Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Finalizes Divorce from David Haffenreffer http://t.co/NiiDlCzQ9V http://t.co/RmLGAH6U7I
06-19 23:28

日用・必需品・防災グッズ紹介http://t.co/ACeH5maOwu ##jamjamtv
06-19 23:10

Bobbi Kristina Brown Is "Not Going Home to Die" http://t.co/FLhFZUhOAD http://t.co/QUs5dDpprF
06-19 23:04

Iggy Azalea and James Corden Try on Wedding Dresses During Carpool Karaoke—Watch Now! http://t.co/4Dj6ssYw6P http://t.co/0Lsqwvki5L
06-19 23:04

Regal Cinemas Employee Fired for Racist Twitter Rant in Wake of Charleston Church Massacre http://t.co/aGoLqjfGds http://t.co/McedxHlmk8
06-19 22:48

Matt Bomer Singing Bryan Adams' "Heaven" in This Magic Mike XXL Clip Is Guaranteed to Make… http://t.co/JIluX63DEY http://t.co/Ba8V5FJ5Ek
06-19 22:34

Blake Anderson Kicked Off Cincinnati Morning Show After Dropping the F-Bomb Live on FOX… http://t.co/nIyRv0BHUP http://t.co/GhzIXwyx9F
06-19 22:04

First Look at George Takei's Broadway Debut! Will William Shatner Show Up on Opening Night? http://t.co/TdqBftKJur http://t.co/BRrdjj2F9t
06-19 22:04

Happy Birthday, Zoe Saldana! See the Actress' Mommy-Chic Styles http://t.co/6K1BHB5tjq http://t.co/b7gF2duEos
06-19 22:04

Brian Williams Apologizes for Saying "Things That Were Not True"—Watch Now! http://t.co/HPXWe7B28g http://t.co/uDKKJuKcZF
06-19 22:04

Reese Witherspoon and Look-Alike Daughter Ava Phillippe Meet Valentino at Dinner in… http://t.co/sgKbHiNvgs http://t.co/2t9TI7lIGo
06-19 21:37

Fashion Info (ファッション情報)http://t.co/o7bhOHWOiO#fashion #news #ファッション ##jamjamtv
06-19 21:13

Jon Stewart Forgoes Jokes on The Daily Show in Wake of Nine Who Died in South Carolina… http://t.co/kVzu72ujDK http://t.co/Fh27l6lUAB
06-19 20:43

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/Y8J6BL6HWhモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
06-19 19:13

お得な情報満載 情報最前線http://t.co/0ZRW0XnIID#free #money #news #trend #sougo ##jamjamtv
06-19 19:12

Escaped New York Murderers Headed to Hollywood http://t.co/IDv3dVyfrv http://t.co/OcF5tfmSC1
06-19 17:19

Portal Mediahttp://t.co/RgxxEIwaHK#jamjamtv #media #curation #portal ##jamjamtv
06-19 17:10

占いで地震は予知できるのか?http://t.co/l9bEZnE4k5#uranai #fortune #占い #free #無料 ##jamjamtv
06-19 15:13

Game (ゲーム情報)Playing PlaydomKitchen ScrambleI need more neighbours!!#facebook #game #ゲーム #king #iphone #ipad #googleplay ##jamjamtv
06-19 13:13

[06月18日]のつぶやきをまとめました ▶RTされたつぶやきは「Madonna Versus Taylor Swift: Who Has the B...」 http://t.co/EK1fXMdih5 #gbrt
06-19 07:49

Bobby Brown -- My Sister's Lying About Alleged Pat Houston Death Wish http://t.co/cCxktmIqLw http://t.co/rplTCiCi6X
06-19 07:15

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFairy Tale Twist#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
06-19 07:09

Scarlett Johansson's Dermatologist Shares How to Treat Skin Problems at Home (And When to… http://t.co/N7nqdUO1Ey http://t.co/PQDSsPP1hc
06-19 06:36

Watch Beyoncé Do the Chicken Dance and Weep Because She Still Moves Better Than You http://t.co/23rRazVRrd http://t.co/F5zWwvv5pO
06-19 06:36

