watch Now! http://t.co/ehp4qiPCrr http://t.co/d0FrWsZAUi
03-21 00:25

Peter Facinelli Discovers "Blood Money" Conspiracy in American Odyssey—Watch Now! http://t.co/eyxI6Gwy20 http://t.co/woaN1l90JH
03-21 00:10

最新スポーツニュース!!http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース #sports #スポーツ ##jamjamtv
03-21 00:10

2015年03月20日情報一覧 http://t.co/SR8cUYr2ua
03-21 00:09

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