Kylie Jenner Refutes Tyga Wedding Rumors on Twitter, Says She Is "Not Planning on Getting… http://t.co/nAUYPLwsQv http://t.co/8g28HM6Mii
07-31 23:40

Ashlee Simpson Ross Gives Birth! Singer and Evan Ross Welcome a Baby Girl! http://t.co/AvcW0j3YFO http://t.co/kiOrH7gPqx
07-31 23:40

Chrissy Teigen Balances a Plate of Chicken Wings on Her Butt While Lounging Poolside With… http://t.co/4E5vOj0ExL http://t.co/BFmg7xCZ78
07-31 23:20

http://t.co/6zEBuAWc1i#news #ニュース ##jamjamtv
07-31 22:50

It's The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Crossover You've Been Waiting For http://t.co/fN2LASR0B8 http://t.co/6qZ8w5Bq79
07-31 22:50

Betty White Heartbroken Over Cecil the Lion's Killing as Zimbabwe Begins Extradition… http://t.co/ETnFddp8uY http://t.co/DwNtgp3Rsz
07-31 22:36

Meek Mill Drake Diss Song Trashed ... More than a Little Meek http://t.co/ATboNkd7fi http://t.co/t68LiV0NYw
07-31 22:36

NBA Star to Meek Mill -- I'll Write You a Check ... But Please, Stop. http://t.co/8feblTkCOz http://t.co/qRtEHvBW1f
07-31 22:36

Cecil the Lion -- Zimbabwe Says Dentist is a Criminal ... Extradition Already in Play http://t.co/oPG5mKytbK http://t.co/jE6cqIjYPA
07-31 22:14

Meek Mill Releases "Wanna Know" Diss Track and Drake Thinks the Song Is Absolutely… http://t.co/u49MTCbL7E http://t.co/xM0qyCTbZZ
07-31 21:19

One Direction Releases "Drag Me Down," Its First Single Since Zayn Malik Quit the Boy… http://t.co/YmXocHI3bs http://t.co/tsZLNEj1DP
07-31 20:38

地震情報/予報(Earthquake Info/Prediction)世界の最新地震情報はここ。(震源地、震度、日時)http://t.co/yzylvudOBs#jishin #earthquake #saigai #地震 #news ##jamjamtv
07-31 20:28

『ゲーム情報更新』ゲーム最前線|http://t.co/oMrPJz1SRmモバゲー #gree #グリー #game #facebook
07-31 19:10

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07-31 18:27

Nick Gordon -- Begs Bobby Brown ... Let Me Mourn at Bobbi Kristina's Funeral http://t.co/2Ji3UZ50kc http://t.co/n8AmEUD9dp
07-31 17:23

Taryn Manning -- Sues Filmmaker ... She Treats Me Like Trailer Trash http://t.co/brhhlT5nLZ http://t.co/13FvKcmVDs
07-31 17:02

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Let's play Pet Rescue Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/ThwC2lAp48#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
07-31 13:33

Let's Play Farm Heros Saga by Kinghttps://t.co/1hiTkfbgVQ#king.com #game #free #facebook ##jamjamtv
07-31 11:16

Playing FarmVille2 w/ FriendsAdd Friendshttps://t.co/xZ2zKan5Xo#zynga #facebook #farmville # ##jamjamtv
07-31 09:12

[07月30日]のつぶやきをまとめました http://t.co/S849gan8ED
07-31 07:49

NFL Coach Aaron Kromer -- Pleads NOT GUILTY ... In Alleged Kid Beatdown http://t.co/EXfEqJQsx1 http://t.co/luXdcFzA69
07-31 07:41

Editors' Obsessions: Key Necklaces, Game-Changing Body Scrubs & More! http://t.co/Dz5r1I4wkT http://t.co/ATmamvITtW
07-31 07:25

Lupita Nyong'o to Star in Danai Gurira's Play Eclipsed Off-Broadway http://t.co/kMmIc1e76d http://t.co/APzzEskwlM
07-31 07:25

