Trekkies Are Freaking Out Because This Building Was Modeled After Star Trek's Voyager, Not… http://t.co/iJmtzzSBuW http://t.co/taTcbm4bo7
05-27 23:56

'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Wanted By Cops for Allegedly Brutalizing Baby Daddy http://t.co/nANEVus17B http://t.co/0ZsuUnictd
05-27 23:51

Nicky Hilton Celebrates Her Summer Wedding With a "Fairytale Bridal Shower" in L.A. as Paris… http://t.co/mrZFFIGCvC http://t.co/MsxwOacyKs
05-27 23:46

Brandon Jenner Sports Fake Baby Bump, Makes Pregnant Leah Jenner Laugh—See the Pic! http://t.co/uLwwFNxEgb http://t.co/QYYM8iHNAU
05-27 23:46

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5maOwu ##jamjamtv
05-27 23:10

Tatum O'Neal Now Dating Women: They're "More Intelligent Than the Men That I've Met Recently" http://t.co/bRNItMi1un http://t.co/Y9M6HZV6Mm
05-27 23:09

Little Mix Shades Britney Spears: "We Knew We Could Do Better" Than a Song Like "Pretty… http://t.co/urLrPoagwL http://t.co/EoV2BBIFF7
05-27 23:06

How Miley Cyrus Helped Get Grace and Frankie, Your New Favorite Netflix Show, Renewed http://t.co/lhpQP8ukrb http://t.co/jBy5sGIw2B
05-27 22:49

Bristol Palin Says Calling Off Her Wedding to Dakota Meyer Was "Painful," Hopes to "Rebuild"… http://t.co/OwQfGgC6Oq http://t.co/7WQMbI8tle
05-27 22:25

[exblog] Eye of Horus http://t.co/6cypjRs1sG
05-27 22:22

Outlander's Most Disturbing Scenes Air This Saturday--Tobias Menzies Discusses the… http://t.co/1TdHvrkgOw http://t.co/qo1kXoheZ4
05-27 22:04

That Time Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper Were Housemates in Hawaii http://t.co/RM1RcDJ8xM http://t.co/f8feHgzWt8
05-27 22:04

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Plays With Snakes and Basks in the Sun in New Facebook… http://t.co/bR6ZrNDgXg http://t.co/ttbA8QPwva
05-27 22:00

Amy Schumer Puts Bill Cosby on Trial in the Court of Public Opinion--Watch the Hilarious… http://t.co/kgTUjU9EDb http://t.co/WQCw4FM729
05-27 21:49

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
05-27 21:10

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Enjoy a Romantic, Gluten-Free Dinner in New York City—Get All… http://t.co/vd0XmG7VrL http://t.co/P1RJBvXukI
05-27 20:47

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/RFyew5ihtjモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
05-27 19:11

お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/0ZRW0XnIID#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
05-27 19:10

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
05-27 17:10

Lindsay Lohan -- Screw All You Doubters ... I'm Gonna Finish My Community Service http://t.co/YWSUrl4z9U http://t.co/7Uj24ZxGPC
05-27 17:07

Audrey Hepburn’s Sons Battle It Out Over Glittery Clothes and Fancy Hats http://t.co/WqcuH7LmZr http://t.co/6lvlkpPjnY
05-27 17:07

Jeremy Renner -- Low Profile Wedding Crasher (PHOTO) http://t.co/XbfRerFt2l http://t.co/9fZ6DR4lt6
05-27 17:01

Audrey Hepburn’s Sons Battle It Out Over Glittery Clothes and Fancy Hats http://t.co/hmDvg137eW http://t.co/BOBO2uGnsN
05-27 17:01

#welcometweet @hamuhamu__0528 via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
05-27 16:34

#welcometweet @PokerliveFB @JovanBierle @A6AcIK8XtjvLgbw @WinWin__yowape @harmainjly @rakesh903621 @bivemehivur via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
05-27 16:34

#welcometweet @oney_sukriye @M_G_W_V @aljoo_hhhh @99llI @770rr @55ffe @3rb_Twt @dailyrien @sfeatdrinkwrite via http://t.co/7sbFwFc7Mz
05-27 16:34

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
05-27 15:10

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
05-27 13:10

Archie Panjabi Breaks Silence on The Good Wife's "Faked" Kalinda-Alicia Scene & Whether… http://t.co/jrrWMNpiUu http://t.co/tdb6ZHbAqO
05-27 12:48

Justin Bieber Covers Boyz II Men's ''I'll Make Love to You'' and the Band Responds—Watch Now! http://t.co/U1RqfBRaLg http://t.co/9LSRNqTjDe
05-27 12:07