Remember When Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart Were in a Music Video Together? See the… http://t.co/rkEVAfxmAV http://t.co/iZvBgVobJd
06-19 06:15

Jessie J Stuns on the Beach in a Tiny Animal-Printed Bikini—See the Pics! http://t.co/02XmBsr0rd http://t.co/J9xaCewHAo
06-19 05:51

Robin Williams' Last Drama Movie, Boulevard, Marks Final Onscreen Role and May Make You… http://t.co/lZNuckEBNH http://t.co/wqV6rcRxgm
06-19 05:51

Jane Krakowski on Her New Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Life and Reaping the Benefits of "Peeno… http://t.co/Pf0MHj87bD http://t.co/BPVPABYMtg
06-19 05:40

Rick Ducommun Dies; The 'Burbs and Groundhog Day Actor Was 62 http://t.co/pFbCciU61a http://t.co/I4yoxHttpB
06-19 05:40

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Shares What's In Her Bag—Find Out What She's Obsessed With Thanks To… http://t.co/hDMPx1Go8J http://t.co/qmV1W1PpY0
06-19 05:40

Lady Gaga's Must-See Cover of ''Imagine'' Is Chill-Inducing: Watch Her Sensational… http://t.co/9XaqpJmJ1V http://t.co/FCR1bIuSWA
06-19 05:10

Readers Are Live-Tweeting Grey and It's the Best (and Most NSFW) Thing Ever http://t.co/X8obL8WPwc http://t.co/P0ObpODfS4
06-19 05:10

What Is the Greatest Animated Disney Movie of All Time? Nominate Your Favorites! http://t.co/QQ8vCASJ44 http://t.co/rfCDumebZd
06-19 04:54

Denise Richards Mourns the Death of Her Dog Scooter: Read Her Touching Tribute http://t.co/yKwyh4yGFT http://t.co/oOiyFUBr9O
06-19 04:54

These Zookeepers Are Recreating Jurassic World's Raptor Training—See the Pics! http://t.co/dEnQ7oENWi http://t.co/sbfiz4b5le
06-19 04:54

Justin Bieber, Usher -- They Need Somebody to Love on a Jury http://t.co/EpBn5zIB5o http://t.co/KruBTIyrz9
06-19 04:45

Tori Spelling ''Fights the Sag'' With Sexy Lace Bra: See the Cleavage-Baring Selfie! http://t.co/tVLuyvSHzr http://t.co/wBGTmvRJGU
06-19 04:30

Scott Baio Reveals Wife Renee Baio Has a Brain Tumor and Asks for Prayers: "My Wife Is My… http://t.co/G3ZuFwtncq http://t.co/hdZEM3O3Da
06-19 04:30

#TBT With Zoe Saldana: Watch the Actress in Her Drumline Days in This 2002 Clip! http://t.co/hw1h8KZunP http://t.co/Kb4ckYNchE
06-19 04:13

Tyra Banks Shares a Selfie Wearing Makeup: "I Need to Put Stuff on My Face to Look Like a… http://t.co/H8BcddS5AM http://t.co/ex2cOjDYA5
06-19 04:06

An Irish Model Has Revealed the Truth Behind Your Snapchats and She Is So Accurate http://t.co/gfvXHYKLxX http://t.co/ZCLRSvue59
06-19 03:51

Taylor Swift's Group of Friends Is a Witches' Coven? Find Out What Lena Dunham and Lorde… http://t.co/qUHarxywyH http://t.co/gONHfxrjmW
06-19 03:42

Judd Apatow Slams Bill Cosby Again Over Rape Allegations, Does Impression of Him Calling His… http://t.co/zPIdBwvPMm http://t.co/8TBQpBKLPu
06-19 03:34

Hot! Colton Haynes' 8-Pack Abs Are Absolutely Insane http://t.co/XmqcLwR5J8 http://t.co/TnwGce2NcX
06-19 03:29

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaCastleville #castleville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
06-19 03:09

Kourtney Kardashian's Trainer Dishes On the Workout Method She "Swears By," Reveals How She… http://t.co/GcLKLdDgJZ http://t.co/KEHgspetm5
06-19 03:07