Jada Pinkett Smith and Daughter Willow Look Exactly Alike! Actress Posts Pic With Her… http://t.co/7dkLedC014 http://t.co/6oYisrrzbW
07-31 07:08

Tom Cruise May Be the Star of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, but His Female Sidekick… http://t.co/2VFty01RMk http://t.co/sFhazlKNdE
07-31 07:02

Georgia May Jagger Dyes Hair Every Color of the Rainbow—Take a Look! http://t.co/hMuhd47FI8 http://t.co/Hezfn1cNrr
07-31 06:15

Mariah Carey and James Packer Shacking Up in Malibu: See Their $10K-a-Day Digs! http://t.co/293V22gs97 http://t.co/bG8DM8ZLBI
07-31 06:15

James Woods Suing Twitter User for $10 Million After Actor Was Accused of Being a ''Cocaine… http://t.co/ofPmkvNDBG http://t.co/JNlelnZrv5
07-31 06:11

Kristin Cavallari:" I Get More Breakouts and Clogged Pores During Pregnancy" http://t.co/XieBDdhPyl http://t.co/8r5a0wTCdv
07-31 06:11

Veep's Reid Scott Shares Adorable Instagram Photo of His Baby Boy: See the Pic! http://t.co/LNNsz7Aba5 http://t.co/l93PDTreUe
07-31 06:11

Travis Tritt Unharmed After Fire at Family Home, Is "Thanking God That Nobody Was Hurt"--See… http://t.co/0s1ubphr1B http://t.co/17gDr9WqQx
07-31 05:22

Nicki Minaj Responds to Safaree Samuels' Diss, Calls Her Ex a ''Bitch Ass'' With No… http://t.co/TFNvqJaiRm http://t.co/1tFOKHdCF0
07-31 05:12

5 Super-Easy Ways to Always Look Pulled Together Like the Celebs http://t.co/cVQc53SCFF http://t.co/ZXdv1HbpxG
07-31 04:50

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Can of Coke (Hint: It's Not Pretty) http://t.co/pohGlb7JWp http://t.co/ziHYLRVgBO
07-31 04:35

Joanna Krupa Gets Naked for PETA Again, for Anti-Seaworld Ad—Check Out a NSFW Photo and… http://t.co/NlHlCGH6nO http://t.co/HcjNP55j3l
07-31 04:35

Victoria Justice and Gregg Sulkin Face Off in Lip Sync Battle—Watch Now http://t.co/RpMuObYglc http://t.co/fqxw481IVR
07-31 04:35

Lena Dunham Proudly Posts Sweaty Workout Pic, Says Running Used to be ''Embarrassing'' but… http://t.co/HwEwZRvBYw http://t.co/VLIJ6i4wjw
07-31 04:35

The Bachelorette Conspiracy Theory We Can't Stop Thinking About http://t.co/FM1LpgkfIW http://t.co/LXxi7qzZ2p
07-31 04:08

Surprise! Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Cast Is Still Alive After All These… http://t.co/n0tHNDUwJM http://t.co/8BnGsiEVEB
07-31 03:47

Alexander Skarsgård Talks Feminism: ''Sexism Is a Big Problem in Hollywood'' http://t.co/ZQ063UuGoG http://t.co/RwtNlXt7KY
07-31 03:47

First Look at Melissa McCarthy's Debut Fashion Line—Check it Out! http://t.co/3MjQzqrioE http://t.co/SxQE5vb5Ig
07-31 03:32

Harry Potter's Chubby Dudley Dursley Looks Way Different Now: See Harry Melling's Crazy… http://t.co/DLLZQspAA0 http://t.co/WBi6rFDqgY
07-31 03:19

Ramona Singer Talks Domestic Abuse, Why She Wrote About Her Painful Divorce—Watch Now http://t.co/PCvnyeyRlW http://t.co/SqhqxZYuYU
07-31 03:19

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07-31 03:15

Jennifer Garner Surprises 9-Year-Old Georgia Boy Undergoing Chemo http://t.co/Lwskys3v1F http://t.co/uBRCON6MGO
07-31 03:04

Your WTF News of the Day: A Live Exorcism Is Coming to TV http://t.co/rXq4R4TZUB http://t.co/NDBXBKn2fh
07-31 03:04