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Can't Stop Kissing Each Other in New Wedding Day Video—Watch… http://t.co/ghB4mxrxdW http://t.co/IBkwMQSOIR
05-27 12:07

It's Been 10 Years Since Carrie Underwood Won American Idol—See Her Style Transformation in… http://t.co/WzYWlJYYxi http://t.co/GoK8V7LOm4
05-27 11:46

Point Break Trailer Released: Remake of 1991 Cult-Classic Looks Just as Absurd and Amazing… http://t.co/6ArQu2On4m http://t.co/RR8QR0u1CA
05-27 11:27

Even Leonardo DiCaprio Uses a Selfie Stick! http://t.co/c0Vg9Nuge9 http://t.co/MqInAE1r2J
05-27 11:12

Gigi Hadid Is Up to No Good When She Gets Super Close to Kendall Jenner's Boobs—See the… http://t.co/TNjP3MVilE http://t.co/88OfblLSpX
05-27 11:03

Colin Kaepernick Apologizes for ''7tormsComing'' Instagram Using a Pic From Devastating… http://t.co/HlfYKKoLtV http://t.co/38JE67vtUv
05-27 11:01

Robert Rodriguez to Direct Live-Action Jonny Quest Movie http://t.co/wRrcMRzrm2 http://t.co/zDcL2CeP1K
05-27 09:58

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian's 2-Year Wedding Anniversary Reminds Us Why We Can't Get… http://t.co/Nw6NUlYgsm http://t.co/8JsvuDaz8f
05-27 09:58

The Bachelorette's Britt and Brady Go Public: See the Couple Get Cozy in New Pics! http://t.co/EdSXL3zBuw
05-27 09:49

Kendra Wilkinson Accuses Her Mom of Selling "My Tears to the Damn Tabloids"—Watch the… http://t.co/6VG0eLVyv0 http://t.co/bveRbEp3Uu
05-27 09:49

Is One of the Guys on The Bachelorette In Love with Another Guy on The Bachelorette?! Watch… http://t.co/ZXaJGJvZgu http://t.co/DQhaHErqcl
05-27 09:39

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Getting ''Weekend Update'' Action Figures http://t.co/yBhglPxXb7 http://t.co/z6ev0lFIAT
05-27 09:39

Omar Sharif Is Battling Alzheimer's Disease, Son Reveals http://t.co/WFpeg2ihbj http://t.co/znI0E7k1a8
05-27 09:18

Say What?! Will Smith Is Now Older Than Uncle Phil Was at the Start of Fresh Prince of… http://t.co/l69GB4d8Bi http://t.co/sl99t3IB35
05-27 08:48

Paulina Porizkova, 50, Looks Insanely Hot in a Tiny Blue Bikini and No Makeup: See the Sexy… http://t.co/bkfUFuPyjT http://t.co/M1k2seleTl
05-27 08:42

Jennifer Lopez Debuts Short Haircut, Gets Confetti-Bombed by a Clown at LAX—See the Pics! http://t.co/VfKazvvtwr http://t.co/EStfCIcBCj
05-27 08:33

Hot Damn! Blond Bombshell Kim Kardashian Channels Marilyn Monroe for Vogue Brazil http://t.co/vSSm0qsS6q http://t.co/Zz00tUssVV
05-27 08:19

YouTube Star Mamrie Hart Plays Matchmaker for Instagram's Hottest Animals http://t.co/jFZkNuOhOk http://t.co/QVZGoOxFQM
05-27 08:19

Jason Statham Jokes About What Life Is Really Like With Girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley http://t.co/YHcpemC0jo http://t.co/NIpGUibeZL
05-27 08:19

Everything You Need to Know About the Charlie Charlie Challenge, This Generation's Ouija… http://t.co/PXzHKh2aVq http://t.co/dPoIDhwIRZ
05-27 08:09

Undercover Agent: All the Bra Mistakes You're Probably Making—and How to Fix Them http://t.co/onhvpOxKd4 http://t.co/kp77dOIzZL
05-27 08:09

Sam Smith's Vocal Surgery Won't Stop the Singer From Celebrating His Album's 1-Year… http://t.co/1APgpRcBbH http://t.co/QnPmp7BGGx
05-27 08:00

Whoa! Kylie Jenner Flashes Boobs During Nearly Topless Photo Shoot: See the Sexy Cleavage… http://t.co/LlxW3wQUgB http://t.co/LcwA0wnmG3
05-27 07:50

