Jana Kramer From One Tree Hill & Michael Caussin Are Married! http://t.co/LtVlQ2CiGU http://t.co/ntA9dWtvn1
05-23 23:21

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 19:37

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/3txywAwKPtモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
05-23 19:11

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 17:36

'19 Kids and Counting' -- Josh Duggar on the Chopping Block http://t.co/2ibgmp1GQz http://t.co/JsaaYrJUBd
05-23 17:27

Bobby Flay -- Low Divorce Blow Over Breasts http://t.co/PDPtKZOzcm http://t.co/dOIB9pgLwu
05-23 17:20

Ex 'Real Housewife' Joyce Giraud -- Live Streams Burglary ... At Her Home!! http://t.co/5jjCcyes2k http://t.co/Wor5L4Nw5z
05-23 16:57

#welcometweet @alekseychiko @KickRaux @acega_master71 via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
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#welcometweet @kumarrajesh0001 @dulalmd23 @TweetsEz8rT @marcosmesejo @nooh1 @2015Semavin @herausnisfamcom via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
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#welcometweet @EstoEsFrases @REIZE__ @salehazx @asato_masaya @That70sFans @RadkovskiyVanya @t4nsu @PutRieCEriaa via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
05-23 16:45

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 15:36

Brantley Gilbert Talks New Music and Marrying The One Who Almost Got Away http://t.co/0BnQTUhqCD http://t.co/gsjvFWLjdY
05-23 11:56

Chris Pratt Is Already Apologizing for Anything Offensive He Might Say During Jurassic World… http://t.co/obE5FkoZwP http://t.co/Qs12Mm4dDY
05-23 11:56

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille2 #farmville2 #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 11:36

Pete Davidson Live-Tweets His Harry Potter Movie Marathon: The Boy Who Lived Is ''Dope as… http://t.co/UX7VjFJDEm http://t.co/VT35kizFsU
05-23 11:27

Khloé Kardashian & Rick Fox Enjoy Late Dinner Date in Los Angeles http://t.co/syh3e6nuh2 http://t.co/4obfqCrdF8
05-23 10:59

Robert De Niro Gives Outstanding Advice During NYU Commencement Speech: ''You're F--ked,"… http://t.co/VVOSmgl6s5 http://t.co/TtyY994I6R
05-23 10:32

Michael B. Jordan Fires Back at ''Internet Trolls'' Who Are Angry Over His Fantastic Four… http://t.co/F5pVtur9bZ http://t.co/5U6d5B7GDD
05-23 10:14

Josh Duggar Police Report: Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios Was Tipped Off About Molestation… http://t.co/K8b4LqdhrJ http://t.co/KRY0KaIWcE
05-23 09:59

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCity Ville #cityville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 09:36

Matt Lauer Does 227-Mile Bike Ride for Red Nose Day and Lives to Tell the Tale http://t.co/kuxU3TDXZx http://t.co/AwMtPLX2TO
05-23 09:21

Casey Kasem's Widow Jean Will NOT Be Prosecuted for Elder Abuse http://t.co/1b2WkNPEgc http://t.co/5Wwg9phzEw
05-23 08:09

Matthew Goode Is Leaving The Good Wife, Crushing Our Dreams in the Process http://t.co/imuYvy481e http://t.co/hPfiRsiaDn
05-23 08:05

Watch Chris Pratt Give Drunk Acting Lessons in Hilarious GQ Video http://t.co/H0uwAxKCvV http://t.co/yMJaiNhdMn
05-23 08:05

Pink Says Daughter Willow Isn't Following in Her Musical Footsteps: ''She's More Into… http://t.co/7L0TtWh8iJ http://t.co/wWsvzx0NYg
05-23 07:56

Kitten, Graphic, Double-Edged: This Is How to Do a Cat Eye 5 Different Ways http://t.co/CgW3FXpyUa http://t.co/AqmisD0uew
05-23 07:56

[05月22日]のつぶやきをまとめました http://t.co/Mh8qK2Scvu
05-23 07:49

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaTexas HoldEm Poker #poker#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 07:45