NPR Loyalists are Threatening to Pull Their Donations Over That Kim Kardashian Interview http://t.co/UuraVJeIDN http://t.co/lMoSxhZFqt
06-19 03:00

If You Want to Meet the People Who Are Mad That a Woman Will Be on the New $10 Bill, We… http://t.co/ySix63jpKH http://t.co/rRl5U85lFQ
06-19 03:00

Lester Holt Replacing Brian Williams as Nightly News Anchor http://t.co/z0oJ38a0VD http://t.co/OAvDRgfnI4
06-19 02:51

Angie Harmon: My Dog's Instagram Was Inspired By Cookie Lyon http://t.co/hb0fmoWdns http://t.co/SVSEEGMbnx
06-19 02:51

Amy Schumer Is Opening Madonna's NYC Concerts! Watch Her Childhood Audition Video From the… http://t.co/GiL0zJNsaX http://t.co/pPGnYeTJtr
06-19 02:33

Channing Tatum Says Magic Mike XXL Co-Stars Are "Willing to Go Hard" for Each Other ("No Pun… http://t.co/H7YEOqfxos http://t.co/QlaLIypZll
06-19 02:25

Man Rachel Dolezal Says Is Her Father Comes Out in Defense of Former NAACP Spokane Chapter… http://t.co/PkAPAbGRps http://t.co/7H7DIoRhVa
06-19 02:15

Christy Turlington Explains Why She Stopped Runway Modeling: It's No Fun Feeling "Like… http://t.co/M7ulQVMtvN http://t.co/Mc2HabSXry
06-19 02:06

Best. Ever. TV. Awards 2015: Vote for the Star You'll Miss the Most Now! http://t.co/Og5wQ5lFur http://t.co/DAWh98YErL
06-19 02:06

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans by Posing as His Terminator Wax Figure for Charity—Watch… http://t.co/DTF4I8YUop http://t.co/MM0BassK7M
06-19 01:54

Barack Obama Expresses "Deep Sorrow" Over Deadly Shooting in Charleston Black Church http://t.co/a9NDrnCPOj http://t.co/n3SrVapPkM
06-19 01:54

Robert Patrick -- Juror T-1000 ... On Gang Murder Trial http://t.co/wiXtzXaJDM http://t.co/vjZvkXoNLo
06-19 01:37

Brandi Glanville Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills http://t.co/21ihBWluhR http://t.co/57m1HwiHVO
06-19 01:35

Bill Clinton Talks About Donald Trump and His Presidential Bid...So, Is He Voting for Wife… http://t.co/BPyjl770oK http://t.co/OhMg1a1qGW
06-19 01:35

Safaree Samuels -- DESTROYED in Rap Battle Over Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill's Penis (VIDEO) http://t.co/jfr0umkz0M http://t.co/5NiJsNToNO
06-19 01:27

Jamie Sangouthai's Cause of Death Revealed: Lamar Odom's Longtime Friend Died of Infection… http://t.co/xw5gdcK0rV http://t.co/iwDTZc844x
06-19 01:18

Caitlyn Jenner Thanks Laverne Cox on Twitter: "Your Support Means the World" http://t.co/KlAeqZgOC3 http://t.co/AFJbIgj3aT
06-19 01:18

Kylie Jenner: I've Been Bullied Since I Was 9, "From the Whole World, It Feels Like… http://t.co/gRXMIq5I1B http://t.co/cNRhGTRRAA
06-19 01:18

Game (ゲーム情報)I need more neighbours!!Playing ZyngaFarmVille #farmville#zynga #game #ゲーム #facebook ##jamjamtv
06-19 01:09

Dylann Roof, Suspect in Charleston, South Carolina Church Shooting, Captured http://t.co/k4NhYbsz6L http://t.co/AcvXy9NIL5
06-19 01:04

Kristin Cavallari Takes Her Sons to Jay Cutler's Football Practice—See the Pic! http://t.co/ba22rvluNZ http://t.co/JfBOCC41hz
06-19 00:54

2015年06月18日情報一覧 http://t.co/pFxD4fQ2If
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