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04-30 23:36

Chris Evans Scares Scarlett Johansson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Her Reaction Is… http://t.co/zWMU4kvVPT http://t.co/yCPnn80Luv
04-30 23:18

Savannah Guthrie Posts Makeup-Free Selfie Before 15-Hour Flight to Australia—See the Pic! http://t.co/CLTItwU8vZ http://t.co/YCsk5PdtI4
04-30 22:22

Taylor Swift Calls a 12-Year-Old Fan Who Has Cancer http://t.co/eudOsp7Dhx http://t.co/WAVMd6RPTg
04-30 22:12

Jessica Alba Celebrates Turning 34 With Her Family, Dishes on the Cute Presents She… http://t.co/VvS9WKfuHd http://t.co/rteTNLWeN0
04-30 21:58

Janet Jackson Makes a Rare Public Appearance at Giorgio Armani's 40th Anniversary Dinner—See… http://t.co/VQInibZU9G http://t.co/e85mD2EzxU
04-30 21:18

Kristen Wiig Dresses in Character as Game of Thrones' Khaleesi on The Tonight Show (and Yes,… http://t.co/jFOgh6D8s8 http://t.co/BHPApoO65k
04-30 20:57

Believe it or not!! (信じるか、信じないかはあなた次第!!)都市伝説、陰謀論、UFO、宇宙人などなど不思議な情報http://t.co/vl7PwEzMG2 ##jamjamtv
04-30 19:36

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/drn3YQycohモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
04-30 19:11

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5maOwu ##jamjamtv
04-30 17:36

Rosie O'Donnell's Wife -- Rosie's Wine and Weed Habits Make Parenting Too Dangerous http://t.co/BqcytpUfP9 http://t.co/so6lxhNZ3C
04-30 17:17

Three 6 Mafia's Crunchy Black -- Pleads Guilty in Meth Mix-Up http://t.co/GEmxZDoYSw http://t.co/MLXdvrSYtG
04-30 16:45

Eagles' Randy Meisner -- Take It Easy ... I'm Doing Just Fine http://t.co/ghKCl17HFT http://t.co/r2v3ydnOSv
04-30 16:13

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
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お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/0ZRW0XnIID#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
04-30 13:36

Kristen Wiig Stuns in Violet Grey, Says Being Naked in a Film ''Isn't Always Supposed to Be… http://t.co/Kn41MfcIn0 http://t.co/idli0RSpHb
04-30 13:06

Kim Zolciak Shares Makeup-Free Selfie and Looks Absolutely Flawless http://t.co/KI9Le5hLBm http://t.co/R32b9V1qo2
04-30 12:37

Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Twins' Latest Milestone, Teases How Big They've Become in Just 5… http://t.co/pFyHggDLQK http://t.co/YDaTBGoRgm
04-30 12:18

Katy Perry's Sunflower Dress Stirs Up Controversy in China: Political Statement or Style… http://t.co/NpCxZXehhC http://t.co/DAZGCJmPPZ
04-30 11:52

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
04-30 11:36

This High School Student Was Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing a Backless Dress—Was the Outfit… http://t.co/29GUbG9mxn http://t.co/iQK34c6SLr
04-30 11:01

Everything You Should Know About the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards but Don't http://t.co/nmG2WZyLDX http://t.co/akJyWNbAr5
04-30 10:52

Bruce Jenner Is All Smiles While With Ex-Wives Linda Thompson and Chrystie Crownover—See the… http://t.co/hvmFQyKMvq http://t.co/G6jmkq9Xiw
04-30 10:52

Get to Know Country Cutie Clare Dunn: Star Shares Her Musical Inspirations, Celeb Crush and… http://t.co/zBdotv97V3 http://t.co/dYmV7ewO9w
04-30 10:52

Arrow's About to Host the Worst Wedding Ever http://t.co/4UWqTC4hXS http://t.co/HVeMmKJaq0
04-30 10:39

Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Marvel for Lack of Avengers Merchandise for Girls: See How Fans React! http://t.co/Xy1ROnY3Mb http://t.co/WqnNN85sfq
04-30 09:57

Miss Venezuela Killing: 2 Teenagers Get 4 Years in Prison in Death of Mónica Spear http://t.co/qOEVAM1s7V http://t.co/1DllpF2IVq
04-30 09:48

Patrick Dempsey Lists Malibu Mansion for $14.5 Million After Leaving Grey's Anatomy—Take a… http://t.co/xA1TUhvJG2 http://t.co/qjU2C7J7SF
04-30 09:42