Cut It Out: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Aren't Joining Fuller House After All http://t.co/qeDbhr555A http://t.co/GBCWnW9GAh
05-23 07:25

Here Lies the Set of the Late Show With David Letterman, Just Peek Over the Edge of This… http://t.co/blgC1cxuup http://t.co/wYZiRjbKmu
05-23 07:24

Hacking Kate Middleton, Prince William & Harry's Phones Now "Feels Very Wrong," Ex-Newspaper… http://t.co/qHbMXzRrGv http://t.co/CfYP3HJ9Tq
05-23 07:06

Science Is Finally Going to Solve the Mystery Behind Internet Sensation Lil' Bub http://t.co/zwnckAxs4J http://t.co/HCqJKGBE81
05-23 07:06

Evan Ross' Memorial Day Weekend Playlist: Eight Songs to Get Your Summer Started http://t.co/sDW1jbJIFx http://t.co/YgcyLtiaK0
05-23 07:06

Why Going Off-Book Is Game of Thrones' Best Twist Yet http://t.co/hMdmetL015 http://t.co/ekDdy0Jke8
05-23 06:42

Kobe Bryant Hasn't Changed His Mind: 2015-2016 NBA Season Will Probably Be His Last, Says… http://t.co/B0fHjXbUy8 http://t.co/6CRZHURkp7
05-23 06:33

Hot Math Teacher Pierto Boselli and His Insane Abs Pose in Tiny Speedo and It's So Sexy We… http://t.co/5g27Nrbtyd http://t.co/DTldbfKefA
05-23 06:33

SYTYCD's Nigel Lythgoe Dating Cheryl Shuman, the Self-Proclaimed ''Martha Stewart of… http://t.co/oT0Y0fr0f2 http://t.co/swtkPsI64B
05-23 06:33

Kris Jenner Posts Epic Throwback Pic of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian—See the Funny Snapshot! http://t.co/vpPcIMl05G http://t.co/4ngW0Ze26u
05-23 06:09

Chris Hemsworth's Daughter India Makes a Surprise Visit on The Huntsman Set, And It's Too… http://t.co/HhiPPvPzSE http://t.co/h8xSkNYD9q
05-23 05:38

New Magic Mike XXL Poster Revealed: See the Steamy Shirtless Pic! http://t.co/xHO46RBkeg http://t.co/byP8Y5q6n3
05-23 05:38

Newly Engaged #RichKids Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart Give a Tour of Their First Home Together—See the… http://t.co/ynNNlaEiGU
05-23 05:03

19 Kids and Counting Episodes Pulled From TLC Schedule Amid Josh Duggar Molestation… http://t.co/u82PIMGzAa http://t.co/f28sKr3Km4
05-23 05:03

Jason Derulo on His Breakup With Jordin Sparks: "I Do Get Tired of Playing Nice" http://t.co/gJ4CVV4KYV http://t.co/CyqwLymdl8
05-23 04:50

Wait, What?! George Clooney Jokes About His Unconventional Honeymoon Without Amal Clooney! http://t.co/pWHA1zfK6p http://t.co/hUbwQKpItF
05-23 04:50

Watch What Happens When This Dad Skips Tradition to Celebrate His Tomboy Daughter's Wedding… http://t.co/PJZeNlGhbg http://t.co/ozaBAwxPr3
05-23 04:41

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaDojo Mojo #dojomojo#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-23 04:36

Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About His Relationship With Amber Rose, Calls It "Completely… http://t.co/UYwZFSvJN1 http://t.co/RCVwBQuV36
05-23 03:55

Kendall Jenner Hangs Out With Rob Kardashian's Ex Rita Ora at Cannes (No Hard Feelings… http://t.co/nNjJarEatL http://t.co/gAfFdtnEaB
05-23 03:40

You Have to Watch This A Capella Boy Meets World Theme Song Mashup! http://t.co/GtKvPwfoJC http://t.co/cRV6N8jVvP
05-23 03:19

Today Is a Legendary Day in Ireland and All the Celebs Are Tweeting About It http://t.co/XHrbUWKroS http://t.co/yelvainN2N
05-23 03:19