[05月26日]のつぶやきをまとめました http://t.co/XiBUcCs2C5
05-27 07:49

Khloé Kardashian Covers Up in Traditional Hijab During Dubai Trip http://t.co/XuRmKB4aEP http://t.co/Yqn0haa3TJ
05-27 07:15

Empire's Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson to Host Spike's Guys Choice Awards 2015 http://t.co/sLGWc0VHoE http://t.co/E3njDK6Oez
05-27 07:15

Ray McDonald 911 -- 'He's Drunk ... I'm Freaking Out' http://t.co/wRYJxA0Lk9 http://t.co/gCdhueeUxi
05-27 07:15

Britney Spears Makes Wacky Facial Expressions During Australian Interview—See for Yourself! http://t.co/FbFiCRD01q http://t.co/N7HFks0GFJ
05-27 07:10

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton Make First Public Appearance Together Since Her… http://t.co/q7DKQTGNq2 http://t.co/QLDwCsK4kH
05-27 07:06

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-27 07:03

Fifty Shades of Grey With Teletubbies Will Make You More Uncomfortable Than You've Ever Been… http://t.co/HCqfzvrclE http://t.co/VXvvP19wrc
05-27 06:55

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden List Beverly Hills Home for $3.5 Million http://t.co/bO17sW9RZi http://t.co/ls1x2hyOGZ
05-27 06:45

Beyoncé and Jay Z Get Mobbed By Fans at Tidal Headquarters After Attending Friend's Wedding http://t.co/pmyw3H2t50 http://t.co/WmZZknooB8
05-27 06:40

A$AP Rocky Rips Rita Ora, Slams Katy Perry in New NSFW Single ''Better Things'': Listen http://t.co/bOR9wjztRl http://t.co/wGb8lVXvU2
05-27 06:19

Sam Shepard Arrested for Drunk Driving: See the Bloodline Star's Mug Shot http://t.co/0wqZhgQ0GD http://t.co/HKQAwtQYlb
05-27 06:19

Sam Shepard -- One Tequila, Two Tequila ... Busted for DUI http://t.co/mgnkabrnfq http://t.co/6rrd7eD0Xm
05-27 06:13

Kristoff St. John -- My Son Didn't Have to Die ... Hospital Could Have Prevented Suicide http://t.co/NfdQmsQyph http://t.co/JcYMKZSJ3Y
05-27 06:13

"Emoji," "Photobomb," "WTF" and More Hip Internet Phrases Officially Added to… http://t.co/OamiPXOiry http://t.co/BhYok55zI9
05-27 06:09

Harrison Ford Photographed for First Time After Plane Crash http://t.co/E5RtCu3nye http://t.co/DrgHef3XaM
05-27 06:09

More Duggar Fallout Continues: Multiple Advertisers Cut Ties With 19 Kids and Counting http://t.co/kq5CynvReD http://t.co/HItoRVmRYM
05-27 05:54

Is Amy Schumer Going to Be the Next Bachelorette? ABC Wants to Make Our Dream Come True! http://t.co/NjJpLhRZ4T http://t.co/A5wppJYLqP
05-27 05:45

Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica Gets Life-Threatening Surgery to Remove Veins in Forehead--See… http://t.co/RwdvfhQHx9 http://t.co/33hqx8Kyuw
05-27 05:45

This High School Teacher Promises Finals Will Be Canceled If Taylor Swift Gives Him a Call http://t.co/YAKdZNkkCv http://t.co/nf6irNaK9H
05-27 05:34

Chrissy Teigen Poses Completely Naked in Sexy DuJour Shoot With Husband John Legend: See the… http://t.co/9W4i98i9p7 http://t.co/AwGY3QGJDa
05-27 05:19

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Are Jumping on the Real-Food Bandwagon and Throwing Out Fake… http://t.co/Z88DCowsQL http://t.co/lZNyWefwxs
05-27 04:54

Yeezus! Kanye West Almost Killed While Hiking: Get the Full Scoop http://t.co/Vx1Pn21yRp http://t.co/LQ18MW6KYy
05-27 04:35

Cam Gigandet Is Expecting Baby No. 3 With Fiancée Dominique Geisendorff—See the Ultrasound… http://t.co/5znxX8NZ8e http://t.co/nousGFXf8p
05-27 04:35

Ciara Is "So Excited" to Be the New Face of Roberto Cavalli—See the Stunning Ads! http://t.co/ntqdRzJXE5 http://t.co/N3Z6ZXxlZM
05-27 04:24

Nicole Scherzinger Felt ''Liberated'' After Leaving The Pussycat Dolls, But Will They Ever… http://t.co/ynQnVpp7Co http://t.co/6R8OvEcsud
05-27 04:24