Mad Max: Fury Road: New Trailer Teases Ambushes, Explosions and Charlize Theron's Bionic… http://t.co/xviyrhTmTE http://t.co/nuIbHp4cXp
04-30 09:42

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
04-30 09:36

Emma Stone Spotted Holding a Bag With Andrew Garfield's Name on It—So What Does This Mean?! http://t.co/w1xlLmsQwJ http://t.co/24GnoDoEZ9
04-30 09:32

Friendly Exes! Nick Cannon Supports Ex Mariah Carey Ahead of Vegas Show: See the Sweet Pic http://t.co/gUVNBmkbuX http://t.co/Ec1qrpd9s8
04-30 08:41

Justice Ginsburg Is Such a Boss: The 3 Best Quotes From ''Notorious RBG'' About Marriage… http://t.co/DOJC1KBhwx http://t.co/zOf7TQMVSz
04-30 08:41

Baltimore Orioles Catcher Caleb Joseph Signs an Autograph for Imaginary Fan Before Game at… http://t.co/Keh3wn88Mk http://t.co/JjnvvEdBWt
04-30 08:27

Rowan Atkinson, 60, Steps Out With 32-Year-Old Girlfriend Louise Ford—See Pics From Their… http://t.co/YJi82yojiZ http://t.co/oHqrru20XO
04-30 08:27

Step Aside, Amal Clooney! Tala Alamuddin Is the Latest Stunning Sibling You Need to See http://t.co/dJjxTEeEos http://t.co/wiR4JWA2mQ
04-30 08:18

Will Bethenny Frankel Be Joining Hilary Duff on Tinder Soon? RHONY Star Shares Details About… http://t.co/QjyuKEiz4w http://t.co/gSqTPX0e0V
04-30 08:18

See Rihanna's First Ad for Puma After Being Named Creative Director for the Brand! http://t.co/C6buJiVqmX http://t.co/Ua7LyudUIh
04-30 08:07

Indisputable Proof That Hilary Clinton Will Win the Presidential Election (For All You House… http://t.co/Z0uVzDpyKV http://t.co/zPsqMPv6xj
04-30 08:02

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
04-30 07:51

20 People Who Aren't Falling for Jay Z's Tidal Concert Ploy http://t.co/Oa6eS24c6u http://t.co/eNBaFRI0B2
04-30 07:51

[04月29日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶RTされたつぶやきは「It's Time for the Past, Present and Future...」 http://t.co/mVbIoWC6dU #gbrt
04-30 07:49

Are Exes Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt Back Together? http://t.co/kcGA7yptV0 http://t.co/bawvSYkizD
04-30 07:37

Wait, Is Revenge Getting a Spinoff?! http://t.co/ypjHKU1ECY http://t.co/RSxkN7oBwl
04-30 07:37

Is Ryan Phillippe Marvel's Newest Superhero?! Not So Fast... http://t.co/lJY14q8lvE http://t.co/4iFKW9kVWK
04-30 07:26

UFC Strips Jon Jones of His Light Heavyweight Title, Suspends Him Indefinitely After Alleged… http://t.co/LTeSHcTpy5 http://t.co/GRgSdaNQ9e
04-30 07:26

Megan Fox Wears '80s-Style Blond Wig and Glasses on TMNT 2 Set, Is Almost Unrecognizable—See… http://t.co/qdHOjlLwbQ http://t.co/y3cWd1yrNX
04-30 07:26

Heartwarming Wells Fargo Ad Featuring Two Moms Learning Sign Language Is Guaranteed to Make… http://t.co/MHrhRk4UfK http://t.co/wsuenXDjIc
04-30 07:26

This Kendrick Lamar-Inspired Salad Is Teasing Our Tastebuds: Beets Don't Kale My Vibe http://t.co/CENyAtkEfh http://t.co/TAzCHcOnnP
04-30 07:06

Rachel Roy Custody Drama: Warrant Out for Damon Dash's Arrest for Failure to Pay Nearly… http://t.co/LhrroWPmbx http://t.co/EkO6c2kOJC
04-30 07:06

Divergent: Jeff Daniels in Talks to Join Final Two Allegiant Installments http://t.co/gsGR0ENaRw
04-30 07:02