50 Cent Sues Rick Ross -- Baby Mama's Sex Tape Was Released by YOU, Not Me http://t.co/umxrfZ8u3h http://t.co/LOsLUVuRRi
05-23 03:10

Dwayne Johnson Sets Guinness World Record for Taking Selfies—Watch Him in Action at San… http://t.co/hTMHtllM4Z http://t.co/OaUZBRSGr9
05-23 03:05

50 Cent Sues Rick Ross -- Baby Mama's Sex Tape Was Released by YOU, Not Me http://t.co/8iH9S6kGzi http://t.co/NKDgEnV9HJ
05-23 02:56

Playing SyntasiaBaseball Heros#Syntasia #game #ゲーム #facebook #baseball #mlb #baseballgame #baseballapp ##jamjamtv
05-23 02:36

19 Kids and Counting, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and 5 More TV Shows Brought Down by Scandal http://t.co/pwt52sJ4qX http://t.co/V3eGKTpDFH
05-23 02:20

Ryan Reynolds Fulfills Wish of Boy Battling Cancer Who Wanted to Meet Deadpool—See the Sweet… http://t.co/oMZhZk5LPf http://t.co/U6FtPI8jgr
05-23 02:20

Mick Huckabee Defends Josh Duggar Amid Molestation Allegations: "Good People Make Mistakes" http://t.co/aC49bBziPp http://t.co/lB480ODSRu
05-23 02:04

Mike Huckabee -- I'm Standing by Josh Duggar http://t.co/0wTF4z8KBd http://t.co/Ap3thrEEES
05-23 01:55

Man With No Penis Has Slept With More Than 100 Women http://t.co/7ScWIHL714 http://t.co/Fqel8DTN1r
05-23 01:54

Taylor Swift & Friends Reportedly Wore $13,000-Worth of Clothes from Sex Shop for "Bad… http://t.co/j3XqvYdmYI http://t.co/Cid84D0vfV
05-23 01:54

Wet Hot American Summer Cast Is Ageless—Seriously, Look at These First Day of Camp Pics http://t.co/mfnsjASSeK http://t.co/Pp4wjaO3mc
05-23 01:43

60 Things You Didn't Know About the Voices Behind Your Favorite Disney Characters http://t.co/nr4GPiAqPP http://t.co/jA8Tlk5WbT
05-23 01:43

Michael Sam to Play in Canadian Football League, Signs Deal With Montreal Alouettes… http://t.co/yv0W6oIIYU http://t.co/D4QPSyAWTi
05-23 01:32

Her Outfit Costs What?! Eva Longoria's $23,621 All-White Ensemble http://t.co/N9yo2rW0zN http://t.co/5kDiI0I14U
05-23 01:16

It's the 10-Year Anniversary of Tom Cruise Jumping on Oprah Winfrey's Couch—Watch to Relive… http://t.co/SyeTFWbkpg http://t.co/x9yElAfYJd
05-23 01:16

Kris Jenner Goes Through Family Storage Unit, "I Just Hit the Vibrator Jackpot"—See the… http://t.co/Y6Hlxxwzoj http://t.co/3qLaFgsnll
05-23 01:06

2015 Celebrity Weddings Tournament—Find Out Which Star Couple Won! http://t.co/TILFPYazpr http://t.co/ccNj737pce
05-23 00:39

魂の限界を感じている人はリツイート#相互フォロー支援 #相互フォロー #リフォロー #自動リフォロー #フォロー支援 #リツイート #相互#100% #follow #followme #followmejp #sougofollow #followb ##jamjamtv
05-23 00:37

J.K. Rowling Says Her "Reputation Has Been Restored" After Daily Mail Apology, Wins New… http://t.co/HP4CX39TmV http://t.co/UOc0a5mfJI
05-23 00:34

Happy Birthday, Pac-Man! Video Game Turns 35 http://t.co/hpbA5NYuid http://t.co/YEmauy1v4u
05-23 00:13

2015年05月22日情報一覧 http://t.co/4bl20n7Csm
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