Katy Perry and John Mayer Are Officially Back On: See Photos of the Couple at Disneyland! http://t.co/7Fb73GZLUj http://t.co/eI27EfglDm
05-27 04:04

Oops! Lilly Pulitzer Is Getting Major Backlash for the Fat-Shaming Cartoons Hanging In Their… http://t.co/BJ9a0f79fh http://t.co/GHU3PHeirr
05-27 04:04

America's Got Talent's Nick Cannon, Mel B Tease "Most Extreme Season" Ever http://t.co/l7ZRejbXvL http://t.co/0i1r6ofXo3
05-27 03:34

44 People Whose Lives Are Saved Now That Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Back Together http://t.co/ogfaOsINBn http://t.co/k5QzgJZwZ5
05-27 03:34

Martin Sheen Recalls Feeling "Powerless" During Son Charlie Sheen's Meltdown in 2011 http://t.co/FZb8FDJeGu http://t.co/bRMxjaCX9S
05-27 03:34

Queen Latifah Performs LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells" on Lip Sync Battle--Watch Now! http://t.co/pnwobGt8kA http://t.co/3AGc1DHdf9
05-27 03:22

Kylie Jenner Can't Stop Throwing Shade at Blac Chyna--and We're Here for It http://t.co/nHaFDAnYg0 http://t.co/t3mWRtn5mo
05-27 03:22

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-27 03:10

Melissa McCarthy Says Malls "Segregate" Plus-Size Women's Clothing Stores, but "People Don't… http://t.co/Bxuwly7RNw http://t.co/V2l2E1JmaS
05-27 02:54

Top 10 Best Dressed Stars at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival—Vote Now! http://t.co/t2JeTtBzFr http://t.co/8hxz1CIoxX
05-27 02:33

Perrie Edwards Too ''Busy'' to Plan Wedding to Zayn Malik, Admits ''It's Nice to See More''… http://t.co/nRuvanw4sR http://t.co/NAJTMtwZe7
05-27 02:22

Nicole Trunfio Defends Her Breastfeeding Elle Cover: ''It's a Huge Part of Being a Woman and… http://t.co/MaN9Rt2evU http://t.co/heo0XbArpY
05-27 02:22

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Have an Adorable Lunch Date in Venice—See the Pics! http://t.co/ldzMSXYHAq http://t.co/QnNcc48yGL
05-27 02:22

Stars' Memorial Day Style: In Case You Need Some Amazing Summer Fashion Inspiration http://t.co/kHlRS05nir http://t.co/RdbMMiuv3B
05-27 02:12

Hillary Clinton's "Everyday Pantsuit Tee" Can Be Yours for $30! http://t.co/ZjxREkybWk http://t.co/REjx7oiape
05-27 02:03

Amy Schumer's Takedown of This Bachelorette Contestant Was Awesome...but His Response Might… http://t.co/eVB732NlmU http://t.co/GLVQZHchJO
05-27 01:44

Game of Thrones Star Lena Headey Reveals Her Second Baby's Sex and Due Date! http://t.co/ug92sFrnxZ http://t.co/t8fRuIG3MK
05-27 01:44

'Gossip Girl' Star Kelly Rutherford -- Awarded Temporary Custody of Her Kids http://t.co/BKgjcYlkRO http://t.co/PiKgDR4Ne6
05-27 01:31

Meek Mill Says He Isn't Engaged to Nicki Minaj (Yet) http://t.co/JfCDuVsydu http://t.co/VJCQ9pQk3q
05-27 01:22

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
05-27 01:09

Jessica Alba Flaunts Fit Bikini Bod for Shape but Admits ''Working Out Sucks'': Find Out Her… http://t.co/b9D6xzCyoi http://t.co/oVV6CBWn80
05-27 01:04

Jeopardy! Contestant Gives Hilariously Wrong Answer, Still Wins http://t.co/H3AH5fznUH http://t.co/Bqu0FoMIsF
05-27 00:43

Rumer Willis Gets Cheeky in a Bikini Over Memorial Day Weekend—See the Pics! http://t.co/uTi7w1bh2b http://t.co/7HpcL2PYj0
05-27 00:43

2015年05月26日情報一覧 http://t.co/8rKByjynGt
05-27 00:10

Carissa Loethen's Bridal Blog: Inside My BFF's "Brunch & Bubbly" Bridal Shower http://t.co/DoXlAtKmw1 http://t.co/AwDEkNikzT
05-27 00:01

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Admits to Having a "Minor Relapse," Promises He "Stopped Drinking… http://t.co/BGlJzsfFiz http://t.co/EQdBRh9qjo
05-27 00:01

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