Kate Hudson and Her Brother Oliver Hudson Share a Sweet Smooch After Lunch--Take a Look! http://t.co/Q1CCOkif6l http://t.co/GjrspQnWMT
04-30 07:01

Met Gala Through the Looking Glass: Edgy Eyes and Smooth Skin Expected to Rule the Red Carpet http://t.co/FeR6Zmnfnu http://t.co/c2KE9UOW6y
04-30 06:36

Kandi Tearfully Confronts Phaedra at Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Is This the End of… http://t.co/YI9U8VSrbf http://t.co/bG7UhngE4s
04-30 06:36

Revenge Canceled: Who Will Be Next? http://t.co/kTVlubLl0l http://t.co/zpAVvPNLNh
04-30 06:21

Future Doesn't Care That Ex Ciara Is Dating NFL Player Russell Wilson (So He Says) http://t.co/sC5aVnxDHJ http://t.co/ZoIUm6hga9
04-30 06:10

Chinese Costumes in Cinema: From Mulan to Curse of the Golden Flower http://t.co/Hyq8TMm4DU http://t.co/HUcJITKaUp
04-30 06:10

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth Discover Which Avengers: Age of Ultron Star Has Bigger Biceps… http://t.co/8Lr4qnN1Ax http://t.co/DtspN7PeEY
04-30 06:10

The Blind Barber, Ysabel and More of the Best Bars for Spotting Celebs http://t.co/gjH9LAGMIP http://t.co/Q2EYzINljb
04-30 06:10

Gigi Hadid Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During NYC Photo Shoot, Flashes Nude Underwear in… http://t.co/T81g01OF7o http://t.co/w0kmGfgffE
04-30 05:50

Is Awkward Really Ending After This Season? Not So Fast! http://t.co/RCZOarhpWk http://t.co/kXZDsEaMTw
04-30 05:39

Kevin Zegers and Wife Expecting Twin Daughters, Couple "So Excited" to Expand Their Family http://t.co/Dx2olHzBHh http://t.co/3Q7u39t6jy
04-30 05:39

13 Reasons Zac Efron's New Movie Will Be the Best Film of All Time and Will Win Every Award http://t.co/WPn93CUSYY http://t.co/1t75BqBrRR
04-30 05:30

Justin Bieber Laughs Off ''Rumors'' That He Was Detained by Rome Police http://t.co/csq214U6jt http://t.co/m8s20JjHOQ
04-30 05:30

Beethoven? The Homeward Bound Trio? E! News' Top 9 Movie Animals Will Melt Your Heart—Watch… http://t.co/nOz1A85zSu http://t.co/OLg0DiVGkK
04-30 05:15

Donald Glover's Six-Pack Abs Are the Ultimate Hump Day Treat—See His Shirtless Magic Mike… http://t.co/9vhJAsbMJk http://t.co/3PU2dPYuuM
04-30 04:51

Raven-Symoné Reveals She's Worn Spanx Since She Was 14—Find Out Why and What Her Mother Told… http://t.co/OrfAb5n2SS http://t.co/HtKvgWrgG4
04-30 04:51

Oh No! Revenge Was Just Canceled By ABC http://t.co/XG7ueMxX82 http://t.co/LhIglIeWe9
04-30 04:48

Get Your First look at New So You Think You Can Dance Judges Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul in… http://t.co/8jy7xSJxiI http://t.co/GuMoywMkKx
04-30 04:48

John Stamos Had a "Sweet Talk" With Mary-Kate Olsen—Did They Discuss Fuller House? http://t.co/M9CdbujuCm http://t.co/ZNy131PLwO
04-30 04:31

Ex-Louisville Basketball Star Chris Jones -- Cleared In Rape & Sodomy Case http://t.co/RNVmzOl2oh http://t.co/nl89dU2YrN
04-30 04:18

Baltimore Mom Who Slapped Her Son in Viral Protest Video Speaks Out: ''I Don't Want Him to… http://t.co/zB14MN763H http://t.co/o8lSAUZc6F
04-30 04:16

Think Kate Middleton Does This? The Royals' Princess Goes Crazy and Spray Paints Graffiti… http://t.co/aT7gNKjOON http://t.co/kxgJjOaQgd
04-30 04:00

Shakira Raising Her Sons to Be ''Modern'' Day Men, Says She and Partner Gerard Piqué ''Share… http://t.co/3kQs2hw6B1 http://t.co/76741ehcm8
04-30 03:50

Justin Bieber -- Triggers International Incident http://t.co/1L5ZZlr4Ae http://t.co/z30iWctgWo
04-30 03:39