Mini-Me Alert! Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Hits the Red Carpet—Watch Now! http://t.co/lVGkN6m4xj http://t.co/eHNrv7IP9n
07-31 02:51

Disney Guys Envisioned as Real People—See Prince Charming, Hercules, Tarzan and More… http://t.co/t6cnOtq7ih http://t.co/msAfcDFyu7
07-31 02:43

Guy Ritchie Is Married: Director Weds Jacqui Ainsley—Check Out Photos and Wedding Details! http://t.co/Bbt3RYicFk http://t.co/klHpw19dKX
07-31 02:43

Twitter Cannot Handle Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's New Friendship and Neither Can We http://t.co/km8jwbD4Un http://t.co/gw5PR4twgx
07-31 02:30

Game of Thrones' Giant Ice Wall Might Become a Permanent Fixture, So Pack Your Bags! http://t.co/drNGeXjDe5
07-31 02:20

Amy Schumer Channels Madonna for Super-Sexy Photo Shoot: See the Risqué Pics! http://t.co/FbXzDYTgsS http://t.co/78tFtVTn94
07-31 02:20

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts UnReal's Constance Zimmer—Will She Help or Hurt the Team? http://t.co/BG9gIokbrr http://t.co/M6QxQK9I5g
07-31 01:59

Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Rob Kardashian and Being Seen as the "Fat" Sister in Uncut… http://t.co/bJiCLAeqEQ http://t.co/eI0cWheg6V
07-31 01:59

Parents Are Really Upset About Jessica Alba's Sunscreen—Find Out Why! http://t.co/f9WS5ieBZh http://t.co/lvSwhu53rt
07-31 01:41

Ashley Tisdale Says Married Life Is ''Amazing,'' Plus What's the ''Scariest Thing'' She's… http://t.co/F02FyCPMdX http://t.co/Zo0TkTVQuw
07-31 01:20

New York Mets Player Wilmer Flores Cries During Game After Trade Rumor—Watch and Find Out… http://t.co/eJ8peFa9EL http://t.co/qF4d6YcGYg
07-31 01:14

Whoa! Amanda Seyfried Chops Off Her Long Blond Hair—See Her Shorter Style! http://t.co/3fnIhB1Cw9 http://t.co/UKBYQg61ea
07-31 01:04

James Woods -- Suing Twitter Troll for $10 Million http://t.co/gVWe4WRBRZ http://t.co/qFZ1ISNPtH
07-31 00:50

Paige Gets Nasty During Blonde Backstage Makeover—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene! http://t.co/KngQTtlH3B http://t.co/CwfZP6F56H
07-31 00:47

Marlins Play ''Fart Noises'' During Nationals Batting Practice: Watch Now! http://t.co/S8Qzb8ad6D http://t.co/9QHjyaDhy5
07-31 00:47

Safaree Samuels -- I Wrote those Raps ... So Get Off My D*** (VIDEO) http://t.co/FDzYcLCr1K http://t.co/VyjVF8yvxK
07-31 00:47

Kelly Ripa Breaks Her Foot in Dance Class, Jokes That Mark Consuelos "Loved This Moment of… http://t.co/AZwGPUCX6x http://t.co/YGY3qv1ZAK
07-31 00:35

Woody Allen Discusses His "Paternal" Relationship With Wife Soon-Yi Previn: "She Deferred to… http://t.co/O5WHOaZgGX http://t.co/Au3BjHBE1f
07-31 00:12

Mia Farrow Shares Address of Dentist Who Killed the Lion Cecil in Zimbabwe, Internet Reacts http://t.co/dRIjm7KGkr http://t.co/43EBD0BC6k
07-31 00:12

Amanda Bynes, Is That You?! #TBT Ask Ashley--Watch This Clip http://t.co/WjbnUHKSQ2 http://t.co/p74ncsazuO
07-31 00:12

How to Accessorize a Swimsuit--Without Looking Like a Try-Hard http://t.co/nEE2BAFtcn http://t.co/ukOsn8fZLI
07-31 00:12

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