Watch This Woman Turn Into 7 Different Disney Princesses in Less Than 2 Minutes http://t.co/pvHeDA9rdN http://t.co/eqMoo4Syo2
04-30 03:35

The Creator of The Wire Explains What We Should Know About the Baltimore Riots http://t.co/YpmdyCn7Dk http://t.co/j75fm5jwLW
04-30 03:35

Prince William and Kate Middleton Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary at Buckingham Palace! http://t.co/HV4LhpwmUY http://t.co/rlLXADOFUw
04-30 03:35

Danica Patrick Losing GoDaddy Sponsorship in 2016 http://t.co/rcO6YapUPe http://t.co/H9ptYDCJ40
04-30 03:24

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals If Hubby Will Smith Was Jealous of Her Magic Mike XXL Role: Watch! http://t.co/EUKE8XsaAQ http://t.co/Dv1MgYrGFP
04-30 03:16

Royal Baby Watch Is Making Everyone Lose Their Minds: Here's Proof! http://t.co/xraoxifGYB http://t.co/dUSCoLMRTQ
04-30 02:39

Melissa Rivers and Son Cooper Remember Joan Rivers 8 Months After Death: ''We Miss Her Every… http://t.co/RyZDktsU4D http://t.co/hkrb16LSlK
04-30 02:39

Nighttime Florals! Amal Clooney Wears Alexander McQueen Frock for Dinner With Hubby George… http://t.co/g9s5jWiun1 http://t.co/rWBRCZmYMd
04-30 02:39

Mae Whitman Was Replaced in Independence Day 2 and That's Really Gross, Hollywood http://t.co/T7wXOEAhZI http://t.co/HpCfzE6CfL
04-30 02:39

ND Lawmaker Who Voted Against Gay Rights Bill Outed After Sending Dick Pic on Grindr—Here's… http://t.co/PYADDPTxbT http://t.co/YnHrqYBi0f
04-30 02:19

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon Are Officially Divorced http://t.co/Bnu3QK9J6k http://t.co/xti77b8dtK
04-30 02:05

Watch Hoda Kotb Shake Her Booty and Rap Sir Mix-a-Lot's ''Baby Got Back'' on Lip Sync Battle! http://t.co/iFAIL86WIJ http://t.co/WQzShSSkiE
04-30 01:55

David Letterman Thought a Black Person or Woman Should've Replaced Him on Late Show http://t.co/1sV95qU90C http://t.co/WKl6QmGMFl
04-30 01:45

Michelle Obama Stuns Again in a Purple Tadashi Shoji Gown at White House State Dinner—Take a… http://t.co/AecvL9yWW7 http://t.co/mqNXjwdVhy
04-30 01:45

Ariel Winter Goes to Prom With Boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette, Gets Sweet Sendoff From… http://t.co/2Ar7tQMDZe http://t.co/TDIwkvpiIo
04-30 01:35

FKA Twigs Poses Completely Naked In a Bathtub—See the Racy Pic of Robert Pattinson's Fiancée http://t.co/obbrrhq5gr http://t.co/7PG4AIGtMu
04-30 01:19

I have a rising follower graph! 102 more followers in the past week. Get your stats right here http://t.co/9dg84JMEqw
04-30 01:18

Why Is Robert De Niro's Thumb Up Zac Efron's Butt? See the Photo! http://t.co/PnQivrYM8z http://t.co/mlhyg3D013
04-30 01:11

Bella Thorne Shoots Down Tyler Posey Dating Rumors on Twitter—Read What She Has to Say! http://t.co/jFicAGLylt http://t.co/bcQTbtSoa9
04-30 01:11

Rumer Willis Once Worried She Wasn't "Skinny Enough" Next to Demi Moore: "I Compared Myself… http://t.co/HjnF8CmSHh http://t.co/R3sWeS5gWY
04-30 01:11

The Good Wife's Matt Czuchry on Cary and Kalinda's Last Scene, Lack of Closure: "Life Is… http://t.co/AK4Ocnx4bJ http://t.co/FF4Wxhs51l
04-30 00:38

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
04-30 00:36

2015年04月29日情報一覧 http://t.co/lzB80RVBCe
04-30 00:11

2015 TV Season Finale Calendar: When Does Your Favorite Show End? http://t.co/obKBySqJQz http://t.co/QAWHnRdqXs
04-30 00:08

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